How to earn money en línea in Argentina

How to earn money en línea in Argentina

We teach you the different ways that exist to earn money en línea in Argentina.

We espectáculo you how to get the most out of these platforms and give you some consejos to avoid scams.

Internet has totally changed our way of living and seeing the world.

Through the Internet we perro do many things from the comfort of our home: shop, entertain ourselves, watch the news, train professionally, search for information and interact with others.

And could not miss earn money en línea.

There are many methods on the web to be able to earn money from different parts of the world, including Argentina.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

And each one adapts to the needs and requirements of each person.

Normally, these platforms pay by Paypal and Amazon checks.

But they also have many other payment processors.

Read the articulo until the end and learn how to earn money in Argentina.

Earn money en línea in Argentina for free

Next, we will espectáculo you the different ways to earn money en línea from Argentina.

Complete paid surveys

Working with paid surveys is currently the best way to earn money en línea.

paid surveys do not require any specialized knowledge.

You only need to give your opinion about certain products and services to receive a remuneration in return.

The trick is getting the right platforms and creating a profile to qualify for more surveys.

As you take surveys, you will accumulate points that you perro later exchange for real money.

The number and time of surveys you receive will depend on your profile: your age, your location, your interests, your hobbies, etcétera.

Make paid offers

There are many platforms that have a wall of offers with which you perro earn money by doing tasks.

There are a wide variety of tasks that you cánido perform: view ads, download applications, play games, register on a web page, among others.

In each task will be put certain steps you must follow to get the points.

Once you have reached the goal, you will receive your points that you cánido later exchange for money.

Earn money with mobile aplicaciones

There are various applications to earn money from Argentina.

The way to earn money varies from aplicación to aplicación.

In all you will have to download the application and register to make a profit.

In some it is enough to download the application and use your mobile as you normally would.

The application will collect irrelevant data, such as the time you use the phone and the pages you visit the most, in exchange for remuneration.

At other times, you will have to complete some tasks: download applications, play games, participate in sweepstakes, etcétera.

Create a Blog

A good way to get paid on the web is through a personal blog.

Offers relevant and unique content for certain types of users in a especial market niche.

There are two ways to do it.

The first is by venturing into a unique niche that is highly sought after and where there is a great lack of information.

Since this would position you as one of the main references among these users.

You could also create a blog about a niche that is already well known and where there is a notable amount of competition.

To outperform the competition, it’s important that you offer quality content and you stand out among all the others.

Most personal weblogs start to pay once the amount of traffic or page views is quite high.

And he usually pays by hiring the services of an advertiser.

Create a Youtube channel

Many people in the world make a living from making content on their YouTube channels.

However, this is not an easy task.

As with the blog, you must offer quality content to users to rank among the top positions and for users to fall in love with your content.

But just because it’s not easy, doesn’t orinan it’s impossible and that we should get discouraged.

There are three main keys for a YouTube channel to be successful: research, authenticity and passion.

Yes, to have a YouTube channel you must investigate both the topic you are going to talk about and the audience you are going to address.

In addition, you should also do keyword research to know through which terms users are going to find you on YouTube.

It is also important that you differentiate yourself from the competition.

There is nothing that users dislike more than youtubers who try to imitate others in everything.

Be yourself and make a difference with other channels.

And finally, making content for YouTube must be passionate about you.

The topics you talk about, the things you do, the information you offer, the entertainment you provide should interest you and be exciting to you.

Work as a freelancer

The freelancer is more of a modality of work than a profession en sí.

The philosophy of the trabajo independiente world is to be able to work from home without complying with strict working hours and without the need to go to an office.

Freelinkers typically work for fulfilled projects.

You get a client and give the budget of the project.

Once the project is finished, you will receive the agreed remuneration.

There is no need for legal contracts involved.

Some of the most sought-after professions in the trabajo independiente world are: web designers, programmers, translators, copywriters, web editors, virtual assistants, composers, among many others.

How to earn money as a freelancer? The first thing is to get a place where you perro attract clients who cánido hire you for carrying out projects according to your abilities.

There are different platforms where you cánido offer your services as a freelancer.

One of the most habitual and trusted is Fiverr.

You only have to register, create your profile and offer your services.

Sell ​​second hand elementos

This is a good alternative for you, if you have used objects that you no longer plan to use and that, rather, occupy an unnecessary place in your home.

There will be people who will be interested in buying your elementos.

And come on, those elementos are worth more selling them and benefiting others than having them at home taking up space and carrying dust.

There are many Marketplaces and en línea markets in which you perro offer these products and earn money.

Some of these Marketplaces charge a commission of the total product sold in exchange for using the platform.

The trick is to sell these second-hand elementos on the web at fair prices.

Also, make a good description of the product to increase the chances of selling them.

View paid ads

This is one of the oldest ways to earn money en línea.

Earning money with paid ads is as easy as clic on the ad campaign, wait a certain time by the platform and receive your reward for the ad.

The payment for each ad is just a few cents.

However, many of these platforms contain a lot of ads that cánido earn you a nice reward over time.

Affiliate program

There are two ways to work on affiliate programs.

Many platforms to earn money on the Internet have a referral system that offers us a remuneration for each person we invite.

Some platforms have fixed earnings, while others offer commissions from the total of your referrals.

It will depend on each platform.

There are also platforms that offer you some remuneration for recommend certain products.

Amazon affiliates is a good example of this.

The iniciativa is that you recommend the product on your website and you will receive a commission if the person purchases the product through your recommendation.

Other companies that manage this system are: Daisycon and Tradertracker.

Create an en línea store

Another way to earn money is creating an en línea store.

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to venture into the world of sales, this method is ideal for you.

There are certain extensions with which you cánido easily manage an en línea store without knowing much about programming from your website, such as Shopify.

With the rise of the Internet, electronic commerce is becoming more and more habitual among entrepreneurs and users.

In fact, a large number of people make their purchases through an en línea store.

Sell ​​free courses

Selling en línea courses is the best alternative for those people who have a specialized knowledge in some subject and they see themselves in the ability to teach others.

There are platforms like Udemy where you cánido sell courses created by yourself.

On this platform, the courses they acquire the most are marketing, design, programming, and the like.

However, in this type of platform you cánido find courses on different topics and professional areas such as finance, accounting, personal development, music and others.

Today many people opt for en línea education.

And they are willing to pay for this type of course.

Success depends on the quality of the courses as well as the promotion and marketing work you do.

Many professionals live today by selling their courses en línea.

Watch paid vídeos

It practically consists of watching vídeos in exchange for payment.

Most of these vídeos tend to last very little, maximum 30 seconds.

And their remuneration is afín to that of paid ads, a few cents per vídeo viewed.

However, there are platforms where you could earn up to $40 a month for watching paid vídeos.

Another thing is that it is not always necessary to watch the entire vídeo.

Sometimes you will only be required to watch a few seconds of the vídeo to complete the task.

At other times, you will have to watch the vídeo and answer questions related to it.

This work perro be done through a web page or mobile applications.

Consejos to earn money en línea

The web is a whole world full of alternatives to earn money.

However, just as there are reliable methods and platforms, it is also possible to find scams that make us invest money, time and effort without receiving anything in return.

For that reason, you should take into account the following considerations:

Watch out for scams

The internet is full of scams of all kinds.

These scams follow different modalities.

Some ask you to make an initial investment to receive some profit in return, but they never make a payment.

Others ask you to work hard to reach the minimum available.

But the pay for tasks is so low that you would have to last years to reach said reward.

And some may even ask you for personal information, such as a credit card to obtain your money illegally.

These are clear signs that you should run away from such platforms.

In the case of the trabajo independiente world, there are clients who do not pay after having delivered the project.

One of the ways to avoid scams in this case is request an advance payment before starting the project or a payment percentage before delivering it.

That’s the way many freelancers take care of non-paying clients.

Only use trusted pages

The best way to guard against scams is by evaluating the trustworthiness of these platforms.

Look for opinions, reviews and comments on these pages.

Do not use platforms that have a bad reputation among users.

You should only trust those pages that have a good acceptance and are recommended by users on the web.

Be careful where you invest your money

Not every page that requests an investment is necessarily a scam.

It all depends a lot on the type of business and the type of platform in which you are going to invest.

If it is in the case of paid surveys, never pay a penny.

Reliable paid surveys are completely free.

However, there are other methods where you will have to make an investment.

If we are talking about cryptocurrencies, an en línea store or even a blog (when hiring a writer, for example), it is justifiable that you make some kind of investment.

However, first make sure to study and prepare yourself in what you are going to make the investment.

Don’t invest in things you don’t understand.

Otherwise, you are very likely to lose your money.

At CGD we only recommend reliable platforms

All the platforms, applications and work methods that we recommend at CGD have been previously tested and evaluated by our team.

We do not recommend disreputable platforms.

In addition, we trust those companies that have a great track record and a good reputation on the web.

These platforms and applications are not only recommended by us.

You cánido also find positive opinions about them from many other users on the web.

So you perro feel confident with our recommendations.


In this articulo we have mentioned some of the many methods that exist to earn money en línea in Argentina.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

And the method you choose will depend on what you are looking for, your available time, your abilities, what you like, and even the capital you have.

If you are just looking for some plus money that you cánido earn outside of work hours without the need for special training, we would recommend working with the paid surveys and paid tasks.

And more, if you only want to spend a little time a day.

If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a higher salary, to work as a professional or to have a stable business, to work as a freelancer either create an en línea store they are a good alternative.

If you dedicate yourself to the trabajo independiente world, we recommend you look for professions that are in high demand and that you like.

In addition, you must train well to compete in the trabajo independiente job market.

With an hour a day that you dedicate to training, you will see good results in a few months.

Regarding an en línea store, investigate the most convenient market niche, the way to promote your store and have the necessary investment.

We recommend some platforms

We have made a list of platforms with which you cánido earn money en línea in Argentina.


Overall Rating

With a long time in the market, Ysense is one of the best platforms to earn money en línea.

It offers paid surveys, mini-jobs, a referral system and monthly contests.

Ysense is available in every country in the world.

You perro withdraw your earnings with $10 and has the following payment processors: Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer and Amazon cards.


Overall Rating

Swagbucks belongs to the GPT category because it offers us multiple ways to earn money en línea.

The main one is paid surveys, but it also offers paid tasks and an offer wall.

In addition, it has a cash back system with which you cánido earn money when making your purchases with the platform.

And its referral system offers us 10% of the total earnings of our guests for life.

Swagbucks is also available for every country in the world.

It has Paypal and Amazon cards as means of payment.

And you cánido withdraw your earnings with $10.


Overall Rating

Myiyo’s great forte is paid surveys.

In addition to having a fairly good survey pipeline, it has one of the best survey payouts on the web.

you cánido earn from €1 to €3 for surveys for only spending 20 minutes.

Its referral system offers us €0.50 for each guest.

It also has Paypal as its main means of payment, but it also has a bank transfer.

10,000 points or €10 It is the amount required to make your withdrawals.

It is available for several countries in Latin America.


Overall Rating

Letyshop is one of the best platforms today to make Cashback.

You will receive €5 as a gift for just signing up with a referral backlink.

In addition, it offers you discounts of up to 15% on the purchases you make.

The platform also allows you to level up to increase the discount percentage you cánido receive on your purchases.

At the highest level, you will receive a 30% discount.

Letyshop has a referral program where both (us and our guests) will receive €5 for each guest who makes their first purchase of €20.

This is in addition to the €5 we will receive for each guest who signs up with our referral backlink.

Letyshop is available in several countries in Europe and Latin America, including: Spain, Argentina, México, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile and others.

With your permission

Overall Rating

With permission is a PTR, that is, a platform that will pay us to read correos electrónicos.

But to be more precise, you will earn money for perform tasks that you will receive directly in your dirección de correo electrónico.

Other important things about this platform is that it has a cashback system with which we perro earn money making purchases.

Consupermiso has a 4-level referral system.

At all these levels, we perro earn from 10% up to 50% for the total earnings generated by our referrals.

With permission is available for Spain and some Latin American countries.

Pay through Paypal and bank transfer.

Gift Hunter Club

Overall Rating

Gift Hunter Club is a GPT because you have different methods to earn money en línea.

The first are the paid surveys that offer us up to $1 for each completed survey.

In addition, it has a wall of offers with which we cánido earn money by playing games, downloading applications, registering on some pages, etcétera.

It also has a section to do mini jobs and monthly contests that offer up to $35.

GHB also has a two-level referral system that offers us 10% and 5%.

The platform makes its payments by Paypal and Amazon vouchers.

It is available for all countries in the world.

Opinion Bureau

Overall Rating

Opinion bureau offers us $5 free for just registering on the platform.

On this platform you cánido earn up to $4 for surveys.

Their referral system offers us $1 for each guest.

The minimum withdrawal amount is €10 and has Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and Amazon vouchers to make our withdrawals.

It is available in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, México, the United States and other countries.


Overall Rating

Aklamio is a platform dedicated solely to Cashback.

The Cashback percentage will depend on the current offers and the purchases you make.

You cánido earn up to 5% discount in your purchases.

Aklamio also allows you to earn money for recommending stores to other users as well as for its referral system.

The referral system offers 10% profit for each purchase your guests make.

Aklamio pays by Paypal and by bank transfer.

The minimum withdrawal amount is €1.

The platform is available for different countries of the world.

Google plus Opinion Rewards

Overall Rating

We perro also earn money for doing paid surveys on Google plus.

The remuneration per survey is up to €0.80 for each one.

The flow of surveys is not very high, but it serves to increase our earnings per month.

It has several payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer or upload the money to our Google plus Play.

And here we come with this articulo.

We hope that with these recommendations you cánido start earning money en línea in Argentina.

If you have any questions, leave it in our comments.

We help you with them.

We hope you liked our article How to earn money en línea in Argentina
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 How to earn money en línea in Argentina
  How to earn money en línea in Argentina
  How to earn money en línea in Argentina

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