How to earn money from my cell phone (Aplicaciones

How to earn money from my cell phone (Aplicaciones

If you wonder “How to earn money from my cell phone?”, this is the right article for you, today I bring you two applications for this. There are many aplicaciones to earn money that I cánido recommend, today I will talk about PaidWork and Bubble Burst, where you cánido earn money in various ways.

Play and win with these applications


What is Paidwork and what does it offer?

Paidwork is a rewards aplicación available on Google plus Play for members around the world.

It is important to note that Paidwork is previously known as Zareklamy. Despite the name change, pretty much everything has stayed the same!

The aplicación allows you to earn money by answering quick surveys, creating accounts, downloading aplicaciones, playing games, etcétera.

He claims he cánido win additional $150 per monthbut there is no limit to how much you cánido earn!

What I like best about Paidwork is their generous referral program.

If you invite someone to download the aplicación through your backlink, both of you will get $10 free after the person withdraws the money.

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earn money playing

This section includes three ad partners named Tapjoy, Fyber, and Aye Studios.

These are habitual offer walls that you cánido also find on many other GPT sites.

In order to accumulate points, you usually need to download the game and reach a specific level within 1-2 weeks.

But you will also find offers with different requirements. So before completing any offer, read the instructions carefully to make sure you get credit.

For example, the game Rise of Kingdoms requires the player to complete level 17 of the city in 22 days.

The reward for this offer is currently 816, which is equal to $8! Not bad, right?

Each of these platforms also rewards you for creating free accounts, installing other aplicaciones, and signing up for services.


I already mentioned the excellent Paidwork referral program at the beginning of this article.

But it deserves another section because if you cánido invite a lot of people, you have the potential to make a decent amount of money!

Whenever someone joins Paidwork with your referral backlink and withdraws $10, you will earn $10.

Your referral will also earn $10 as soon as you redeem for the first time.

So if they withdraw $10, their account will receive a $10 plus immediately.

You perro copy its dirección de Internet and promote it whenever you want, or you perro clic the popular media icon to share it with your friends.

Paidwork collaborates with market research companies such as bitlabs and pollfish.

After choosing a survey provider, you will follow a 1-minute instruction.

They will espectáculo you some essential consejos to answer the questions correctly so that you cánido avoid being left out.

The first step is to unlock surveys by completing a short profile questionnaire.

For example, Pollfish will award you 4 points ($0.04) after answering just a few questions.

Below you perro see a list of available surveys with different cash rewards.

Companies will ask you questions about your buying habits, opinions on products, and even your political views.

With Bitlabs and Pollfish, you cánido choose surveys based on their duration and payment.

Most surveys are usually 3-10 minutes long and pay less than a dollar.

Just keep in mind that you may be disqualified as companies generally seek input from certain demographics (age, income level, etcétera.).

Therefore, if you are not a good fit, you will not be allowed to complete the survey and accumulate points.

The best thing about Paidwork is that the funds will be added to your account immediately.

Watch vídeos

This is the easiest job on the platform – just watch 3 second vídeos and get 0.7 – 1 point each.

The vídeos are mostly commercials for mobile gaming, trading, investing, and reward aplicaciones.

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How do you get paid?

You cánido withdraw the money once you reach the minimum amount of $10 (1000 points).

There are currently three payment methods available: PayPay, bank transfer, and Payoneer.

You don’t need to add a payment method until you reach the earnings threshold.

You will not have to pay any exchange fees if you choose to withdraw your earnings in US dollars. Otherwise, there is a 5% fee for using other currencies.

Before receiving the money, you must complete the billing section with your full name, address and currency.

You will also need to provide your ID so that Paidwork perro protect your system against fraudulent/multiple accounts.

Unfortunately, many people are not comfortable sending a copy of their documents and will give up after putting so much time and energy into this application.

That’s why it’s always important to read the aplicación’s instructions before jumping in with both feet.

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Who cánido join Paidwork?

PaidWork is available worldwide. This means that you perro register as a member no matter where you live.

The first step is to download the aplicación from the Play Store and create a free account.

Sign up using your correo electrónico, Google plus or Microsoft account. Paidwork will then send you a verification correo electrónico.

Once you clic the backlink within the dirección de correo electrónico and confirm your correo electrónico, you perro start completing the paid tasks.

Bubble Burst

What is Bubble Burst and what does it offer?

Bubble Burst is a free mobile game that allows you to win tiques to participate in the weekly raffle. You cánido also exchange your tiques for real money.

The aplicación is just one in 48 quiz aplicaciones operated by a Canadian company called WINR Games Inc.

The most habitual is Big Time Cash, which adds 16 games under the same aplicación.

When you install Bubble Burst on your device, you will create an account that perro be used in all games.

That means you cánido play any game and collect tiques to entrar the same drawing.

The more you play, the higher your chances of winning prizes ranging from $2,000 to $3,000.

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Play Bubble Burst

The main objective of Bubble Burst is to level up popping all the bubbles with tiques.

In each level, you perro use a limited number of bubbles to pop other bubbles of the same color.

As you progress through the game, you will earn more tiques that will be automatically entered into the next drawing.

Unfortunately, it gets harder to level up and collect more tiques over time.

Supersonic Deals

You cánido earn additional tiques by completing supersonic offers.

Most of these offers involve installing games from third-party developers and reaching a certain level.

There are many offers, and some offer more than 100,000 tiques.

Play other WINR GAMES games

Install other aplicaciones from WINR games and earn 5000 tiques each.

Watch vídeos

Watch more advertising vídeos and earn 100 tiques each.

Invite your friends

Share Bubble Burst with your friends on popular networks and get 2500 tiques further $0.10 for each friend who downloads the aplicación.

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How do you get paid?

If you think you are out of luck, you cánido choose to convert 10,000 tiques to CAD$0.10.

Considering how difficult the prize is to win, I’d say this is your best bet!

Just keep in mind that you must have a minimum amount of CAD $10 to collect through PayPal.

Therefore, if you are willing to cash in, you should play Bubble Burst. constantly.

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Who perro join Bubble Burst?

All WINR Games Inc. aplicaciones, including Bubble Burst, are available for Android and iOS devices.

You perro register with your correo electrónico address or with your Fb account.

But before creating your account, I advise you to read the contest rules, the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

Please note that children under the age of 14 are not allowed to play.

To end

Earning money on the internet is becoming much more possible and in increasingly easy ways, years ago it was just a dream and today a great reality. That is why if you are new to earn money en líneaI suggest you consult these excellent pages to earn money easily if you prefer to have more alternatives.

Now if you are looking for simpler ways to earn, I highly recommend you check out the best sites to make money watching vídeos . All the sites on this list have good earning potential, so you will be able to earn a decent amount in no time.

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 How to earn money from my cell phone (Aplicaciones
  How to earn money from my cell phone (Aplicaciones
  How to earn money from my cell phone (Aplicaciones

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