How to earn easy and fast money (52 methods

How to earn easy and fast money (52 methods

If you have searched the Internet for information about how to make moneysurely you will have come across many pages where they promised you things like earning $700 in an hour, or get rich overnight without leaving your chair.

The problem is that these people do not want to help you: they just want to sell you a system so that you make money for them.

And worst of all is that those methods don’t even work even if you follow to the letter all the steps that they indicate.

In the more than 13 years that I have been making a living on the Internet, I have never seen ANYONE to follow one of those courses or books, and become rich by magic.

That does not exist.

For this reason, I have decided to make this complete guide with ALL ways to earn fast and easy money which have worked for me.

I’m tired of seeing how fake “gurus” of the Internet they fool people like you and me to fill their bank accounts.

When years ago I started trying to earn money en línea, I also I fell into the trap of buying courses and systems that only served me to lose my money.

Here I share the 52 forms that I have tried during all these years to earn real money with them and that they do really work.

With some of these methods you will only earn $75; with others you perro get a stable income of more than $2,000 each month.

But I’ll always tell you how much you cánido really get, and if they are reliable ways of making money or not.

Go for it!

What will you find in this article?

How to make money fast and easy en línea

▶ How to make money with a blog

▶ How to make money on the Internet without investing anything

▶ How to earn money in a traditional way

▶ How to earn money with your popular networks

▶ How to earn money as a teenager

How to make money quick and easy by Internet

1. Answer paid surveys

One of the easiest ways to earn money en línea is by filling out paid surveys.

This is how I began to generate a small income for my house that helped me to pay some billsdo some shopping, or just save a little each month.

It is true that By filling out surveys you will not become a millionaire From overnight.

Right now I only earn between $50 and $130 each month answering surveys.

but yes you perro make some good plus money with them.

What I like most about this method is that anyone cánido register on the different survey pages that exist, and give your opinion by answering fácil questions.

You don’t need to have experience nor any other requirement: you only have to give your opinion on things that you already know and that you like, and they will pay you for it.

Also, you perro dedicate the time you want; in most cases it is fun to answer the questions you are asked.

And you cánido do it from anywhere and whenever you want: from home with your computer when you have free time, in the street with your cell phone while you wait for the colectivo or do the shopping…

On the Internet there are lists of survey companies for which you have to pay 37 dollars.

But here I share that list of FREE surveys.

You no longer need to pay that $37 to find out which pages are the best to fill out paid surveys.

The best companies I use (and that I have verified that they are the most reliable) are these:


MySurvey is a company with more than 10 years in the survey market, and that sends a good number of questionnaires every day to answer.

Points earned for each completed survey cánido be redeemed for all kinds of prizes: money that is collected through PayPalgift cards for Amazon, and you perro even make donations with your points to charities like the Red Cross.

Sign up for MySurvey clicking here.

Opinion Center

Opinion Center is another paid survey company with which you will receive several surveys per week.

The rewards they offer for answering their questions are in money, which you perro collect through PayPalor asking for gift cards to buy on Amazon.

Also for each survey you will receive raffle entries that they do each month in which you perro win different amounts of money (from $100 to $1,000).

Register in Opinion Center clicking here.


GlobalTestMarket is one of the most habitual survey companies in the world.

They send a good number of surveys daily on all kinds of topics: food, vacations, motoring, movies, music…

For each finished survey, they will give you points that will accumulate in your account and that you will be able to redeem for prize that you prefer

At GlobalTestMarket there are different types of rewards.

One of them is in the form of moneywhere you cánido request from an amount of $5 to $50.

Payment methods are through PayPal.

But they have also added other types of rewards that you cánido request, such as vouchers to buy on amazon or coupons for different stores.

Register at Globaltestmarket clicking here.


toluna is a company with more than 4 million registered users where, In addition to sending you surveys, you cánido participate in en línea games that allow you to earn plus points.

The best thing about this page is that the points you accumulate perro be exchanged for various types of rewards: PayPal and gift vouchers for different stores.

Sign up to Toluna clicking here.


SurveyYeah is a new page of paid surveys that many of my readers have recommended to me and that, after having tried it for a few days, I have verified that the profits are good and they send quite a few surveys.

The points you earn with each survey cánido redeem them for moneycharging through PayPal, or by gift vouchers for Amazon according to your preferences.

It is one of the most transparent companies I have found so far, and the best thing is that they have a 24 hour help service to ask them what you want through their correo electrónico or by private message on Fb.

Register with Surveyeah clicking here.


Myiyo opened its platform very recently (just two years), and on this page they don’t usually send many surveysand it is the one that has worked the worst for me compared to all the others.

Sign up for Myiyo clicking here.

2. Earn income with binary options

Many people are afraid start investing in the depósito market because they believe they will have to put too much money into trades to make a profit.

But there is a type of these investments with which you only need 10 dollars to start to operate.

It is about the binary options.

In these investments it is not necessary to be an expert in the depósito market or wait for days to see results.

One only has to predict if a type of asset will go up or go down toand the time in which it will do so.

With this method you will not need to invest a lot of time to make a profit: you cánido spend 20 minutes every day to carry out a couple of operations, and the next day see your results and the money you have obtained.

* Risk alert: your capital may be at risk. My readers are very important to me, which is why I recommend starting with just $10.

I had a very hard time in my life in which the money barely reached me to pay my house bills; And that’s how I got started in binary options, because I needed income to live.

I started investing only $3 in each operation using my computer, and little by little I was learning how this system worked.

After a couple of months I got generate $2,047 in 30 days, and now with this method I have increased my income, and I earn more than $2,500 every month.

3. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies

When in 2015 I wrote an article recommending investing in cryptocurrencies, many people laughed at me and did not follow my advice.

Gananci fanes who yes they listened to me they have won in these two years over $800,000 each with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

So you escoge what you want to do now: taking advantage of the opportunity, Or let it go and regret it later.

If you want to get the most out of cryptocurrencies to earn money en línea with them, buy coins and sell them in exchange for a good commission for you.

Find Bitcoin and Ethereum sellers operating in your country through pages like Coinbase to buy some cryptocurrencies.

Then sell them on the localbitcoins page to people from your same country.

The good thing about this is that the competition is now very low (in Colombia there is only one Bitcoin seller, in Peru there are only two, etcétera.).

And thanks to that you perro get a good amount for each sale and for the commissions that these virtual currencies generate.

Clic on the blue button below to read my step-by-step tutorial on how to buy and sell digital currencies, and thus generate a good income from home:

4. You like talking? Sell ​​your voice!

Don’t think about what to earn money easy and fast with this method you will have to run out of voice.

If you are a good voice over artist (professional or not), you could make your voice a business.

There are websites like Hablaula in which when you register they will send you jobs in which you you just have to record your voice (for example, with your cell phone) to get paid for it.

This method I discovered it thanks to my student Danielaand since then many of my other students have been using it with pretty good results.

What does it consist of? It is about reading texts aloud that different companies and people will send you, record them with your cell phone or your computer’s microphone, and send them the audio you just recorded.

Why would they pay you to do something like that? Because every day they get on the Internet thousands of audiovisual and sound contents of all kinds: vídeos, audiobooks, radio spots…

And the companies that genera them need people like you who put their voices to the texts that must be recorded to publish these contents.

In Hablaula they will put you in contact with these companies, and you only have to spend a few minutes a day recording your voice reading the texts they send you.

5. Earn money shopping!

New year, new life, new ways of earn money.

And here I bring you one of them that you surely did not know yet: the cash back.

If you haven’t heard of the cash backWell, I’ll explain it to you with very few words: you’re going to earn money Everytime that buy something en línea

There are many pages to do thisAlthough the most reliable and the one that has given me the best results so far is called Beruby.

Before buying, you just have to go to the Beruby page, entrar your dirección de correo electrónico and password with which you registered, and search for the en línea store where you want to buy.

Then, when you make a purchase at one of the Beruby affiliated stores, you will receive cómputo in your account.

The amount of money that will be returned to you will depend on page in which you buy Some, for example, will give you 25% of your purchase, in others only 7%…

If every day you wake up thinking about how to make moneyBeruby also has other options to achieve this, such as visiting other web pages, or watching vídeos.

6. become an article writer

Internet expands more every day and along with it, also your opportunities to start a new business and earn more money come true.

Therefore, if you like to write, and want to generate a good income without leaving your home, here is a great iniciativa to achieve it: become an article writer.

Weblogs or even companies who have decided to open their own web page, need someone to write on their sites, and fill them with new posts.

So your work as a writer here could range from compose new content for the pages, to make corrections and translations of other articles in English.

The important thing in this type of work is that write content amusing on the topics that they tell you.

This cánido be from writing texts about movies, cooking, to even talking about business or popular networks.

If you think you perro do it (with good spelling and writing), I recommend that you try it as soon as possible and start earning money right now.

There are many pages where you perro start: Upwork, Freelancer, Trabajo independiente Work…

But what I recommend is earn money writing.

In it you will only need to register, and they will send you all the information you need, and clients to start writing getting money.

7. Do you know English? become a translator

You cannot imagine the number of companies that looking for good translators to work for them helping them with their texts.

So if you know two languages ​​or more (for example, English and Spanish), you perro start working as a translator or interpreter without having to leave your home.

there are many companies in which you cánido apply to achieve it, such as Andovar, Translator’s Café, or WorldLingo.

But if you really want to generate a good income of more than $1,200 each month, the page that I recommend is earn money in pajamas.

I discovered this website thanks to my student Lorenzo; he had been left without a job in a lugar de comidas in Bogotá that closed, his wife did not work, and he had two daughters aged 2 and 6 each.

So, in addition to the methods that I had taught him to generate income from home, he also looked for others that give him more money each month.

And searching the Internet is how he found earn money in pajamas.

He knew English (although he did not have an advanced level), he decided to try his luck, and applied to see what it was about.

Since then, they send him texts every week that he translates and correos electrónicos, and the last time I spoke to him he told me that he had earned $1,372 in the past month.

Clic on the blue button below to go to the Earn money in pajamas page, and register to start translating texts.

8. Sell ​​products on MercadoLibre

I am sure that at least once you have used MercadoLibre to buy, but never to sell

Although it is true, in MercadoLibre you cánido sell everything.

But there are certain objects, like used books and movies, or clothes that you no longer wear, which are usually one of the best options to earn money.

If in your house you have cabinets full of these objects that you bought, and that you barely use anymoresell them!

You cánido too start your own business in MercadoLibre without the need for an en línea store that you must create from scratch.

All you need is to have a product to sell, and put it there for sale.

You cánido for example offer objects made by you (crafts such as necklaces, earrings, toys, clothes).

Or you perro sell products made by others such as accessories for phones, accessories for women and men, etcétera.

If you don’t have a lot of money, but you want to start selling things made by others, a good option would be import from china products at a bajo coste, and then offer them on MercadoLibre for a higher price.

>> How To Make Money In MercadoLibre <<

9. Get money playing with your phone

The calls “apps” that you use daily on your smartphone are, without a doubt, a good source for earn easy money

With only download appsopen them and try them you could earn a few cents.

Certainly not much: with this you will not get a salary at the end of the month, far from it you are going to get rich.

At most, you will be able to generate $15 a month.

But if you do it several times a day you could get those extra dollars that we always need and don’t have, for example to have a coffee with your friends, or order a pizza from home from time to time.

If you still don’t know what pages could help you, some that you can do it with are GiftHunterClub or EasyMoney.

10. Buy and sell web domains

The purchase and sale of domains, unlike other ideas that we have given you, can be a bit more complicated and more expensive.

But it can also make you get very high profits with little effort once you already know the steps, and have everything organized.

That’s because you’ll need to have the time and good contacts that help you to position the domain.

Likewise, if you want to try.

The first thing you should do is buy a domain for a low price.

Then add a special value and get someone who needs it and buy it for a higher price the one you bought it from.

You could use platforms like silk and whoiswho specialize in buying and selling domains.

how to make money with a blog

eleven. Creating your own blog

Creating your own blog is one of the best decisions you can make if you really want to start earning money from your house.

The best thing about this method is that here there are many options to generate incomeand you only need to choose which one you like the most, or the one that best suits your knowledge.

There are many platforms to create a good blog, but the most used of all of them is WordPress.

To start with this, the first thing you will have to do is buy a hosting and a hosting name.

There are different companies where you can do it, but I recommend bluehost: It is the cheapest of all, and they give you the domain name for free during the first year.

Once you have obtained your hosting and domain, with Bluehost you will only have to click on the WordPress icon so that they automatically install it, and you can start writing on your blog and configure it as soon as possible.

In the following points I am going to show you all the different methods that there are with which you can make money with your blog

12. Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of promote other people’s products through your blog, and receive a commission for each sale you make.

So if you’ve been wondering how to earn money without working really, this is one of the best options.

To do affiliate marketing, the first thing you should do is get traffic on your blogso you will have more chances to sell.

The most recommended thing is that you start your blog about a topic that interests you, and so go gaining trust of those who read you

Then, when you have a good number of visits, you can recommend the products you use and encourage your readers to use them too.

Most stores and companies that sell products online have affiliate programs available to you. in which you can register for freeand start generating income from day one.

Some of the best affiliate programs are those of Amazon, MercadoLibre, and Clickbank.

Commissions are different depending on the platform and the product you promote.

Some have a commission of only 20%, and others have commissions of up to 65%.

So if for example you promote a product that costs $45, and its commission is 50%, you would get $22.50 just for advertising it.

Not bad, right?

To get started with affiliate marketing on your blog, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Find an affiliate program

As I told you before, you can go directly to Amazon or Clickbank and sign up for their affiliate programs, or you can find another one that has products that fit with the topics you talk about in your blog.

For this, go to Google and type “affiliates + (the product you are looking for)”.

For example, if your blog is about diets, in Google you would write “affiliates + nutrition”, and thus programs dedicated to those types of products would appear in the results.

Step 2. Find products to promote

When you are already registered in the affiliate program you want, choose the products you want to promote.

The page itself will give you a unique link for each product.

Those links are the ones you have to put on your blog so that every time someone clicks on them and buys those products, you get a commission for each sale.

Step 3. Talk about those products on your blog

Once you have registered and have products to promote, you must talk about them on your blog and place the unique links so that your visitors click on them, and you get the commission for their sales.

13. Write sponsored articles

A sponsored post is one of the best methods to make money with a blog and expand your network of contacts.

Where is this? You write and publish an article on your blog to promote a specific brand or product in exchange for an amount of money previously agreed.

When you remember that the brand pays you an amount of moneyyou write the article so that that brand or product is known to your readers, and so that the company can reach more customers who buy its products.

The operation of sponsored articles is usually basically the same in all cases:

  1. The brand contacts several bloggers (including you) so that they write a sponsored post about it or one of its products, and thus carry out an advertising campaign.

    But it can also be the case that it is you who contacts the brand directly for this collaboration.

  2. You receive the proposal (or in the opposite case, the brand receives your proposal) and you accept it if you agree with the conditions and what they are going to pay you.
  3. After, you write a unique article (NOT COPIED) about that brand or product, and you publish it on your blog, social networks and other platforms that you have.
  4. In this way, that brand or company reaches directly to the audience that he wants through you, making himself known to your readers to convert them into his clients.

The brands that will contact you (or that you should contact) must be companies that sell related products with the topic that you talk about in your blog.

For example, if you have a blog where you write about cooking recipes, don’t expect a technology company to contact you: your readers will be people interested in gastronomynot in the last iPhone that has been launched on the market.

It is also important to have some visitors; If you just launched your blog last week, and it’s still only read by your mother and your best friend, the chances of a brand contacting you or accepting your proposal to collaborate with them are very low.

when you have done grow your blog a bitNow is the time to get sponsorships from brands to gain recognition and more money.

To guide you better, these are the approximate prices that are usually charged now for a sponsored post:

  • $0: here it’s a simple swap and is usually done when your blog is still taking off. The brand will let you try one of their services or send you a free product to talk about.
  • $50: this is the price that is usually offered when your blog already has some visitors and followers on your social networks.

    Normally it is paid in exchange for a not very long article in which a summary of the brand is discussed.

  • $100: this is usually the standard price offered for a sponsored post to the majority of blogs that have good visits each month.
  • Between $150 to $300: these are the prices paid for a single article on a blog.

    Blogs that have many visits are paid, with good quality articles, and that are already known within their theme.

14. Place ads with advertising

If affiliate marketing seems complicated to put into practice, advertising with ads on your blog is the ideal solution for you.

The difference with the previous method is that You shouldn’t sell anything here.

you will only need place a few ads on your blog (for example, on the right side of your blog, or at the end of each article), and every time someone clicks on them or sees them, you will get some money.

You won’t get rich with this method either: ads are usually priced at between 5 cents to 1 dollar for each click only.

But if your blog has many visitsimagine all the income you could make!

An example: imagine that your blog has about 100,000 visits per month (it is easy to get this number of readers), and that only 30,000 of those people click in your ads.

If for each click on the ads you are paid an average of 8 cents, each month you would be generating 2,400 dollars just by displaying a few ads on your blog.

There are different pages to include ads on your blog, but the best known of all is undoubtedly google adsense.

fifteen. Offer your professional experience

online jobs they are dominating the world more and more, and you must also take advantage of this opportunity if what you want is to earn money.

If you have had a job before, you can offer to perform the same tasks, but through your blog.

Add a section on your page in which you show your skills and talents, what services you offer, and how can your customers contact you to hire you.

For example, if you are a lawyer, you can provide legal services online or offer to work in a physical law firm.

If you are a writer, offer to write texts to all the companies that want it.

If your profession is that of physiotherapist, advertise for go to the houses of your clients to give them the treatment they need.

A blog is not only a space on the Internet: it is also the best opportunity that exists today to create a personal and professional brandand find a job that generates a good salary every month.

16. Sell ​​your own products

Are you tired of working for others, and that it is your boss who decides how much can you earn each month?

If you are in this situation, and you want to change your life, here is something you will like: create a blog and sell products created by you on it.

Knowing exactly what you want to create is not something you know overnight: you will have to make a Market research and from customers to find out what they need.

But once you’ve found out what do you know how to do and if it will sell wellyou can turn it into a great business to achieve stable income every month.

The good news here is that all profits will be yours and you will not need to depend on a boss who pays you little for the great effort you put in.

What can you sell on your blog? It depends on the skills you have and what you know how to do, but you could sell things like crafts made by you, clothese-books you have written, music, videosetc.

17. Help other bloggers

If you already have a successful blog that receives thousands of visits each month, squeeze your fame to the fullest charging others to teach them what you know.

Can create online courses where you teach other people how to create a successful blog from scratch.

You can too give personalized advice to companies or bloggers who want to increase their visits and popularity on their web pages (this can be done by mail or by webcam with programs like Skype).

Or you can dedicate yourself to give talks at conferences that there are specialized ones for bloggers, in universities or in educational centers, and thus obtain a good income with it.

How to make money online without investing nothing

18. Become a YouTube star

If you have no shame in filming yourself, well be it. talking, putting on makeup, exercising or telling about what you did during the day, a good idea for you is to become a youtuber.

Youtube is currently the best platform for upload videosthanks to the millions of users who are registered and view their content throughout the day.

Best of all, with this platform you can get to earn more money than you think.

Do you know that one of the most famous youtubers won 15 million dollars in a single year? It’s unbelievable, but it’s true.

Yes, you may not get those amounts of income in the first few years with your channel, but you can get a good salary of more than $2,000 each month dedicating yourself only to upload your videos.

To get it, finds something you are passionate about and what you are really good at, to be able to transmit it to your observers.

Only then will you begin to retain them.

Once you have a decent number of followers who watch your videos doing what you like, take into account their opinion.

Read their commentscriticisms, suggestions and put them into practice.

How can you make money with YouTube? There are many methods to achieve it with little effort.

Can add advertising in your videos, and thus you will get money for each viewer who sees those ads and clicks on them.

Also, if you have already signed up for an affiliate program, you could use your channel To make publicity of those products that you use and recommend.

Another great idea is to collaborate with brands that they send you products so that you can show them in your videos, and get paid for it.

The most important thing is that your videos are original and they are well edited.

Nobody likes to watch poor quality videos, take that into account.

19. Create a business of dropshipping

Have you heard of the business of dropshipping?

The name (although it may sound strange to you), means creating an online store where you sell a product, without really owning itthat is, without having inventory.

This is a new business model which is gaining strength in recent months due to all the advantages it presents.

With the dropshipping You will not have to invest in buying the products nor will you lose that money if you do not make any sales.

Neither you will need a warehouse or a place in your house to store the merchandise.

The manufacturer is responsible for shipping the products.

You will have to buy the dropshipper (manufacturer) the product, by a price minor to which he sells it to ordinary customers, and you will sell it by a price higher.

There’s your profit.

So that you understand it better: you only have to create an online store with the products you want to offer, and when a customer places an order, pass the list of items to the manufacturer so that he can send them to the buyer.

From the point of view of a new entrepreneur, it is an ideal method to start a business with hardly any money.

Consider customer service.

That is the basis for creating faithful clients.

If you want to know more about this, read this article: what is the dropshipping and how to make money with it.

twenty. Sell ​​your best photos

You don’t have to be the best photographer to sell your images: with take quality photos It will be enough to put them up for sale.

The first thing you should do is sign up for image bankssuch as easy photomoney, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, Stockxpert, Shutterstock, etc

in them you shall create your own Catalogue of images, and wait for page visitors to see your photos and buy them.

You can use any image bank.

The important is that you do it frequently to get a higher percentage of the profits.

Something you should know is that some image banks will evaluate some of your photos before allowing you to post to them.

The accepted resolution It will depend on the platform you decide to use.

They vary between 800 pixels (very low quality) until the 3.5 megapixels resolution.

Earnings and commissions depend on each page, and the prices they set.

For example in iStockPhoto you’ll get 15% for every file downloaded, and exclusive contributors can earn up to 45% for each photo.

Whereas in Fotolia you will receive between 20% and 63% of the sale price of each of your photos if you are an exclusive collaborator.

It is most recommended that take at least 20 different photos (remember that they must have good quality) and upload them to these platforms so that you can increase your earnings.

Once you’ve done this, you won’t need to do anything else: you will earn money without working every time your images are sold again and again.

It is true that you will not become a millionaire selling photographs on the Internet, but it is a way to earn money without trying too hard.

twenty-one. write the book of your life

Writing a book can take you a little time, but the best thing is that you will not have to invest any money in creating it, and once done, you can sell it as many times as you want.

The best way to make money with this is writing an ebook.

These electronic books can be on the subject that you prefer.

You can write a book about business, a novel about a story that you want to tell, or make stories for children or about cooking recipes.

You just need to get in front of your computer, think of a good topic for your work, and start writing.

Then you can upload it to web pages like Amazon where to publish it will not cost you anythingbut every time you sell it you will receive the corresponding money for it.

It is true that there are millions of e-books out there today, and almost every topic has been written at least once.

But the key is in how do you write it

if it is an interesting topicand you capture it in an original or entertaining way, you will surely sell it to hundreds of people!

In the following articles you have a lot of information and complete tutorials on everything you need to publish your book:

  • How to publish your book for free on Amazon
  • How to publish a book on paper and in digital format
  • The 5 best platforms to publish your book

22. Do you know Mechanical Turk?

Mechanical Turk it’s an amazon tool that allows you to earn small profits by doing small tasks.

Sounds good, right?

In this service, developers or business owners post homework human intelligence and they set the price.

The more difficult it is, the more money you will earn.

However, if you’re looking for a little extra money, the easy tasks they are the solution.

You will need to comply with certain requirements to perform them.

If you don’t have them, don’t worry.

You can fill out questionnaires to show that you are suitable to do these activities.

I recommend that you only do these types of activities if you have free time, since the payments are usually pennies and you will only get as much $40 a month with these tasks.

23. Earn money by opening your email

Read emails with advertising It is a very good idea if you are wondering how to earn easy money, and you only want to invest a couple of minutes a day to earn extra income.

This method works like this: first you register on one of the pages to earn money with your email.

then you have to open the emails that will be sent to youclick anywhere on them to take you to an advertising page, and that’s it.

Then you can delete that email and close the page to which they sent you without having to do anything else.

And they will pay you for it.

Very easy, TRUE?

It’s something that It won’t take you more than 10 seconds to do every time you receive an email, and you’ll get a little extra every month for it.

Of course, do not expect a large sum of money: every month, at most, you can win $10.

But it never hurts to save or spend it on something you want.

Some recommended pages are: Sumaclicks, WithYourPermission and Clickxti.

In some cases, the pages have apps that you can download to your mobile and start making money through it.

The profits are small, but little by little you will add more.

24. Get $5 for ANYTHING you know how to do

UPDATE April 2018: Geniuzz has closed its website and it no longer works.

Have you ever heard of genius? It is an online platform that has been operating for several years and where they will pay you 5 dollars or 5 euros for doing any kind of little job you know how.

On this page you can publish your offers starting at $5 or €5, but when you have a bit of experience you can sell your services for a higher price (up to $500).

You only have to register on the page (it is in Spanish), post the task or the talent you have, and everyone who sees it will be able to buy your service for $5 if you’re a beginner, and for more money when you’ve already done several jobs.

The good thing about this website is that you do not need be expert In none of the areas, having basic knowledge about something will be enough.

You can offer anything you can think of: write a person’s name in the sand, make a poster for someone, record a locution with your voice, read the future in letters, send greetings to someone on video…

It’s a way Easy and fun to earn money online, and performing each gig will not take you more than 30 minutes a day.

In addition, it is available for all countries in the world.

So don’t waste time, and register in Geniuzz by clicking on the blue button below:

>> Sign up for free in Geniuzz here <<

25. Get paid to visit websites

This is that fácil.

All you need to do here is entrar the web pages that tell youand check some things like if they are easy to use, if they are fast, if you easily get what you are looking for…

Tests last approximately 20 minutes and the payments vary depending on who hires you.

The bad news is that with so many people doing the same thing, you will not receive many daily offers.

It’s a job for generate plus money: with this you will not get a full salary at the end of the month.

The great advantage of this method is that you perro do it from any part of the worldand register on platforms such as UserTesting, Uxline and ErliBird.

26. Teach en línea

Being an en línea teacher does not orinan teaching others only things like math or geography; there are hundreds of talents that many people want to learn en línea from the comfort of their homes.

You cánido be an English, Italian or French tutor for those who want to learn a second language.

EITHER teach some instrument that you know how to play like the piano, the guitar, or the violin.

Other interesting options are to become Yoga instructortai chi, pilates, dance teacher like salsa, or even give cooking classes through your computer.

The only thing you will need is a good Internet connection, a cámara web or a microphone to speak with your students, and a program to communicate like Skype.

There are en línea tutors that win from $12 an hour to more than $25 for a 60 minute class.

So if you take this as a habitual job, you cánido get the same salary as a person who works outside the home.

The best method to start getting students is creating your own website where you announce the services you offer, and promoting yourself on popular networks and websites with the same theme as what you are going to teach.

You cánido also register on sites like Teachlr, Classgap, or opening a Fb page for your classes so that they cánido contact you there.

It is an excellent way to earn money since people search overcome day by day getting more and better knowledge from people like you.

27. watch commercials

Today advertising is not only used to spend and buy products that we really do not need.

Also It helps you earn a little money.

A good option as a page to earn money by watching ads is neobux, which is also available for any country in the world.

By registering on their platform, when entering with your nombre de usuario and password, they will present you a panel with several ads which you have to clic on.

For every clic you make on the ads, you will receive a small amount of money (yes, very small, less than a penny in most cases).

You may not be tempted by the iniciativa of ​​earning little money for clicks, but you should look at the positive side. you perro start right now and without needing knowledge.

28. Create custom designs

Are you a creative person, and do you know how to make unique and beautiful designs?

If your answer is yes, a great way to start generating income en línea is creating custom images to put them on t-shirts, mugs, bags and any other object you cánido think of.

and the page CafePress is a good place to start; This is an ideal website for those seeking buy custom elementos.

There are two ways to earn money, the first is creating products with your own designs.

The second is by being an affiliate and promoting CafePress articles on your blog, for example, to receive money in return.

If you escoge to do it with your own merchandise, at Cafepress you cánido design, manage and sell all the elementos you sell.

If you escoge to promote the articles with affiliate marketing, you will get a commission of 15% for the millions of products it has to offer and, in turn, it is very easy to use.

In the event that you do not want to use this platform, you perro also sell your personalized objects through a Fb page, or opening a profile on Instagram and uploading photos there of your creations.

29. share your archivos

First of all, you should keep in mind that this work is for generate plus income.

The good thing is that it is very fácil and you do not have to pay to do it.

To start you must select archivos that cánido be used by others and that are easy to download.

Then go to web pages like Uploading, ShareCash and Filebucks where you perro register for free, upload your archivos, and every time someone downloads them, they will pay you.

To get people to know about and download your archivos, articulo your backlink on different sites as in your popular networks, in your blog, in forums in which you comment…

If you don’t have your own archivos to share, you cánido do it promoting archivos from other persons and get commissions for doing this.

Typically per thousand downloads of each archivo you would be earning between $30 and $60.

It will depend on how interesting your archivo is.

You won’t get a full salary with this, but you will manage to generate a profit each month to save or spend it on other things you want to buy.

30. Record books with your voice

If you consider that you are not good at writing bookshere I bring you a different option so that you do not sit idly by, and you perro earn money with the world of literature.

It’s about reading books aloud, record your voice while readingand then sell that sound archivo as an audiobook.

Audiobooks are the same old books, only in narrated version.

That is, told by someone.

In case you still don’t know what I’m talking about, with audiobooks you will not need to read.

Initially, were created for people who are blindand that they did not have access to books in braille (a system of reading and writing through the touch of the hands designed for people without visión).

But now there are many people who use them even though they cánido see well for the comfort of enjoy a book while drivingcook, or exercise, without having to give 100% attention to reading.

Furthermore, they are very easy to download and reproduce, and that is why every day there are more people who are becoming fond of audiobooks.

You have different options to generate income with this, such as Audible from Amazon, Feiyr or Blabox.

31. create your own aplicaciones

Every day when you use your phone, what is the first thing you open? An aplicación!

The truth is that teléfonos inteligentes have become a necessity from day to day, where we check our correos electrónicos daily, pay our bills, shop, see photos of our friends, and much more.

If you’ve ever thought of an aplicación while going through your phone that could be useful to a lot of people, why not create it yourself?

To do it you will need some technical knowledgesuch as knowing the Android programming language.

But if you don’t know anything about this, and you want to create aplicaciones to earn money, you could also collaborate with someone who already has them and thus avoid learning to program.

However, if you are willing to learn programming, on the Internet there are many tutorials en línea through which you perro achieve it, or with some introductory course that teaches you.

32. Correct other people’s articles

It is no surprise to anyone to entrar a blog and find errores spelling in the articles.

No matter how good a blogger a person may be, they cánido still make mistakes of this type, either because they did not realize it or because he really perro’t write well.

That’s why today correct articles It’s a great way to earn money: there are plenty of clients who will need your services, and it will be easy for you to get the job done if you’re good at spotting grammatical errors in a text.

You could even correct the blog banner adsbrochures and those images that contain texts in them so that the web pages look impeccable.

If you perro speak Spanish well (or the language in which the blog you work for is written), Without a doubt, this job is for you.

you should only correct spelling and grammar of the texts you are given, along with the wording and style so that readers understand the written content.

How to get such a job? You cánido look for offers on pages like Upwork or Freelancer, or directly contact bloggers to offer them your services and to hire you.

33. Become a mystery shopper!

It’s not about becoming a spyor anything like that (if that’s what you were thinking, think again!).

The tasks of a mystery shopper are to complete missions that the company that hires you sends you, and that you must do while in a supermarketin a specific store, or in a shopping center.

For example: one of the missions that perro be sent to you is check if a price is updatedtake a photo and send it to verify that you really did it.

They could also send you to verify if the products are sorted correctly on the shelf, answer a few questions and you’re done.

So, you could get a good amount of money if you do various missions up to date.

However, you should also take into account that there are some brands and companies that, instead of paying you in money, they will give you a voucher with an amount to spend in their stores.

For example, the fresh cosmetics brand Lush has a mystery shopper program that rewarded with a $100 voucher that they perro spend on branded products in their stores.

That’s why, before joining a program To be a mystery shopper, check carefully how you will be paid for your work.

To find out which companies work like this, search Google plus for phrases like “mystery shopper in (and your country)“, “(brand name) mystery shopper” or “mystery shopper (and your country)”.

Example: Mystery shopper in MéxicoLush mystery shopper, mystery shopper in Spain.

How to earn money from traditional way

3. 4. Sell ​​everything you no longer use

I’m sure every year you accumulate a lot of things from the past that you want to throw away because they no longer serve you or you don’t use them enough.

Think for example of those shoes that you no longer wearthat watch that you have left stored in a drawer, or books that you have already read and that you have never opened again.

Instead of throwing all those objects in the trash, make money selling them!

If they are in good condition, one way to take advantage of them is by selling them over the Internet on pages like Free market either ebay.

To start, Choose the objects that you want to put up for sale and take good quality photos, where all the details they have cánido be seen well.

Then, register on one of the pages I told you before, and put your products for sale there.

Images are key to selling your product.

Maybe the objects you have be very goodbut if the people who see your ads cánido’t perceive it, it’s useless.

Try to detalla in the ad all you perro about what you are selling: if it is used, how long it has been used, what conditions it is in, what damage it may have…

You must be patient, because sales cánido take a bit of time while buyers escoge.

stay tuned always in doubt that they may have and respond in the shortest possible time, in this way your buyers will feel that you are trustworthy.

You cánido also complejo turístico to markets to sell what you no longer useto put a sale in your own house, use popular networks like Instagram or Fb to upload photos of your objects and that others buy them.

Or use aplicaciones to sell second-hand things like Wallapop.

A friend of mine He has a market on his street every 6 months with everything you no longer use, and in addition to saving space in your house, you earn between $300 and $450 each time.

That is to say: take out with everything that is no longer worth it about $800 a year.

And you too could achieve the same with this method.

Go for it!

35. Create crafts made by you

If you are good at making crafts such as jewelry, accessories, toys, soaps, or cosmetic products created by you, why not make it a business?

Handcrafted objects have achieved great popularity today because many people want to buy original thingsthat they are not manufactured wholesale and that anyone cánido have something like it.

There is a page called etsy where you perro sell your crafts, and thus achieve a good income each month with it.

To get started, first take pictures to the products that you have created yourself (make sure the images are of good quality), and where you cánido see the details.

Then, sign up for Etsy to open your own en línea store there (registration and store are free), and create listings for your crafts that include the photos you took, a title, a description, and the price.

On Etsy you will have to pay by every ad you make on this platform, and they will charge you a commission for each sale you make through them.

But they are small commissions compared to the profits you will have.

Read the following article to learn more about this: Maximum guide to sell your crafts on Etsy (5 steps).

If you don’t want to create a shop on Etsy to avoid commissions, you cánido also create a page on fb to sell your crafts there, or open a profile on Instagram.

36. Rent a room in your house

Although this is a traditional method of earning to help you pay your bills, it still works great today.

If you have a room in your house that you don’t use, you cánido rent it for a few days to people who are on vacation in your city or have gone to spend a few days there for work reasons.

Although you cánido also do it long term if there is someone who needs a small space to live for a few months in the place where you are.

If you are lucky and have a second home in which you only spend a few weeks during the year (for example, in summer), the rest of the months you perro rent it to others for weekends, holidays, or even for hold small conventions of professionals if it is large.

A friend of my wife has a second home in a mountain area, and she rents it out to people who want go on yoga retreatsnaturalist medical meetings, and families with small children.

And always get between $150 and $400 for rent for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) that property to this type of people.

In total each month he earns about $1,500 for renting that house only during the weekends.

Imagine the money you could get renting a room or a second home that you have for a whole month!

To achieve this you cánido use the typical ways of placing ads on web pages or newspapers, or do it through platforms like Airbnb with which you will have guaranteed the safety of your home.

37. You like driving? This iniciativa is for you

For all of us who love driving, our dream would be that they paid us to visit the city in which we live.

If you are also one of these people, and you have your own car, here is a great iniciativa to generate more than $2,000 a month: drive for uber.

In case you still don’t know this company, Uber is a company that provides transportation to anyone through an aplicación on the phone.

It’s like a taxi company: You download its application to your phone, and at any place or time you need it, ask for a car to come pick you up and take you wherever you want.

Only here you, instead of being the passenger, will be the controlador of the car, and this will be how you will get your income.

Anyone cánido become an Uber controlador: you just need own a car in good conditiona móvil where you perro download the Uber application to receive notifications of new passengers, and nothing more.

Once you’ve signed up for Uber, and your request has been approved, all you have to do is start picking up passengers be notified by the Uber application to start earning income.

The best thing about this method is that you escoge when you want to work, and how many hours do you want to do it.

You just have to open the Uber aplicación to notify that are you ready to start that dayand when you close it, it will orinan that you have finished your day.

For example: if one day you want work from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoonjust open your aplicación at that time and close it at 2.

If the next day you want to work from 9 a.m.

to 5 p.m., you just have to open the aplicación at 9 a.m.

and close it at 5 p.m.

I recommend that you read the following article from one of my students and his experience: This is how I became an Uber controlador and earned $977 in 5 days.

38. Create your own business

Undoubtedly, creating a business is one of the best ways not only to earn money, but also to create a stable economic future for youand finally leave a job you don’t like too much.

Get rid of the belief that to start a business you need to have a large compañia emprendedora capital; That, today, is no longer true.

Now you perro start a business just a web pagean en línea store, or with popular networks like Instagram or Fb (these last ideas will not cost you anything!).

It is true that, for example, if you want to start your own lugar de comidas, you will have to get a good amount of money to start it. but you perro also use other alternatives if you barely have money

For example, creating a website, cook at homeand send those dishes at home or, if they are dessert-type foods, send them by express courier.

Whatever your business iniciativa, you cánido start it today with hardly any capital thanks to all the advantages that exist with the Internet and technology.

The important thing is that you have something to sell, and that you organize yourself well.

To plan your business and succeed, here below I leave you Some articles that will help you to get it:

39. Your food will make you a lot of money

Are you the one who always cooks at family celebrations because people love your dishes? Why don’t you turn that talent you have into a way to make money?

you cánido start cooking for your acquaintances and neighbors in your neighborhood in exchange for a good price for them, and then expand your client portfolio to other people.

For example, you cánido open a page on Fb or Instagram, upload photos of your dishes with a good description and prices, and so your followers will send you messages to make orders.

You perro also open an en línea store to do this, or if you have some budget, buy you a food cartand sell on the street.

Make sure you buy quality ingredients to make dishes that are delicious, and buy suitable containers to paquete your meals and that they do not spill when delivering them to your customers.

40. Get paid to appear on televisión!

Another option to earn money with little effort in a traditional way is be a figure or plus in movies or televisión series.

In addition to passing it to you good, you will get plus money that cánido help you pay some of your expenses each month.

And best of all, you won’t need any special skills.

But what does being an plus consist of? The plus are the people seen in televisión series and movies in the background: people walking, sitting having a coffee, buying at a kiosk, that’s a hired helper.

The hours are a little longer than when you attend as an audience on television, although it will depend on the series or movie for which you work.

There are also several types of plus: the habitual ones (they are part of the equipo, they appear only once), the fixed ones (in series in which the same people always appear), special ones (they have main shots and interact with the actors in some way).

AND plus with phrase (these usually say a short sentence of less than 70 words).

How much will they pay you to be an plus? If you’re a habitual plus, entrar $40 to $60 a day; if you are special, you cánido charge up to $120 a day.

And if you have a phrase, pay attention: because you perro get to collect up to $350 each day.

Not bad at all, right?

To start making money with this, go to modeling agencies and casting services in your city, and register so that every time there is a role that suits you, they call you.

41. Espectáculo tourists your beautiful city

There are more and more people who travel any month of the year, and not just during your summer vacation.

Tourists want to know the sites and the history of the places they visit.

That’s why, be tour guide It is a good way to earn an income every month if you know your city well, and you like to talk with other people to learn about their cultures.

Normally for this it is usually asked that you know a language other than your own, and that you have a tourism degree.

Although this you will only need If you work for a travel agency.

If you are going to be a tour guide on your own, You just have to know your city well and its history to explain it to your customers.

Again, open a Fb page or an Instagram account to advertise and that hire you to do tours with you.

EITHER register on pages like Beetripper where they will put you in contact with tourists who want to hire you.

It is most advisable that gather a group of at least 5 people to espectáculo them your city every time you do a tourist route, since that way you will be able to increase your earnings more than if you do it with only two or three people.

Organize well before the places you are going to take them, how long will you stay in each placewhat information you have about each site, and surely your tours will become famous in a very short time.

You are the one who should escoge how much you will charge each person; although it is best that you do a quick search for other guides in your city, and look at the prices they charge.

If, for example, these guides charge each person between 25 and 40 dollars for a visit of 1 houryou could start at $25 and later charge $30-$35 for your own.

Thus, if you dedicate yourself to being a tour guide only on weekends, and on those days you get 4 groups of 5 people each, you could earn 600 dollars every week only working 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

don’t you think one of the best ideas to earn money?

42. Place ads on your car

Just for driving your car to your usual destinations you perro earn money doing nothing. As? Letting an advertising company wrap your car in ads.

It’s very fácil: in Google plus type “advertisement on my car” and you will see all the agencies that are offered in your city for you to do this.

Sign up for them and that’s it.

When they have an advertising campaign for you, they will call you, and in one of their workshops themselves they will wrap your car with the ad.

But what about the body of my vehicle? Don’t worry: the material used it’s a vinyl (a special sticker) that does not leave any residue.

Campaigns perro last 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, or even 1 year.

And your car cánido carry up to 4 different advertisements.

How much do they pay? It will depend on the kilometers you do each day and your route, and the duration of the advertising.

But they are usually between $100 and up to $400 a month.

how to make money with your popular networks

43. Become a influencers

Be influencers It is a profession like any other, where you will receive money for advertising to a company’s products.

Also for advertising you could receive products in exchange instead of money.

Of course, for this to work it is essential that you have two important things: an account on a popular network (preferably Instagram or YouTube), and that you have a good number of followers.

If you open an Instagram account now, and in a month you only got 100 followersno brand is going to contact you to advertise for money.

The influencers are people with at least 5,000 followersalthough of course the more you have, the better and the more they will pay you.

Nowadays, many people want to be influencersbut very few succeed.

The key consists of Be yourself, no matter what they say.

You must manage your popular networks like a professional expertsince these will be your window to make yourself known throughout the world.

Once you get it, you will see how without having to do anything, companies start contacting you for you to advertise.

44. Earn money with mentions

If you have a good number of entusiastas who follow your Fb or Instagram page posts, you perro earn money by mentioning or promoting to companies, businesses, or anyone who wants to make themselves known.

Many small businesses, brands or even entrepreneurs They do not have a presence on these popular networks Or, if they have their own page, they want to make themselves known to other users.

That is why they are willing to pay pages with a good number of followers to be mentioned in a Fb articulo (along with a photo) or Instagram to attract customers or increase the number of visits to their web pages.

To achieve this type of collaboration, it is best to search Google plus for companies interested in your page, make a list of the most relevant, and contact them to reach an agreement Economic in exchange for your publication.

But be careful: do not contact just anyone.

You must do it with companies or brands related to the theme or interests of your popular networks.

If you have a profile dedicated to cell phonesit makes no sense to mention a food company, for example.

The ideal would be to contact brands that sell accessories or products related to mobile phones.

So you already know: if you have a good number of followers on your popular networks, take advantage of it and earn money by mentioning brands related to your topic.


Five. Manage the popular networks of others

Bloggers have a lot to do every day: look for new topics to write articles, answer your readers’ comments, go to talks and conferences to improve…

They perro’t take care of all the tasks on their pages, and that’s why they tend to need other committed people who facilitate his work, such as someone who manages and manages their popular networks.

Therefore, one of the best ideas to earn money if you like Fb or Instagram is manage popular networks from a blogger.

If the blogger who hires you does not yet have their own popular networks, you will have to create them and then manage them. Analyze first which of the platforms works best for your goals.

For example, for weblogs about beauty, fashion, or food, the best popular networks are Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat because they are more visual platforms, and they work better for the public that reads this type of blog (women).

On the other hand, for weblogs about technology, movies, or sports, the best popular networks They are Fb and Twitter because there is a larger public there that follows this type of web pages.

Although there are programs with which you perro schedule posts and photos on popular networks, many bloggers prefer that a real person does it.

You perro find this type of work from home in Earn money with the networks, or even in the weblogs themselves where sometimes their authors put ads to hire people like you.

What you cánido generate each month With this method it will depend on the tasks you have to do, the time you work, and the blogger who hires you.

But managing a couple of popular networks at the same time for the same blog, and spending 4 hours each day doing it, you perro earn more than $500 every month.

46. Here you get paid to use your Twitter account

Are you one of those who spends all day reviewing and updating your popular media? What if I tell you that you cánido earn money using them?

With all popular networks you cánido do it somehow, but here I am going to talk especially about Twitter.

Thanks to platforms like PaidPerTweet, influencers, brands and companies contact people like you, willing to advertise them through their publicaciones de Twitter.

The price you will be paid will depend on the number of followers that you have But it is important that you know that it is only plus money (between $50 and $100 each month).

How does it work? You register on a page like PaidPerTweet, they they analyze your Twitter account, the followers you have, and the content you articulo.

And that’s how they choose advertising more suitable for your profile.

When they have an ad that fits you, they’ll send you a message, and you you will only have to publish a mensaje de Twitter with the text, backlink, or photo that they tell you.

Fácil truth?

47. Sell ​​to your Fb friends!

Well, actually It’s not about selling your friends From Fb.

Keep them if they are good friends!

However, it is true that every day there are more people who are dedicating to create Fb pages with a specific theme, articulo different content on them to attract fanes, and then sell them when they have reached a large number of followers.

Although it seems strange to you, A whole market has sprung up around this.and there are tons of people buying pre-built Fb Pages with fanes for their small business or professional brand.

It is true that this method requires some patience if you don’t have a Fb page yet, or your followers are still few.

And you will also need to know well how to manage this popular network to attract as many fanes as you perro to sell it later at an even higher price.

But if you manage to create a good Fb page, you cánido make this a profession with good income.

To give you a better iniciativa: Fb pages now tend to sell for $1 per thousand followers.

That is to say: if you have 350,000 followers on your page (they are not difficult to obtain), you cánido take out for it about $350 or even more if your reach is large and the posts have a lot of likes.

If, for example, with each photo you articulo, you get a lot of likes and people share that content a lot, instead of $350 you could ask for almost double: $600.

don’t you think it is a profitable iniciativa?

how to make money if you are a teenager

48. Take care of small children

Do you like children and spending time with them? if so then taking care of them is a good way to earn money if you are a teenager

Any time of the year is good to get a job of this type; although in vacation time (when the children do not have school, but the parents still work) you perro double your income needing more hours for your care.

You must keep one thing in mind: no matter how much you want work as a babysitter or nannyand taking care of children, if you don’t move and let them know you, it’s like you’re invisible.

No one will hire you because they won’t know you exist.

That’s why, you must actively look for clients hire you to take care of their children.

How to get it? The first thing you should do is find those people you want to work for. Ask yourself this:

  • Where are my potential customers? These will be parents that you perro find at school exits, in parks, in toy stores…
  • How old are the children I want to care for? You must think carefully if you only want to take care of small children (from 3 to 7 years old), babies, older children (from 8 years old)…

Age is a very important aspect. There are many nannies who refuse to take care of babies because they require special care; others prefer children older than 7 years.

So sets the age range that the little ones you take care of will have according to your own skills and experience.

If you don’t want to take care of babies, it’s foolish to go to a nursery to find someone to hire you.

Once you know where you perro look for your customers, go to those sites, put up posters announcing your services along with a phone number to reach you, and hand out business cards with the same details to parents who happen to be around.

Cánido make your own business cards at home if you have a computer, and print them on a sheet of paper.

When you stop working for your first family, ask them to write a letter of recommendation for you.

this way it will be easier to get another family to hire you If you already have a recommendation from your previous job.

If, for example, you charge $6 an hour to take care of a child, and every afternoon from Monday to Friday you take care of him for 2 hours, you will earn 240 dollars a month.

And you cánido also offer to babysit other children on weekends.

This is one of the best ways to get plus moneyand have fun while doing it if you like children!

49. Do you like dogs? walk them around!

a habitual dog must go for a walk at least 3 times every day.

Many dog ​​owners do not have the time to take their pets for a walk, so they will need your services.

If you take into account that today there are many people who have pets, but because of their long work hours They don’t have time to attend to will have realized that walking dogs is a great iniciativa to earn money without effort.

And best of all, if you’re a teenager, you won’t have any problem take these cute little animals for a walk.

Begin asking your neighbors Have pets to find out if they want you to take their dogs for a walk when they are not around, and ask them to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances for this task.

you could too offer to clean themand thus charge plus for those services to earn even more money.

This type of employment is becoming more fashionable in all countries, and in some places a dog walker charges over $20 an hour for each dog who walks

So if you get several pets to take out on the street, Imagine the fortune you perro make!

fifty. give private classes

This is one of the best ways to earn money being young and having your first job if you are good at some school subject.

There are 3 different types of classes that you perro give according to what you know and your knowledge:

  • If you are excellent in all kinds of subjectsyou cánido work as a support teacher for children who have difficulties at school, helping them to do their daily homework, and preparing them for exams of all the subjects they learn in their school.
  • If you are particularly good at something specificDedicate yourself to giving private classes on that single subject.

    For example, if you’re good at English, math, or another subject, take classes on that.

  • If you know how to play an instrument (such as piano, guitar, violin, etcétera.), offers private music lessons to people who want to learn how to play that instrument.

To make it easier for you to be hired, stick posters around your neighborhood announcing you with your phone number and dirección de correo electrónico, or make small cards and hand them out at schools or music conservatories if you want to teach an instrument.

Start with low fees, for example about $5 an hour; it is better to have 4 customers that pay that price than to have only one that you charge $10 to.

51. Earn money helping others

have you ever thought about those elderly people who live alone Or that they don’t have their children around to help them when they need it?

If so, you cánido be very useful for them. take the purchase to their homesfix their computer, or do other tasks for which they need your help.

And, in return, you cánido ask them to do this in exchange for a small incentive and thus have your first job.

They will appreciate having someone like you to help them and keep them company, and you will feel good because you will be contributing something positive to those people who need you.

try to keep a good relationship with that person; remember that they probably feel lonely and like to spend time with younger people around them.

The better they feel with you, the more chances there will be of getting paid more for your services.

Put posters in your neighborhood explaining what you do and a phone number or correo electrónico to contact you, or talk to your older neighbors to see if they need something from you.

52. Rent everything you no longer use

do you have at home an Xbox or a Playstation that you no longer use, a lawnmower or an old computer? Rent these elementos to earn money with them!

Those things that you barely use anymore and that you have separated in your house are not generating any income.

But renting them you could get a good plus of money every month without any effort.

You only have to make a list of objects that you want to rent, think about how you are going to rent them, and look for people who need them for a few days.

For example, you perro advertise what you rent on your Fb, Twitter, or Instagram profile for others to contact you.

Also search in forums where there are people who need to rent these things, or just tell your friends and acquaintances to see if they are interested.

It is true that with this you will not get much (you might get between $50 and $100 a month), but the things you don’t use aren’t generating any benefit for you now either.

So take advantage of them!

What other ways to earn money do you know? Leave me a comment below and tell me!

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 How to earn easy and fast money (52 methods
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