How to earn money for watching vídeos

How to earn money for watching vídeos

The Internet has made thousands of people earn money en línea in different ways and ways, there are even ways that some 50 years ago were unthinkable and completely absurd. One of those ways is make money watching vídeos Who would pay you even a penny to play a vídeo on a computer or mobile? However, this is completely true today.

Learn how to earn money just by watching vídeos Let’s get to it!

Best aplicación earn money for watching vídeos on mobile

If you want to earn money for watching vídeos you perro try it through certain applications, the bad thing is that there are a lot of these that are scams.

That is why we have equipo ourselves the task of investigating and looking for those that are the most reliablewith proven payments and happy users.

These are the 3 best aplicaciones to earn money watching vídeos on mobile…

make money

Make Money is an application that allows you to generate income by watching vídeos, doing surveys, testing applications, playing games and giving opinions. When you reach the minimum amount of $5 (5,000 credits), you cánido request your payment to your PayPal account.

➜ You perro download and see more information about the application at this backlink:

➜ It is also available for iOS:

Money Aplicación

With Money Aplicación you cánido earn money watching vídeos, playing games, completing surveys and testing services. It has a good flow of tasks and with patience you perro reach the goal for your first payment, you perro withdraw the money through PayPal.

➜ If you want to know more about the application or download it, you cánido entrar here:

➜ Also available for iOS users:

Cash Aplicación

Finally, we have Cash Aplicación, which, like the other two, allows you to earn money watching vídeos, answering surveys, giving opinions and playing. Payments are processed by PayPal. Perfect to generate income from your mobile in free time.

➜ If you want to try the application, we invite you to download it here (only available for Android):

Best pages to earn money for watching vídeos on the computer

If you do not want to use applications, but rather earn money with a website from your computer, we will leave you the best 3 websites for you to earn money by watching vídeos:

Gift Hunter Club

This is available both as a web page and an Android application (Plus agregado to the previous section!), through this page you perro earn money watching vídeos, as well as generating income with micro tasks, surveys, radio, downloading applications and referrals.

He minimum payment is 5 euros or dollarsvía PayPal or Gift Cards from Xbox, Play Station, iTunes and Amazon.

➜ Website backlink:


Beruby is a page that has gained fame and has remained over time, it allows you save money shopping en líneaIt also has offers to earn money by watching vídeos, visiting and registering on some web pages.

For users in Spain they cánido only withdraw with €1 through PayPal, €5 in the case of a bank account and, for users outside of Spain, a minimum amount of €10 is required, in this case you cánido only withdraw vía PayPal.

➜ Website backlink:

scarlet clicks

Through Scarlet Clicks you perro generate plus income watching ads, vídeos, performing tasks and playing games. When you have accumulated at least $2 you perro withdraw your money from Payeer, Perfect Money and different cryptocurrencies.

➜ Website backlink:

How to earn money for PayPal by watching vídeos?

as you may have noticed all the options that we have presented to you pay by PayPalthis is because it is one of the most reliable and habitual payment processors today, and for these types of ways to earn money safety is everything.

Now you just have to try them and see which one is more comfortable for you to generate profits in the short or long term, in the same way you cánido generate this type of money without much effort and a little but constant dedication perro generate the plus money you are looking for .


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 How to earn money for watching vídeos
  How to earn money for watching vídeos
  How to earn money for watching vídeos

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