How to earn BITCOINS by watching ads for FREE

How to earn BITCOINS by watching ads for FREE

Earn bitcoins by watching ads It is one of the most repeated searches on the internet.

Above all, by all those people who are beginning to entrar the exciting world of bitcoin in especial and cryptocurrencies in general.

There are hundreds of PTC, faucets or games, in which with work and perseverance we cánido get bitcoins for free regularly.

After having tried almost all the bitcoin pages on the net, there are only a few that have convinced me.

For that same reason I have decided to share this compilation with the best PTC and faucets to earn free bitcoins.

And as a plus track, 4 games and a couple of paid survey panels with which to continue adding bitcoin.

In this way, anyone who wants to cánido earn bitcoins by watching ads, making claims in faucets or playing from the comfort of their home.

All 100% free.

How to earn bitcoins by watching ads

I posted this articulo a while ago what is bitcoin and how does it workin which I let glimpse some ways to get bitcoins on the internet with free methods.

Today, once we have clearer all the concepts of this cryptocurrency, we are going to review a list of the best pages for earn free bitcoins by watching ads.

The truth is that the profits that we perro obtain in this type of pages are rather low.

But on the other hand, it is also fair to say that we will not risk a single penny.

Taking advantage of part of what was explained in the articulo that I mentioned before, we came to the conclusion that earning bitcoins on the internet is possible through the following ways:

Earn bitcoins by watching ads on PTC pages.

Get free bitcoins answering paid surveys.

visiting faucets from time to time and that we reward said visit with a few satoshis.

mining and generating bitcoins with our computer.

buying bitcoin directly on platforms like Coinbase.

Making an exchange.

as in this entry We will only talk about free pages to earn bitcoins, we will discard points 3, 4, 5 and 6.

And we will focus on the first two.

PTC pages and faucets are 100% free and as far as the ones I recommend below are concerned, they are totally reliable and pay without problems.

Earning bitcoins by viewing ads in PTC and claiming in faucets does not require any investment.

Best PTC to earn bitcoins by watching ads

We have talked many times on the blog about Paid To Clic (PTC) pages like Neobux, where we cánido earn money through Paypal.

In the case that concerns us today, we will find pages that instead of offering us the opportunity to charge in dollars or euros, will serve us to earn free bitcoins and receive them in our bitcoin wallets.

In all the PTC that we will see today we perro obtain satoshis by watching advertising, but Each one has a series of characteristics different from the rest..

For this reason, in the following list I will try to summarize the most important ones, as well it will be easier to identify at first glance how they work.

Also, I will update the list by putting a badge with a ✅ to those who are better at all times.

In any case, if you want more information about these pages, you perro follow the backlinks to the tutorials that I attach in each description.

AdBTC: The bitcoin PTC with the most ads

✅ AdBTC is one of the most profitable free surfs on the net.

It has been en línea since the end of 2016 and we cánido earn around 600 satoshis diaries.

It has three options to get free bitcoins.

It brings together in the same place a PTC, an automatic autosurf and a habitual surf.

The minimum payment is only 15,000 satoshis, so getting the first payment is relatively fast.

Take me to Surf-PTC

CoinPayU: very good PTC to earn free bitcoins

CoinPayU It is one of the latest PTCs that I have started to recommend on the blog.

It is a PTC launched at the beginning of 2019, but a few months have been enough for it to gain the trust of the community.

It is very afín to AdBTC, since it has two types of ads.

The surf ones and the habitual ads.

In addition, it has 12 offer walls, which allows us to earn bitcoins alternatively.

The minimum to request a withdrawal is 10,000 satoshis and pay directly to a bitcoin wallet.

Access the front page of the PTC

BTCVic: Another veteran PTC to earn BTC with ads

BTCVic It is another of the PTCs that I have been using for the longest time since I started generate satoshis with free methods that I recommend on the blog.

There are usually at least five or six ads with different rewards, although more ads appear throughout the day.

Without a doubt, BTCVic is a highly recommended site.

Go to PTC

Trafficly: PTC – Extension to earn bitcoins easily

trafficly It is a very fácil PTC.

The operation is somewhat different from that of other PTCs, since to see the ads and earn profit we have to download a small extension in the browser.

As for the earnings, there are various announcements every day with which we cánido easily earn satoshis.

The minimum payment is 5,000 satoshis and it pays directly to our bitcoin wallet.

Ultimately, for me this PTC is one of the easiest to work with.

Go to the front page of the PTC

AdsBitcoin: Extension to earn bitcoins by watching ads

AdsBitcoin is a bitcoin PTC whose operation is afín to that of Trafficly.

It basically consists of download and install a browser extension and view ads through it.

It sends ads throughout the day, but thanks to the extension, we will receive a notice every time there is an ad to watch.

In addition, the minimum payment is 5,000 satoshis and pays directly to the bitcoin wallet.

Go to the front page of the PTC

Cointiply: PTC and faucet to earn free bitcoins

Cointiply is another fully reliable veteran portal that allows us to earn bitcoins in various ways.

In addition to the faucet, it also has several offer walls and PTC announcements, with which we cánido continue adding profits alternatively to the faucet.

The minimum payment required to collect on Cointiply is 35,000 Coins and pay directly to the bitcoin wallet.

go to portal

Cryptowin: PTC, faucet and more to earn BTC

Cryptowin It has several sections with which we cánido earn free bitcoin.

Ads, paid surveys, a faucet, games, etcétera.

The most striking thing about this PTC is that the minimum payment is only 200 satoshis through Faucetpay.

The way I see it, the lower the minimum payment, the better, as it allows you to receive payments more frequently.

And in Cryptowin exactly that happens, we perro request payments on a recurring basis

Register to the PTC

Claimbits: PTC, faucet and shortlinks to earn BTC

claimbits is a portal that offers us different ways to earn free bitcoins.

Either by viewing ads in the PTC, in the faucet, using backlink shorteners or completing offers on the walls.

We cánido withdraw to our bitcoin wallet from 1,000 satoshis by Faucetpay.

A figure that we perro very easily achieve in a matter of days.

Register me directly

Koiniom: Very fácil bitcoin surfing

koiniom (former KickAssTraffic) It is a surf that allows us to earn bitcoins by viewing advertising in a very fácil way.

Just go to the home page and view one ad after another.

The best thing about this platform is that it has a very low minimum payment, or we cánido even use a microwallet like faucetpay for collect the satoshis that we generate for each ad viewed.

Register in this Surf

GraBTC: A complete PTC to earn free bitcoins

GraBTC It is one of the most complete PTCs that exist since it offers multiple ways to earn bitcoin.

It has been en línea for several years and has always complied with payments, so we cánido classify it as a reliable PTC to generate small profits completely free of charge.

Whether it’s viewing ads, answering surveys, completing offers or trying aplicaciones.

Register in the PTC

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Best FAUCETS to earn free bitcoins

There are many, many faucets where you cánido earn bitcoins for free.

But I will only list you those that in my opinion offer better guarantees.

They are the following:

Freebitcoin: The faucet par excellence to earn satoshis

bitcoin it is the best faucet of all and the most habitual website to earn free bitcoins.

To win satoshis we just have to spin some rollers and solve a captcha.

Nothing else.

Prizes range from 6 satoshis to 0.5 bitcoins.

We perro access once an hour and the payment is automatic every Sunday from a minimum of 25,000 satoshis.

take me to the faucet

Allcoins: Multi faucet to earn free bitcoins

allcoins is a cryptocurrency multifaucet.

Here we cánido choose between earn more than twenty different cryptocurrencies and receive the profits in our main wallets.

In addition to the typical faucet, in this portal we perro also continue adding by completing offers or surveys on the walls, viewing PTC ads, with mining, etcétera.

Best of all is that Allcoins has no minimum paymentso that we cánido charge whenever we want.

Go to the multifaucet

Faucet Crypto: PTC, Faucet and shortlinks

✅ FaucetCrypto It is a mix between faucet, PTC and shortlinks.

In addition to earning free bitcoins, we cánido also choose to withdraw in any other cryptocurrency.

As the minimum payment is very low, it is possible to collect, if we want, every day.

And in the cryptocurrency we want.

go to portal

Free Bitcoin (II): Faucet to earn BTC every hour

✅ Free Bitcoin is one of the many faucets in the Cryptosfaucets group.

In the blog I have talked about other faucets like Free Cardano, Coinfaucet and many more that are also managed by this group.

In this case, Fee Bitcoin allows us to claim bitcoin once every sixty minutes and sends the direct payments to wallet.

You perro collect from 20,000 satoshis.

And it does not apply commissions! So many satoshis we request so many BTC will come to us.

Registration to the faucet

⭐️ Aim In general, faucets usually reward our fidelity and regularity with which we access the page.

This means that if we are constant and entrar regularly, the minimum prize that we perro get will increase.

For example, if the first day the faucet rewards us with 80 satoshis.

The second will give us 81 satoshis.

And so on throughout the days.

Earn free bitcoins by answering surveys

One of the methods to make money that I have used since my beginnings is the panels of paid surveys.

In general, in this type of pages we cánido earn money by answering market studies and charge for Paypal.

However, I have discovered some very interesting sites where, in addition to being able to charge vía Paypal, they also we cánido earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Idle Empire: Paid Surveys on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Idle Empire It is a platform where we cánido earn money by taking surveys, watching vídeos, completing offers or even mining.

What I like the most about this portal is that allows you to withdraw in cryptocurrencies starting from only $0.10.

The page rewards us with points for each task we perform.

On many occasions, just by answering a survey or completing an offer, we perro already request a payment by Coinbase.

Paypal payments require a minimum of 30,000 points.

Which equals $3.

But Coinbase payments, whether in BTC, XRP, ETH or LTC, cost only 1,000 points.

The equivalent of $0.10 but in cryptocurrencies.

When confirming the account by correo electrónico they give us 100 points.

And if you register with my backlink you will start with 500 plus points.

You will only need 400 to request a first payment.

Register and get 500 plus points

SurveyTime: Earn free bitcoins with surveys

SurveyTime is a paid survey panel that pays in BTC and dollars.

The highlight is that we pay for each survey we take right after you finish answering it.

At the end of it, they will ask us if we want to charge our BTC wallet in bitcoins or if we want to charge our Paypal account in dollars.

For me, one of the best sites to earn free bitcoins.

Go straight to the dashboard

Free Cash: Surveys and offers to earn free bitcoins

FreeCash It is a platform where we cánido earn bitcoin completely free and in various ways.

Among others, paid surveys and offer walls stand out, in which we are paid to test aplicaciones and complete different offers.

In addition, it has a series of rewards for objectives with which we perro get plus earnings.

Payments in BTC are from $5.

Go straight to the dashboard

How to earn bitcoins by playing for free

Another of the methods that I use to get free bitcoins is through games.

It should be said that the Internet is full of games that are apparently free… but then they tell you that you invest if you want to withdraw the profits.

As here what we want is earn bitcoins without having to invest, the iniciativa is to play games that allow us to add little by little and that, obviously, pay us without restrictions of any kind.

In this sense, all games to earn money that I work and that you perro see on the blog are 100% free.

Crypto Mining Game: Earn bitcoins with virtual mining

cryptomininggame is an en línea game based on cryptocurrency mining.

The best of this type of game is that we cánido earn bitcoins, litecoins or dogecoins playing.

And at the same time, familiarize ourselves with everything that cryptocurrency mining entails.

This fact cánido help us learn more deeply how this world works.

Crypto Mining Game pay direct to wallet.

register me in the game

RollerCoin: Mining simulation game to earn bitcoins

✅ RollerCoin is an addictive game with the same theme as Crypto Mining Game but with some differences.

It is a site where we cánido play the mythical Arkanoid mini-games, marcios, memoriza, etcétera.

Our mission is to play these games.

The more the better, since for each game we finish they will give us mining power.

Our character starts mining with a small computer.

As we play and gain mining power, both our PC and the entusiastas will increase in capacity.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the maximum mining power capacity.

that we perro get winning games and beating levels.

In Rollercoin a block is discovered every five minutes.

So that every five minutes and depending on the mining power that we contribute to the miners network, they will give us the corresponding amount of satoshis that we get.

Once we accumulate more than 10,000 satoshis in the cómputo, we perro request a payment directly through our bitcoin wallet.

register me in the game

What do I need to earn free bitcoins

To earn bitcoins on the network using watching ads in the PTC or claiming in the faucets, just four basic elements are needed:


Have an internet connection.


A mobile, a tablet or a computer.


Motivation, desire to work and much patience.


A bitcoin wallet in the to save all the satoshis that we are earning.

Where to create a free bitcoin wallet

Coinba WalletHE The quintessential cryptocurrency wallet.

In addition to bitcoin, it supports about a dozen other cryptocurrencies.

Among them BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, etcétera.

It allows withdrawals to dollars or euros without fees through Paypal.

For more information, you perro visit this coinbase guide.

Blockchain wallet ⏩ Probably the most secure bitcoin wallet.

It supports BTC, BCH, XLM and ETH and is the one with the lowest commissions.

All information in this tutorial on Blockchain.

Payeer wallet ⏩ A third possibility is to use Payeer’s processor.

Among other cryptocurrencies, it supports BTC, BCH, LTC and ETH, which are among the most used.

You perro see more info here How Payer works.

Opinions about earning free bitcoins

In addition to these free pages, there are many more where you cánido earn free bitcoins.

And he has not why be solely and exclusively watching ads.

Without going any further, one of them could be Kolotibablo, in which get paid to solve captchas.

The difference between the pages that we have seen today and this one is that in Kolotibablo you have to work hard.

That if, working, we perro get more bitcoins or litecoins than in any faucet or PTC.

Although it may vary depending on the schedule, in Kolotibablo we are paid an average of $1.20 for every 1,000 captchas transcribed.

I have been working on these pages for some time and, coming from the world of PTCs, I have been pleasantly surprised with the profits obtained.

If we take these pages seriously, we perro easily earn free bitcoins.

Either by watching ads or claiming satoshis in the faucets.

And later, choose to save them in our wallets, which is the most recommended, and sell them when the bitcoin rises in value.

Also it is possible to send those bitcoins to payment processors as airtm, exchange them for dollars and withdraw to the bank.

My advice is to save and save all satoshis and sell them when the price of bitcoin rises.

In this way, the clicks we make today will be revalued in the future.

As always, if you have any questions you cánido leave me a comment below or write me a message through the tab Contact.

Until next time and long live bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

We hope you liked our article How to earn BITCOINS by watching ads for FREE
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 How to earn BITCOINS by watching ads for FREE
  How to earn BITCOINS by watching ads for FREE
  How to earn BITCOINS by watching ads for FREE

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