How to earn money donating eggs?

How to earn money donating eggs?

For women there are some options that have to do with earn money through the fertilization processand this is due to the great demand that exists for women who cannot have children but who dream of doing so, being able to pay whatever it takes to make it a reality.

In this sense, there are two ways in which women perro earn money through helping others who cannot conceive, one of them is the surrogacya process in which a woman rents her womb to carry the child for 9 months and deliver it to its parents once it is born.

The other way is donate eggs for this to be possible, and it is precisely what we will talk about next.

First of all, it is important to know that egg donation is not legal in all countriesthere are countries that have prohibited it as well as others that allow your donation if it is for charity and do not allow financial gain through it.

Similarly, in other countries if the commercialization with ovules and therefore, there is the freedom to sell them at a good price as many times as necessary.

So, to understand the dynamics of this procedure in places where it is commercial, the donor You must take into account that the medical process is completely paid for by the recipient of the egg, in addition to having the right to highly specialized and professional assistance that does not predict harm to your health at any time.

In the same way, the donor must go through a legal process where he signs a series of agreements where he agrees to carry out the process anonymously and not appear again once the egg is fertilized.

The donor and the recipient will have no relationshipand when the donation is complete, the donor will receive the financial resource that has been promised to her.

Now, to keep in mind In which countries perro this procedure be performed? and in which not, we have to make a list of them and also of the fees they pay to women who happen to be fertile and who perro earn money by this means.

Financial compensation for donating eggs

In the information that we are handling, we talk about authorized clinics for this process, which they do completely legally and always thinking about the health and well-being of the donor woman.

Taking as a reference that:

  • In Argentina the clinics grant a payment of 6,000 and 16,000 Argentine pesos.
  • In Spainthe price depends on the place where the procedure is performed.
  • In USAwe are talking about a financial gain of $5,000 and $8,000.
  • Belgium gives a budget of 750 and €2000.
  • In Méxicothe amount per ovulation donation is between 10,000 and 15,000 Mexican pesos.
  • And among the countries that provide compensation only to cover costs, but not for the profit of the woman, are UK and France.

Clinics establish their own compensation fund

It is important that the woman is well informed about the process and the financial compensation before carrying out the action, since in some places only the payment of the procedure is offered, and in others, it is not even paid for the donation.

According to the criteria of the law of each country and each clinical care center, donations of ovules have different means of compensation and with different amounts, therefore, each clinic has to pay what is stipulated by law both external and internal.

So coming to the conclusion if this is a lucrative business or not, we have that the analysis depends on the place where the action is carried out, on the freedom with which the country takes this process and on the limits that it imposes on it.

It is not at all a lucrative business or that leaves very good financial gainsin most countries of the world it is seen as a charity action from one woman to another, so there are no payments or financial compensation.

But this is established according to each place and each state, so, the woman must investigate well the egg donation process and the financial compensation you will receive, so that you perro make a prudent decision, without having to later deal with the weight of a bad decision.

With the information that we have detailed here, the woman perro realize the monetary value that place the ovulation process Depending on each country, we are not talking about all the countries in the world, but we do mention those in which this process is carried out legally.

It may be much more effective to carry out the process of womb for rentAlthough this is not legal in most countries either, in some it is quite an action and therefore well rewarded.

The important thing in this matter is to take into account that everything is done legally, that it be a fair process in which there will be no problems, much less demands, everyone knows what they are doing and is autonomous over their body, the decision must be made by the woman herself who feels the need to help another in the creation of life, it should never be out of obligation. If you are thinking of earning a little money by donating your eggsFind out first about the process you will go through and then make the right decision, the one that involves your well-being above all.

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 How to earn money donating eggs?
  How to earn money donating eggs?
  How to earn money donating eggs?

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