How to earn money en línea in Spain

How to earn money en línea in Spain

Learn about the different methods of how to earn money en línea in Spain this 2021. Putting into practice very fácil activities and other specialized ones. Increase your income this year with a series of recommendations that you cánido do at home or in your free time.

Surely you have seen vídeos and posts on popular networks of people recounting their experience of how to earn money from home. Using a mobile device connected to the internet and investing a little time. Although some may be scams, others are very real and today we will tell you how to entrar that successful community.

There are many ways to earn money en línea in Spain. From basic activities that do not require as much knowledge, but with low salaries; At the same time, if you specialize in others, you perro generate a higher level of income. Do you want to earn money en línea in Spain this 2021? Here’s everything you need to do to get it.

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Give your opinion in paid surveys

If you like to comment, give opinions and leave reviews on products, brands or services that you have used, it is a great start to generate plus income. This activity is very frequent and requested by marketing companies. Where they try to know your close experience with what certain organizations offer.

To do this, they develop forms with various questions on topics related to your profile. That is why you must provide as much information about your likes and interests so that you receive appropriate surveys. Thus, the results will be closer to reality and you will be able to fill it out more easily.

At the end, a relationship is made between the number of completed paid surveys and a score, exchangeable for money. Whether in cash, cryptocurrencies, gift cards (Gift Card), coupons and more. There are many paid survey platforms in Spain that cánido make you earn money quickly. Find one that fits your needs and interests.


Overall Rating

With more than 5 million registered users, this platform is positioned as one of the most important web pages for conducting surveys. With this site we perro earn up to a good sum of money and the maximum time of the surveys is usually 25 minutes.

With its unlimited referral system, we perro earn a good sum of money for each usuario who registers with our referral backlink and completes 5 surveys. You make your payments through Amazon checks and the minimum amount to make a withdrawal is €25. It is not available for Latin American countries. Only for users from Spain, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and China cánido use it.

Make paid offers

Paid offers is another excellent, easy and fast way to earn money en línea in Spain. You only need to have a móvil, download an application, register and wait for your assignments. The objective is to follow the instructions of the task to be executed in the determined time.

One of the most common paid tasks is to go to stores or businesses and do research work. For example, purchasing a product and recording the interaction with employees. Also, you must take pictures of facades, price list, comment your experience and more.

This activity helps businesses to know closely whether or not their work team complies with the estándares established with clients. Also, know how they sell and how helpful they are. In addition, to determine errors or failures, or recognize the success and performance of its employees. For each successful offer you accumulate points that cánido be exchanged for money.

Earn money for using Aplicaciones

whatDid you know that you perro earn money en línea in Spain using applications? Although it may seem interesting and novel to you, this practice has been on the market for some time. Also, under various branches and processes. For example, trying aplicaciones, just downloading it, leaving a review, or playing vídeo games.

There are many aplicaciones to earn money, available for Android or iOS. Ideally, you should choose one that you feel comfortable with and that suits your needs. The best thing is that you perro use it in free time, or if you want to spend full time with it. It all depends on how much money you want to earn.

For this activity we recommend a mobile phone or a tablet in optimal conditions. With features that the aplicación supports, with internet access and various payment tools. For example, bank accounts, digital wallet, digital payment system platforms, among others.

Earn money as a trabajo independiente

Being a trabajo independiente is a subject that requires a higher level of specialization. With capacities, abilities and skills focused on specific issues. Its main characteristic is that the work is done remotely. That is, there is no daily visit to a job, and in some cases there are no established schedules. However, as you invest more time, more money perro be earned.

You perro find a platform to earn money as a trabajo independiente designed for you. Where you have the freedom to generate specialized tasks and receive remuneration for them. For example, programming systems, developing web pages, composing songs, designing, among others.

The important thing is that the projects to be delivered have to be digital and be sent by dirección de correo electrónico, messaging aplicaciones, collaborative tools, virtual chats, among others. In addition, you have to agree on a payment system for your services in which both parties feel comfortable.

Earn money reading correos electrónicos

Do you receive many correos electrónicos in your inbox from advertisements and advertising campaigns? Surely, like many, you discard them, leave them unopened or delete them. After reading this, you will surely take them more into account.

whatDid you know that you perro earn money by reading correos electrónicos? advertising? Of course, you must previously register on a platform that will send them to you and just opening it and taking a look at them will be enough. That is, it is about reading correos electrónicos for money instantly.

It is a fácil, easy, comfortable and quick activity to perform. For a fabulous reward that will add to your account until you perro withdraw a minimum amount. Request that it be deposited in your bank account, digital currency system or redeem it for gift cards. These payment methods vary depending on the platform that offers this service.

Generate profits with affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are an excellent method of how to earn money en línea in Spain. It is characterized by not having any risk, it is not necessary to meet clients, you do not pay employees or rents, you do not invest money; just time to promote a brand, product or service.

It works through any platform. That is, you perro spread the ads through popular networks, web pages, weblogs, states, stories, using QR codes, and more. In short, everything that allows guiding people to reach a certain site.

Once there, certain products or services are promoted. If you are interested and hire or pay for one of them, you automatically earn a percentage of the transaction. Just for the fact of having gotten there referenced by you. But how to guide them to that purchase destination?

Through a totally personalized backlink. Where the system identifies by a code linked to your profile, that a certain visit has reached the page thanks to you. Thus, you perro count the number of users who visit the web and buy, referred by your account.

Earn money for viewing ads

Ads and campaigns are the order of the day on every website you visit on the internet. They are usually ignored by users who ignore them. However, there are companies that pay you to see them for a few seconds. Others pay more if we clic on them and watch them longer.

This activity is one of the oldest that will make you earn money en línea in Spain. However, its payment system is little but consistent. That is, to generate 20 euros a month, you must dedicate time daily to this task.

Become a trabajo independiente web editor

We have already told you what it is to be a trabajo independiente and the different variants that exist. A very especial one is that of a remote web editor. It’s about a professional of the persuasive words to boost or promote a brand, product or service. Also, that of informing others, with the aim of reading an article on a certain Internet page.

If the text is of quality, original and adds value to the users, you will help the web page to grow in number of visitors. This being a web positioning variable that is highly taken into account by search engines like Google plus. However, the trabajo independiente web editor has to specialize in this activity.

Know well the different types of writing that exist, learn SEO, marketing, to persuade, grammar, among others. Then, start in the world of newsrooms in agencies, web pages or private clients who pay for their services.

Create a podcast and monetize it

Podcasts are uso contínuo-type digital spaces where they espectáculo audio content that users cánido play and listen to. Either live or recorded through various platforms such as Spotify, Google plus podcast, SoundCloud, iVoox, among others.

To create a podcast and monetize it, you must have some equipment that offers quality to the transmission. However, many of the success stories that currently earn money with them have started this activity with a mobile phone and a very minimalist setting.

As you earn money with them, they invest in the program. However, the success of a podcast will depend on its content. It must be aimed at a especial niche; although some experts recommend creating a podcast based on what you would really like to espectáculo. That is, without so much information, just do it naturally.

To monetize a podcast you have two options. The first is to use this space as a means of promoting brands, products or services. The other option is to upload it to a platform, for example, YouTube and charge for the reproductions and popularity of the content.

Earn money with cashback

Cashback is an interesting way to earn money en línea in Spain. It consists, according to its translation into Spanish – refund of money – in receiving back the money used to buy a certain product. However, the purchase must be made in a specific store and through especial banking methods.

That is, a credit card, through a digital currency service, a bank, among others. Once the purchase of a product is made, you receive a refund of the amount spent. It cánido be partial or complete, but in either case you would be winning.

There are numerous cashback programs to earn money en línea in Spain. Where you perro save or earn money. In addition, to enjoy the consumption of a product practically free. However, each transaction, purchase or activity must be within the platform integrated into this plan. Otherwise, the program would not start running.

Create an en línea course

Have you ever wondered what you are good at? Yes that’s how it is, You cánido create an en línea course and impart your knowledge about that topic that you master. It is an interesting, beneficial and lucrative way to earn money en línea in Spain.

The best thing is that there are numerous platforms to teach these courses. You just have to create the content to dictate, all the help material and promote yourself on the web or popular networks.

The charge for the course will be made according to your interests. For example, by number of registered, by hour, by phase or taller, by group of people… In short, you equipo the price and the method of payment. The important thing is that you handle the theme like a professional and help others to use it correctly.

Being a community manager is not being good at “Instagram” or “Fb”; is a work that deserves research, analysis, creativity, professionalism, responsibilitykeeping up with trends, good spelling, being organized, among other functions.

Giving proper mobility to popular networks is essential for a company or organization. Especially in these digital times where users seek to solve their needs on these platforms. In addition, to find answers and interactions instantly.

That is why the community manager must be part of the company. Know the internal processes well, the time of the client who is looking for that brand, product or service, and serve him according to his requirements. This professional has become the first virtual face that a client sees when coming into contact with the company.

To work as a community manager you must train properly. In addition, to know and study each popular network separately. Considering that all these digital platforms work differently. In other words, the same strategies cannot be used on – for example – TikTok, Instagram and Fb. Much less recycling them between companies, because not all work the same, much less have the same audience or objectives.

Give review classes

Students who return to class after vacation do so with some forgetfulness that warrant refresher classes. Especially in subjects such as mathematics, language, chemistry, physics, literature, natural sciences, among others. If you master these topics or others, You perro offer paid help services after school.

Thus, students will begin their educational activities prepared and up to date. It is an excellent way to earn money en línea in Spain by teaching classes remotely. You just have to create a schedule of activities for your students.

To make yourself known when giving refresher classes, it is necessary to create a good advertising system. For example, highlight who you are, how you have acquired your knowledge in a certain subject, where you work, profession, among others. In addition, to promote yourself in sources of employment, popular networks, niches, web pages or weblogs.

Vídeo editor

Editing vídeos is another activity that you cánido perform remotely. Being this a digital product that you cánido deliver by e-e correo electrónico, messaging aplicaciones, through the cloud, collaborative tools, among others.

When resorting to this activity, you must know the job of editing vídeos well. Where you require high levels of knowledge in the use of programa and a lot of creativity. In addition, a portfolio that supports your services.

There are many vídeo editing services on the internet, and competition in this ámbito is tough. In general, companies hire whoever has more experience, so you perro create some content in a especial way to use them to your advantage. Where you perro espectáculo what you are capable of if it is your first job.

Opinion on earning money en línea in Spain

To earn money en línea in Spain you just have to locate a space in which we are good. Where we want to invest time and knowledge in exchange for excellent remuneration. Being very clear that some platforms or systems pay more than others. Above all, in those where a higher level of detail, professionalism and specialization is required.

On the other hand, earning money en línea in Spain is not complicated at all. With the wide variety of options that we perro run at home or in our free time, from a mobile or computer; what we call remote work or trabajo independiente. Of course, you have to be careful with scams because they are just around the corner, especially in these mechanisms.

That is why we recommend you to start activity as long as you are sure that the platform to use adjusts to your requirements. In addition, you must read the conditions and agree with them. Although we do not invest money, time is also valuable. Aim to increase your earnings without minimizing your resources.

In this article we have presented the different ways of how to earn money en línea in Spain. Evaluate each of them well and do not hesitate to be part of their staff. Exploit and make the most of your skills and technological resources in order to generate plus income for your economy.

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 How to earn money en línea in Spain
  How to earn money en línea in Spain
  How to earn money en línea in Spain

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