How to earn money en línea in Venezuela

How to earn money en línea in Venezuela

If you live in Venezuela, and you are unemployed or the job you have does not allow you to make ends meet, you will be interested to know that there are many Internet platforms with which you cánido earn an plus amount of money. And also, the good news is that the activities you have to do to get those earnings are quite fácil.

Would you like to know how to earn money en línea in Venezuela? In that case, stay in this articulo, because we are going to tell you which are the main pages to achieve it.

It is important to know that the methods that we mention below are to earn money more or less quickly and without investing, if what you are looking for are more stable jobs We recommend you go through our guide to Work from home.

Method 1. Earn money doing surveys

Although it seems striking, it is not a myth: profits cánido be made simply doing surveys en línea. If you live in Venezuela and want to know through which pages you perro do it, take note of the following:

ySense (ClixSense)

ClixSense or Ysense It is one of the best platforms to earn money by completing surveys and tasks. This available in all countries of the world and it’s also free. The way to register is very fácil: you have to complete your profile first, and then you perro start filling out surveys.

This platform offers us different possibilities to earn money. The amount of money we earn per day varies depending on the amount of time we spend taking surveys and doing tasks, but we cánido earn even more than €20 a day. In addition, it is totally safe.

  • Payment when exceeding $10.
  • You cánido earn money for perform tasks, complete surveys and affiliates.
  • Carry paying over 13 years without any problem involved, it is a very reliable company and offers a referral system.
  • Offers well-known means of payment such as Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and cards to redeem on Amazon and Steam.
  • The platform is in english but the surveys in Spanish.
  • The supply of surveys is greater in the United States and Europe, compared to those in Latin America.

Perro register here.


With swagbucks perro make money in different ways, mainly with surveys. You’ll earn points that you perro then exchange for money, coupons, gift cards, and other en línea rewards.

Carry paying since 2007 and it cánido also be used from Latin America (including Venezuela, Colombia and México). Options to earn money:

  • Doing surveys.
  • Using the cash back systemwhere for each purchase they return x amount of money.
  • Discover section, where new offers, surveys and systems to earn money will appear.
  • Playinganother fun way to earn plus.

He main payment method is Paypal and more or less 900 SB points (from the platform) are equal to 5 euros (or $6).

You perro register here.


This is one of the best web pages for taking surveys, and it works like intermediary between companies and users who want to earn profit through paid surveys.

On this page you cánido find between 3 and 5 new surveys every day, and you perro withdraw payments through PayPal. The average of the profits is in one dollarand the platform is available in Spanish, so you won’t have any problem when using it.

  • Every day between 3 and 5 new surveys are available to do (which from our experience are quite a few).
  • Payments cánido be withdraw by Paypal.
  • Each payment cánido be withdrawn at exceed $30.
  • The average earnings per survey is $1 (or a little less $0.80).
  • exist referral levels (10% for each profit that the guests have).
  • the platform and surveys are in spanish.
  • allowed countries: Spain, Brazil, Argentina, México Colombia, Chile, United States, Peru, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela and some European countries.
  • To each new usuario who registers, he is given $5.

You perro register here and receive $5.


It is a great company that gives the possibility of earning money doing surveys, with presence in more than 70 countries.

This aplicación is very easy to use, and the surveys that are carried out in it are very fácil. The amount won, from 5 euros, cánido be withdrawn by PayPal or exchanged for different types of gift cards.

  • The points earned perro be exchanged for money in Paypal either gift cards from Amazon, Ikea, Corte Inglés, Mediamarkt and iTunes.
  • available countries: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, México, USA, Colombia and Portugal. Depending on the country you will receive more or less surveys.
  • Registration is completely free (agregado there is a recent promotion that gives you some points for getting started).
  • About 500 points are €4-5.
  • He minimum payment it is easy to reach.

You perro register here.


If you have more than 16 years you cánido earn money through the Spanish company Encuestón. The price of each survey will depend on the time it takes to carry out, and the money earned is withdrawn through PayPal.


This website is well known, as it has more than a decade in operation. To participate in it, it is necessary to be at least 15 years old, and complete the usuario profile.

It takes an average of between 10 and 20 minutes to fill out each surveyand the earnings cánido be easily withdrawn by PayPal from 35 euros.

Method 2. Earn money by completing tasks

Apart from the surveys, there are other options to earn money through web pages, such as doing some works with texts or simply watch vídeos. If you are interested in this option, these are some of the main platforms to achieve this goal in Venezuela:


Some of the tasks that you perro do in InstaGC to earn money is complete surveys or watch vídeos, simply. You have to do a little research to discover the best ways to earn the most money possible on this page in the shortest time.


In this case we talk about honeygaina somewhat especial platform, where you cánido earn money monetizing the excess data of our Internet connection. An innovative concept that makes it possible to monetize that plus data that is not spent in the month.

What you should keep in mind is that payments are made through PayPal, and that you have to be at least 18 years old old to use it.


Through SuperPay you cánido earn money doing fácil tasks. Its advantage over other afín pages is that You cánido withdraw from the first dollar you earn., without the need to accumulate a certain amount of winnings.


This company pays to do small tasks, such as write or correct texts, transcribe, participate in surveys, etcétera. From a profit of 5 dollars you cánido withdraw the money by PayPal or by bank transfer.


As it is intuited from its name, this platform pays for solve captchas over the Internet. It may not be a very entertaining task, but the advantage is that it allows you to get money in a particularly fácil way.

Hive Micro

Consists in a crowdsourced website which belongs to Castle Global, Inc. It is specialized in the development of applications through Deep Learning, and provides data to develop Artificial Intelligence technology. Reason why, their tasks perro be very curious.

Method 3. Sell your skills and services en línea

Another option to earn money en línea is to offer your professional services. And some of the most interesting web pages to do this in Venezuela are the ones you will find below:

I’m a freelancer

Self-employed people perro make some profit through SoyFreelancer, by specific services requested by companies or individuals. Payments are made for complete jobs or for fees.


fiverr is a great option for freelancers who want to earn money by offering their services en línea. For a price of 5 dollars you perro sell your work, which you will collect through PayPal. The page will keep a commission, but if you have good qualities, you perro earn plus money through this platform.

Method 4. Viewing ads and advertising

something as fácil as see advertising it cánido bring you some profit, if you spend enough time on it. Discover which are some of the most important platforms that offer this service in Venezuela:


Contrary to what happens with other afín platforms, BTCClicks focuses exclusively on make money watching ads.

For this reason we only have to use it for a few minutes each day, since that will be the time it will take to see all the ads available daily, which are between 10 and 20. It is advisable come in once in a day to see if there are any new announcements.

The ads have ad focuswhich means you have to watch them from start to finish to make them count.


With this page you perro earn money through ads, and it should be noted that it pays better than others. Of course, you should keep in mind that it does not offer many options to earn profits, since it is a fairly basic platform. In other words, it is not the typical platform that also allows you to take surveys or watch vídeos, for example.

However, by inviting your friends you will get advantages when it comes to growing your earnings, which you perro withdraw through PayPal and other gateways once you have earned a minimum amount of money.


We recently gave our Neobux reviewstalking in depth about this platform with a long journey on the Internet, and that allows you to earn money through advertising. It perro be used completely free of charge, and of course you do not have to make any investment to make a profit.

Through this platform you perro earn money by watching ads, but also filling out surveys, playing mini games or completing some tasks. The amount obtained is withdrawn vía Neteller or Skrill.

As you have seen, there are many and very fácil options to earn money en línea in Venezuela. These means may not replace a salary, but financial aid never hurts, so… Don’t stay with the desire to try!

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 How to earn money en línea in Venezuela
  How to earn money en línea in Venezuela
  How to earn money en línea in Venezuela

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