How to earn money en línea without leaving

How to earn money en línea without leaving

With each passing day, we are more of us who want to abandon our office work and 8 or 10 hours a day, for one that allows us to Work from home and we perro only achieve that if we ventured on the internet. Fortunately for you, there are more ways to earn money en línea from home than you think

For this reason, our guest today, Raimon Moreno, will espectáculo you 17 ways to earn money en línea that you will undoubtedly want to know.

You are surely wondering how you cánido earn money en línea. Well, luckily, there are endless ways you cánido earn a living en línea.

Of course, you must be clear that not all jobs are going to allow you to earn money as if they were full-time.

This means that you’ll have to do something else either from the Internet or other types of things.

Next, I am going to present you many ways with which you perro earn money en línea.

As you will see, there are many and very different ones, so be sure to read them all since you will surely there is more than one (and two) what cánido you do.

17 ways to earn money en línea: Get to know them!

1. Answer surveys for companies

A good iniciativa for you to earn money is to answer paid surveys. You simply have to give your opinion and they will give you money in return.

One of the good things about answer these types of questions is that you do not need special knowledge of any kind or previous experience. the only thing you need is to express your opinion.

The only disadvantage It is that the surveys are usually long, so you must spend a lot of time to fill them, so you must be patient.

2. write a blog

If you are passionate about writing and you think that you have good knowledge of a especial subject, this may be a good option.

Think that there are many people who earn money immediately, since you first have to create the content (that is interesting) and start positioning your blog, Keep in mind that for this you will need to learn SEO, which is very important and effective and thus position yourself in rankings such as Google plus so that the page begins to get a volume of traffic.

Once you have a named blog, you have different opportunities how to monetize your site For example, it cánido be with paid advertising, selling your products or courses, affiliate products and other ways that you cannot imagine.

3. Write articles for others

Apart from creating a blog, you perro also write articles for others, either content for other weblogs or companies.

The ideal is that you specialize on the topic you like and thus start developing content on this specialty to become an expert in the end.

Trabajo independiente writing is a good way to make money selling from home and generate income quickly.

The good thing is that in many cases they will pay you the same day that you finish the project that You are doing.

If you want to find jobs of this type, a page that I highly recommend it’s Upwork.

4. sell your photos

If you are a good photographer and it is also one of your passions, dedicate yourself to this since it is a good way to earn money en línea.

You cánido sell your photos to companies or individuals.

If you do a quick search on the net, you will see that there are a wide variety of image banks where, in exchange for a fee, you cánido upload your photos to libraries that they have available.

In this way, users perro buy them and for each purchase you will receive a commission.

5. Become an affiliate marketing expert

It is a good way to generate passive income. You don’t need a lot of knowledge the investment is very low and the potential for income is very high.

The good thing is that once you have it all running requires only minimal attention.

Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is to create a website where you perro articulo reviews and product recommendations.

In these analyzes and recommendations cánido you put backlinks to other websites where the product in question is sold.

If the customer ends up buying the product, the seller will give you a commission of this because you are the reference.

It is important that you consider that you are not going to earn money from day one.

First you need to equipo up the web, create the contents and start driving traffic to your page. The more traffic you have, the more chances of getting commissions you will have.

If you look on the Internet you will see that there are many websites that offer affiliations.

For example, if you are a specialist in vídeo games you cánido make analysis and recommendations of these and put backlinks from affiliates to the products.

So, as we indicated above, If users purchase the vídeo game, you will get a commission from this purchase.

6. Earn money en línea just by reading correos electrónicos

This job consists of reading correos electrónicos that They will send you companies.

Among other things, they perro also ask you that you register on a web page or participate in a contest.

7. Invest in the depósito market

if you have some knowledge of finance and economics In general, investing in the depósito market cánido be a great opportunity for you.

Unlike savings accounts and other types, returns on the depósito market cánido be much higher (but you must take into account that losses too).

Besides, In most cases the decisions will be yours, so you will not have to depend on third parties.

If you want to earn money by investing in the depósito market, you should be up to date with financial and economic news to know where and when you have to invest or sell your shares.

Yes indeed, this type of investment They also depend a bit on luck, although as a recommendation do not leave everything to it.

8. Create an eCommerce website

In recent years, electronic commerce websites, or also known as eCommerce, have been exploding and gaining a lot of popularity.

Besides, with the help of certain platforms It’s getting easier to create one.

On an eCommerce site you perro sell products of many types.

For example, you perro dedicate yourself to a very specific niche and sell your products to customers who are willing to buy these.

Or, you perro buy products from other countries, such as China, and resell them at a profit.

9. Write and sell digital books

If ultimately yours is writing, this perro be a good source of passive income. You’d be surprised how much of a market there is for these kinds of books.

The best way to write, distribute and sell a digital book is from Amazon.

Normally on this platform they offer you between 35% and 70% commission per book sold.

Ideas for writing there are many, but there is one thing that almost always works.

If, as we said at the beginning, you like to write and you also do it well, cánido you think of a topic in which you are a little more specialized or know very well and write about it.

You will be surprised at how many people is willing to pay for these kinds of posts.

10. Buy and sell Internet domains

All you have to do is buy a low-cost domain, make have special added value and then sell it to someone who will pay you at a higher price.

To make money with this process you must be patient.

In general, it is a bit complicated and even somewhat expensive to carry out since you will need contacts and a lot of time to be able to position a domain correctly.

eleven. Create a website and earn money with Adsense

The process is very afín to affiliate marketing. You must create a website and have a good volume of traffic.

One of the great advantages is that you do not need the reader to buy for you to take a commission and earn money. the usual is that you cánido earn money when he gives a fácil clic on an ad.

If you want your web page to be attractive to the public, we recommend that your site provide general information on the subject in which you have specialized instead of publish analysis and recommendations As in the case of affiliate marketing.

Do you want to earn money with it? So keep these three factors in mind:

  1. The theme that you have chosen
  2. The volume of visits that you have
  3. The percentage of those visits that they clic in ads.

As you cánido see of the three above, the first is the most important.

You don’t need to write about a very general topic since, on the contrary, it perro be about something more specific but that you know very well and give your readers a agregado that other pages cannot give.

12. Use aplicaciones to earn money

If you have a Móvil, you will notice that there are millions and millions of applications in the market.

There are companies that, before launching them on the market, need people who use them in advance in order to detect possible technical errors or change certain aspects of the application.

This trial period is known as Beta stage.

There are web pages that offer users this type of Beta. One of the best known and that works with both iOS and Android is Easy Money.

However, you will also come across other aplicaciones that are not at this stage and still pay out certain people to use and promote a little on your popular networks.

13. Teach a digital course

If you have very good knowledge of a subject for which someone I would be willing to pay then this may be your source of income from the Internet.

You perro create your own en línea courses.

How you teach them is up to you.

For example, one iniciativa is to record your classes so that your students perro see when they do better or, instead of recording them, you cánido write the information about the topics you are teaching.

Another option, if you want to do a live class, is to use Skype.

This way students perro ask you questions live and not have to write an correo electrónico and wait for your answer.

14. Teach languages ​​en línea

It is very afín to the previous option.

If you think dominate one or more languages ​​perfectly and you also love teaching, become a virtual teacher of several languages.

Take 5 minutes and do a web search and you will see that there are endless platforms where you cánido find students to teach.

Also, most let you yourself equipo your quotas.

the only thing you need to teach language classes is a good WiFi connection and a free calling platform like Skype (and a computer, of course).

fifteen. Earn money surfing the net

With the magic of the internet today you cánido earn money in the simplest ways in the world.

Even for visiting a page you perro get plus money.

By visiting these websites, members must perform a number of things like filling out offers, clicking ads, searching for certain types of ads, or sharing pages with friends.

16. Translate content for web pages

If you have a perfect command of two languages ​​or more, such as Spanish and English; Do not lose the oportunidad.

In a world increasingly globalized translations have become an interesting source of income.

Thanks to globalization, companies and people from different countries they need to connect more and more to be able to establish relationships.

This is where translators have a very important role.

There are different ways to charge for your translation services.

It perro be by number of words or establish a monthly contract with a company.

If they are one-time or small jobs, it is best to do it by words or a one-time cost for the translation.

17. Become a virtual assistant

Companies are increasingly decentralizing this type of services, so some (not to say many) they don’t need their attendees to be in the same place physically.

For this reason, they hire people that is found in other places and also, it is a little cheaper.

The tasks of a virtual assistant are multiple, and the good thing is that they do not require specific knowledge.

In general, these go from answering correos electrónicos or calls, even take your boss’s agenda.

Another positive part of this job is that the schedule cánido be very maleable so most of the time you cánido organize the day however you want.

As you perro see these are just some of the ways to earn money en líneaIn addition, there is a wide variety, so specific knowledge on the subject is not always required.

If you want more information you cánido do it reading in more depth my ideas on how to earn money en línea.

I hope it could help you find your way to earn money en línea. Luck!

Author Description: Raimon Moreno is a journalist and passionate about writing.

Among many things, he is specialized in the world of economics and finance, apart from being a travel lover.

His maximum thought is that life has to be enjoyed doing what you like the most, so you should never give up on finding your dream.

He shares his insights on

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 How to earn money en línea without leaving
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