How to earn money fast without falling into a

How to earn money fast without falling into a

How many articles have you already read on the Internet about how to make money fast? One? Ten?

And in how many of them? they tried to sell you some method to get rich overnight? Probably too many.

When I started my first business I had no capital to start it; needed only a little money to boot and keep it for a couple of months until it started to give me benefits.

So I got in front of my computer, and I went looking for help to the biggest source of information I knew of: the Internet.

I was sure that there I would find the solution to my problem.

But I only got lose my money and disappoint me…

I came across pages that promised to make me $1,000 in just two days.

But to know what I had to do, I had to pay them more than $100 in exchange for that information.

Although I am ashamed to tell you, I admit that I fell for one of those hoaxesand after paying I only received an dirección de correo electrónico with general information that was not even useful for earning 10 dollars in a whole month.

In the end I got tired of seeing the same thing on all those sites, and I ended up resorting to traditional methods to earn fast moneyand thus get the capital he needed.

This was a long time agowhen there were not yet as many ways to generate income en línea as there are now.

Luckily, in all these years they have been appearing other ways to get money fast that they are not a scam, and that they are 100% real.

And here I want to share 11 of those methods that I have tried and which are the ones that have worked best for me to generate income easily.

11 ways REAL to earn money fast

1. Sell ​​everything you no longer use

I know that this method to earn quick money is old, but if it is still used today it is because it is one of the ways that better work to achieve it.

Get up for a moment from where you are sitting, and Take a little walk around your house.

How many things are in your closets, in your storage room, or even on the floor of your rooms that you no longer use?

Wouldn’t it be better get rid of them to get some money, and by the way get plus space in your house?

Do this: go looking one by one at the objects you have and that you don’t mind getting rid of. If you haven’t used them for 6 months or moreput them in a cardboard box or in a corner to sell them.

With the Internet it is easier than ever to achieve this, since you cánido put your used things up for sale on places like Ebay or MercadoLibre without leaving home.

Don’t know how to do it? Read this step-by-step guide: 12 steps to pay off your debts by selling old things.

Do not miss this method because with it you perro get a good pinch of money.

Every year I do a little cleaning in my house of things that I no longer use, and I have managed to get between $300 and $500 just selling everything that no longer served me.

2. Earn $10 for a 20 minute survey

Do paid surveys works. And if you have tried this method but you have not gotten much money, follow these consejos that I am going to give you now.

For make money with surveys It is not enough to register on a single page and wait for them to arrive in your correo.

It is important that you are registered in at least two different platforms to increase your income.

I leave you one below free list of survey pages that I use, and with which I have achieved better results.

>> Free list of paid surveys <<

you should also check your dirección de correo electrónico at least once a day to see if you have been sent new surveys; If you haven’t received any, go to the pages you registered for, entrar with your dirección de correo electrónico and password, and see if there are surveys available on your profile.

It is very important that when entering make a good profile: If they ask you if you have pets, say yes.

If you have children, if you have traveled or are thinking of going on vacation soon, write yes.

The companies they will not send you surveys to ask you about products or your way of life if you have put in your account that you hardly buy anything, or that you spend all day at home watching television.

A trick that has worked very well for me is do surveys taking advantage of free time while I wait to do something else.

For example: if you are waiting for the autobús, take advantage of looking with your cell phone to see if there are surveys available, and do them until it arrives.

You cánido also do this while you wait to pay at the supermarket, when they put commercials on television…

It is true that filling out surveys will not make you rich or generate a full salary, but it is a good help to get plus money every month or in some cases prizes, depending on the page you choose.

3. Are you lazy to look for a job? Do this!

It is clear that one of the fastest ways to get income is through a job.

But sometimes creating a sintetiza, submitting it, and waiting for days and days for them to call you perro be exhausting.

What is the easiest solution to find a job? Gonna a temporary employment company and let them search for you.

Although it may not seem like it, this is also a iniciativa to make money fast.

You cánido get a job for just one weekend, and generate income very fast thus.

Even in tough times, temp agencies have offers to work or help out at different locations during evenings or weekends.

So you cánido keep your habitual job and at the same time get another salary from time to time working in this type of sites.

Keep in mind that there are jobs by the hour or only for a few days that They pay very welland that in a single day of work you cánido easily earn from $50 to $200.

4. Take photos with your cell phone and earn more than a photographer

If you like photography, you should seriously think about sell depósito photos.

Depósito photos are fácil images that cánido be used in brochures, articlesor even in wallpapers for computers.

These images perro be from an empty cup, a park, a nice clear sky, even a child at a blackboard.

And you perro take them with your cell phone if it takes quality and clear photos.

Ideally, take a series of photos (a minimum of ten is fenezca), and upload them all to sites like iStockphoto, Shutterstock or Foap, where every time someone buys them, you get paid a good chunk of the profits.

Thus, your income will increase since you will not be selling a single product (a single image), but you will have several that will generate more money.

5. Say goodbye to your cell phone to get money

Who does not have at home cell phones saved What have you been using for all these years, or accessories such as the charger or the battery?

If these phones are no longer of any use to you, and you need a little money as soon as possible, it is a good iniciativa sell them to get some plus money.

Most stores that are dedicated to selling phones They have a second-hand cell phone purchase service hand.

There are even Internet companies in some countries that go to your own home to pick them up, and then they pay you the money for buying them.

It’s not much you’ll get with this, it’s true.

I recently got rid of two old phones, and got $46 for both.

But hey, it’s money that perro come in very handy to save it, or to spend it on something you need like new clothes, or buy a birthday present for a friend.

6. Rent a space in your house

Rent a room that you don’t use from your house cánido be a good way to earn quick money every month.

You just have to make sure that the person who occupies it is respectful and hygienic.

But if you want keep your family’s privacythere are other things that you cánido also lend in exchange for a financial reward.

your garajefor example, a storage room that you do not use, or even your own car.

Many people rent other people’s garages because they don’t have a place to park their cars at home, and they prefer leave them in a closed place and safe instead of on the street.

And there are also more and more people who, instead of buying a car, prefer to rent it. only for specific moments where they need to wear them for a few hours.

So if this is your case, try renting these things, and so get good money each month in exchange for lending these spaces to others for a while.

7. Do you spend all day on Fb? Earn money with it!

If you are one of those who is hooked on popular networks, it does not matter whether it is Fb, Instagram, or Pinterest, a good way to earn quick money is posting photos and backlinks of companies looking for people like you.

Businesses and brands want their products and services to reach as many people as possible.

And that’s why they hire people who advertise on popular media to make yourself known.

One of the best platforms I know where to register and start generating income with this method is Earn money with popular networks.

This is a fácil way to get money in your spare timeand with which you will also have fun while doing the same thing that you have been doing up to now on these platforms.

8. Get an plus playing with your phone

There are many applications for both Android and iOS that you perro download on your cell phone to make money with them.

What you should keep in mind with this method is that the total amount will not be much, since they are small tasks for which they will pay you only a little money.

However, many of them it won’t take you more than 15 seconds (such as taking a picture of you in front of a store, or just unlocking your móvil!).

As with surveys, ideally, take advantage of your free moments to open them, play a little, and thus make some effortless money.

Some of these aplicaciones that work best are Votechimp and IQ Options.

9. Don’t throw your trash!

For anyone, a cork from a wine bottleor the cartons of toilet paper rolls, may seem like pure garbage to you.

But you should know that these elementos are very valuable for people who make crafts with them.

Instead of throwing these elementos away, put them away and sell them in lots on pages like Etsy – an excellent platform for this – or Ebay.

For each batch of corks or cartons of toilet paper they will pay you $20; It’s not much, I know, but you make much less when you throw them in the trash.

10. sell your friends

No, I’m not referring to selling your real friends. Take good care of them!

What I orinan is you perro get money selling to followers that you have on Fb, Twitter, or Instagram.

On the Internet there are people, companies and small entrepreneurs who, when starting their projects, they need to promote themselves so that they are known.

And that is why many of them open profiles on popular networks.

The problem is that at first They don’t usually get a lot of followers.and that’s why they are willing to buy them from people like you.

So if you have a Fb page with a lot of likes, or every day new people follow you on Instagram, search the Internet for possible buyers who want to acquire some of these followers of yours.

A good page to do this is fiverrwhere people sell and buy follower paquetes from different popular networks.

eleven. Earn $5 selling anything you know how to make

UPDATE April 2018: Geniuzz has closed its page and it no longer works.

Mini jobs on the Internet are now very habitual.

These consist of do little chores in exchange for a fixed price established by the platform on which you register.

One of these sites is precisely Fiverr, where you cánido register for free, offer anything you know how to do, and every time someone buys from you, they will pay you $5 for it.

The users of this page offer everything: from creating a fácil logotipo, to things as peculiar as write a person’s name in the sanddraw a cartoon, or record a short vídeo to congratulate someone.

The only problem with Fiverr is that a few weeks ago they removed their page in Spanish, and now the platform is only in englishalthough you cánido publish your offers in Spanish as well.

But if you want a page 100% dedicated to Latin America and Spain, a good alternative is geniuzz.comwhich works exactly the same as Fiverr, only completely in Spanish.

You see that there are many ways to make money fast today, and the good thing is that with many of them you won’t even have to leave your house to get it.

In some you will earn more, in others a little less, but all these methods work, and what is most important: they are not scamsbut they are real methods that thousands of people use every day.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 How to earn money fast without falling into a
  How to earn money fast without falling into a
  How to earn money fast without falling into a

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