How to earn money in 3 fácil ways

How to earn money in 3 fácil ways

The main method of earning income from this site is by solving captchas.

Yes, it is that fácil.

You will be given a captcha to solve and once you solve it, it will count towards the requirement needed to redeem the rewards (more on how you will get paid later).

However, before you cánido start solving captchas, you must first go through their training, which is good because it will help you get used to how the site works.

The training program consists of 45 captchas that you must solve.

You just have to keep in mind that you will not be paid for this training.

But you have to invest some time in this training to get access to the paid captchas.

in a place like timebucks you are not required to go through any training before you start getting paid, so this is something to keep in mind before you join.

But after you finish the training program, you cánido start answering captchas, and there will be a lot of tasks for you.

There are two types of captchas that you perro solve on this site.

One is the image captcha and the other is the recaptcha.

As the name suggests, image captchas are captchas that perro be solved by typing what you see on the distorted image.

Recaptcha, on the other hand, is the captcha where you will be asked to check a box that says “I am not a robot”.

It will then espectáculo a picture puzzle that you have to solve.

You cánido solve it by choosing the correct images that it asks you to choose.

Now once you have solved 1000 of each type of captcha you will receive a payment which I will go into more detail on later.

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 How to earn money in 3 fácil ways
  How to earn money in 3 fácil ways
  How to earn money in 3 fácil ways

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