How to earn money en línea? 9 jobs

How to earn money en línea? 9 jobs

while some en línea jobs may be a scam, there are many other legitimate and well-paying opportunities available, and with which earn real money en línea.

And all you will need is just your computer with a good internet connection and your skills.

Follow this guide that I espectáculo you below to know how to make money en líneadecipher the best jobs en línea, how much money you will earn, and how to find these offers.

the reward will be a maleable working day that fits your schedule and a job that will make you have a better lifestyle.

So if you want to know How to make money en línea with a real job, keep reading!

9 jobs with which to earn real money en línea

1. virtual assistant

How I earn money en línea with this job: 10 years ago, this job didn’t even exist; but today, however, has a huge demand of people who need to hire an assistant for their company.

You will have to give assistance in general: administrative, preparing schedules and calendars, make reservations (in restoranes for business lunches, or flights, hotels, etcétera.) and even plan meetings, all from your own home Office.What should you offer: the requirements for this job are administrative experienceand good organization and time management skills to be able to reconcile a multitude of tasks.

In addition to good education when it comes to answer by phone.

You perro get to win: some $10 an hour if you get the position through a temporary employment agency, and some $20 to $30 an hour if you work directly with your clients.

Where to find work: to get this kind of job look for offers in Asistademy.

2. en línea reseller

How I earn money en línea with this job: you perro win large sums of money selling elementos en línea for people who wants to sell all his junkbut are too busy to do it themselves, hire you to do it.

What should you offer: your ambition and experience selling goods on auction sites such as MercadoLibre or Ebay; besides pretending that you are a internet expert to better promote your services.

You perro get to win: the sellers determine the price depending on the market and the value of the elementos they sell.

Some carry a fixed rate for each item sold (between $5 to $25 normally), and others charge a percentage of total sales (between 20% and 40%).

Depending on the volume of your business, resell on ebay or in Free market perro become a full time employment very lucrative.

Where to find work: if you are an active MercadoLibre seller, or want to start in this business from scratch, you perro earn real money en línea creating a page or blog offering your services as an en línea reseller.

You cánido too get more customers with the same techniques as babysitters looking for children to carethat is, making business cards and distributing them among friends and family, sticking posters around your neighborhood with your services, etcétera.

3. employee of a call center

How I earn money en línea with this job: customers used to call a company to complain or buy a product at the offices of these companies.

But now the call centers services direct those calls to the agent phone number who is at home

These agents receive a script to know how to answer possible questions and offer information about the services or products that company need to give or sell.What should you offer: presence professional and friendly phone; the ability to read the script they provide you and make it sound natural.

In addition to a quiet work area in your house where you perro work.

You perro get to win: between $7 and $15 per houralthough some of these jobs also give incentives if large volumes of sales are made.

Where to find work: the Web offers jobs in call centers in Spain, USA, Chile and Colombia; but on the Elance and Odesk page you will also find a lots of deals for any country in the world.

4. document translator

How I earn money en línea with this job: In 2016, the en línea translation market generated 9 trillion dollars.

So if you speak a second language fluent enough to translate documents from one language to another, you cánido earn real money en línea with that.

If you have more questions about how to earn money from home en línea Being a translator, I recommend that you read the article “13 consejos to be a successful translator from home“.

What should you offer: the ability to read, write and speak more than one language fluently.

You cánido find many jobs to translate in English, French, or even Chinese.

But how much more difficult be a language, more chances you will have work

You cánido get to win: between $10 to $50 per hour.

Where to find work: you perro visit the website to find offers and get an iniciativa of ​​what each job consists of.

Although a way more direct it cánido also be contact with the human resources department of some Foreign company in your city to ask if there is a position for you.

5. data entry worker

How to make money with the Internet with this job: businesses are always looking for people to help them “go digitized” through passing their documents written to a computer.

Or to entrar data to update your archivos on a regular basis.

And this is exactly what a data entry worker: take the documents or databases that the company provides you, and type those words in the computer.

If until now you did not know how to earn money en línea without investing anythingthis may be the ideal method for you.What should you offer: a computer, and agility and speed at the time of write with your keyboard.

You cánido get to win: between $6 to $20 per hour; this often depends on the speed with which you handle the keys of your computer: a faster, more money they will pay you

Where to find work: the demand for this job she’s very tall, but also full of fraudulent posts.

You cánido search on reliable websites like Upwork and Trabajo independiente Workeither contact with human resources departments companies in your city.

6. Customer service employee

How to make money with the Internet with this job: when you need to know the someone’s phone numberand you call the telephone information service at 3 in the morning, the person who answers you is surely someone like you who he is at home in his pajamas position.

There are many companies or businesses that need people to take calls outside habitual working hours, and this is what it means to be customer service employee to the client.

What should you offer: work availability outside of habitual business hours (at night, early in the morning), a nice and calm personality, and a telephone and a computer.

You perro get to win: between $8 to $14 per houralthough some companies offer incentives for having to work in a night time.

Where to find work: look for offers for this job on websites such as (in Spanish and for several countries).

7. interview transcriptionist

How to make money with the Internet with this job: journalists and novel writers spend dozens of hours doing interviewsand many of them do not have time to transcribe these talks.

But thanks to the Internet, send a archivo digital audio vía dirección de correo electrónico is very fácil.

And all you have to do is listen carefully, write it, and send it again.

It is, in fact, one of the best and easiest ways to earn real money en línea.What should you offer: have accuracy and speed when typing on your keyboard, in addition to a good pair of helmets to listen to the interviews well and make them easier to understand.

You cánido get to win: between $5 to $40 per hour!

Where to find work: look for sites that need transcription services like on the page if you live in the USA; for Latin America or Spain you perro find jobs of this type on the websites Work Trabajo independiente or Elance.

Or you cánido contact newspapers directly from your city, magazines, or television channels, and offer your services.

To find novel writerssearch the web pages of these writers and send them an dirección de correo electrónico or a letter according to the contact methods that appear on your page.

8. content writer

How to make money from the Internet with this job: companies often do not have employees to create content for their web pages, so they move these tasks to workers freelancing They are in charge of filling with useful information those weblogs that seek to attract clients from specific niches by applying content marketing.

So, with thousands of new sites being created every day, writers today they are in high demand.

What should you offer: talent to express yourself concisely, creativity to express an iniciativa in words, and meet deadlines.

Companies often want content belonging to a specific field of specializationso it also helps if you highlight the areas in which you have the most knowledge.

You perro get to win: there’s a wide pay range when writing web content, from nothing or amounts like $5until hundreds of dollars for each project.

He average payment for a writing of about 1,000 words is usually of $40and for some 10,000 words they cánido pay you up to nothing more and nothing less than $400. so if you know how to make money en línea With this job, it cánido be an activity with great economic benefits.

Where to find work: on platforms like Upwork, Workana either trabajo independiente work Job offers for content writers are often posted.

However, the best site I’ve tried is the page earn money writing.

In her there are hundreds of jobs and companies who are currently looking for people like you to hire as writers.

Here you will find different positions, such as writing articles for weblogs and web pages, vídeo scripts for youtubeor creation of reports and short documents.

If you want to access these offers to get a job as a content writer, clic here.

9. Affiliate blogger or YouTuber

How to earn money from the Internet with this job: if you have a blog or a youtube channel which attracts numerous visitors, many companies they will pay you (or they will send you products) by put ads with backlinks to their pages.

If you want to know more about how to earn money from home with internet on youtubeyou cánido read the article with all the detailed steps that you will find here at Gain.What should you offer: an audience that has connection with potential affiliates; For example, if your blog is about beautyaffiliated advertisers may be companies of makeup brands.

Or if you talk about issues related to the paternityyou perro place ads for children’s clothing stores or toys.

You perro get to win: pay scale depends on number of clicks on ads that your blog or YouTube channel generates, although the amount is usually about $10 to $50 for every 1,000 ads that people see or clic on them.

Where to find work: the easiest and fastest way is linking your blog or YouTube channel already created to an account adsense; although there are also other methods, such as contact directly with companies offering them a space for their ads.

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 How to earn money en línea?  9 jobs
  How to earn money en línea?  9 jobs
  How to earn money en línea?  9 jobs

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