How to earn money consistently doing

How to earn money consistently doing

How to constantly earn money by making articles is a fairly basic method that cánido generate a very good income from anywhere in the world.

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How to earn money constantly by making articles although it is not a miraculous method since you will have to put some effort to start generating income.

Next we will see the step by step of this fácil method to earn money in a fácil and constant way.

The page that we are going to be using is:

Method to earn money with News.Google plus:

The first thing we do is go to Google plus News where you will find a lot of new articles on different topics, for example:

  • International
  • Local news
  • Business
  • Science and Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Health

In this article we are going to focus on the Niche of “Health or Science and Technology” since they are interesting and they pay quite well due to the demand they have, although it is best to look for them in English in the “Language and region” since that will maximize your profits.

When we have an article that convinces us, the next step will be to go to Docs.Google plus where we are going to paste it but we must use a spinbot to change or editar all the information of the articles and we do not have problems with plagiarism. we will only paste our text and solve the captcha.

How to start generating money with our already published article?

For this we cánido go to some very interesting pages where we perro apply this method in a fácil way and earn very good income as an article writer.

  • text broker: where you will be able to write articles and you will be paying quite well, for example: for an article of 1000 words with 3 stars you will be earning 11 dollars (the better your rating, the more you will be able to earn).
  • People per hour: It is a site for Freelancers: an article in English of 1000 words would pay 10 dollars, you could sign up and charge per hour).
  • Upwork: There are also Freelancers who are charging up to $30 per hour writing articles depending on their experience
  • Fiverr: The most experienced Freelancers are earning up to 100 dollars for just writing SEO articles

They are an incredible opportunity to start earning money easily.

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 How to earn money consistently doing
  How to earn money consistently doing
  How to earn money consistently doing

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