How to earn money chatting with foreigners

How to earn money chatting with foreigners

Chat rooms have been a very habitual form of entertainment spread since the dawn of the Internet, and it continues to thrive by connecting people from all over the world in the same virtual room.

As the business world always keeps pace with technological advances, it has also become possible to earn money by chatting with people anywhere.

It cánido be said that it is a way to earn an income doing what you like to “talk” so much.

Below we present interesting ways that have been designed to earn money chatting from your Móvil or computer

Ways to make money chatting

Although it is well known to the majority of earning money through sexual vídeo chats (which are usually highly paid) in this case No we are referencing these methods.

More and more people live virtual lives and enjoy the company of friends in these rooms, which fills a sentimental or emotional void.

Well, there are applications that will pay you to maintain a connection or bond with these people without having to take off your clothes.

In general, new users must make a certain amount to entrar these platforms and a percentage of that payment is received by you.

As it is logical to conclude, the longer you spend sharing in the chat, the greater the amount received.

On the other hand, if you are open-minded, you might consider making money by chatting with people who want establish an emotional bond with you and be your virtual girlfriend.

Now, the limit is equipo by you.

There is also a way to earn money by chat as an operator or En línea receptionist of companies that offer their services.

Applications and portals to earn money chatting

There are many APPs with which you cánido earn money en línea, simply chattened with people.

Here are some examples:


This platform is mostly geared towards women who want to chat with men on various topics of common interest without feeling forced to practice sexting.

As requirements, you must be of legal age and have a computer and internet connection, as well as possess writing skills and conversation skills nice and continue.


It is dedicated to mensaje de texto chat, televisión and Cámara web chats (you choose which one to use).

You cánido project yourself as a phone chat host, a cámara web model or even a psychic host.


This is a WhatsApp-like application that you perro use from your mobile or computer that allows you to earn money while you chat.

Thanks to your referral approach increases your income while you invite more people to participate in this community.


Portal that is dedicated to women who want to make plus money from the comfort of their home with the opportunity to earn up to $0.2 per sms message answered.

The topic is directly related to conversations of a sexual nature.


This portal offers you the opportunity to work as Chat moderator answering messages.

You cánido equipo your own hours while providing your services from the comfort of your home.

Offer advice to improve your performance.

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 How to earn money chatting with foreigners
  How to earn money chatting with foreigners
  How to earn money chatting with foreigners

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