How to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

How to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

Today, thanks to the relevance that cryptocurrencies have taken on in the financial system, there are many people who question whether there is a method or trick to earn free bitcoins.

The truth is, there is more than one method that cánido be used and thus earn some fractions of cryptocurrency without effort.

Even though some of these options do not promise to make you a millionaireif you are constant you cánido benefit a lot from them, mainly if you use more than one of the methods that we will mention below.

Earn free bitcoins by playing en línea

An alternative to earn money and have fun at the same time are blockchain games; days ago we published an article where we talked about the best NFT games to earn cryptocurrencieswe invite you to come by.

Even so, this time we are going to summarize some with which you perro earn bitcoins without investing.


Roller Coin is a cryptocurrency mining simulation vídeo game which is quite easy to play.

This rewards the usuario for being on the web, entering daily and completing the challenges requested on the platform; such as overcoming various levels of one of the games they offer, entering multiple continuous days, among other challenges.

It is one of the best vídeo games to earn bitcoins playing en línea; especially if you do not want to make an initial investment to entrar the platform.

Besides, If you want to earn money quickly, you cánido choose the option of making an investment; In order to increase the mining power of your computer in Roller Coin, buy specialized equipment within the game or obtain other benefits that it offers.

Go to RollerCoin


Bitcoin Bounce

Bitcoin Bounce is a mobile game that you cánido download from your móvil’s aplicación store.

It consists of playing with a sphere that you will not be able to drop into the void under any circumstances; The iniciativa is to keep it as long as possible bouncing around the multiple platforms that you place in space.

In addition to this, it offers surprise rewards that are up to 5,000 fractions of BTC.

Bitcoin Bounce: Play Store | aplicación store


Pirates of the Seed

It is a free but quite complex vídeo game.

Since, you will have to guess 12 words of a code that they will give you; If you do, the attractive treasure that the game offers will be yours.

However, earning bitcoins will not be as easy as it seems, since Pirates of the Seed has a dictionary with a total of 2048 words.

Go to Pirates of the Seed

Earn free bitcoins using faucets

The faucets of cryptocurrencies or bitcoin, grant fractions of a certain token with simply perform some tasks or actions within a platform.

The first of them existed in 2010 and gave each usuario 5 BTC tokens, it is as if they were giving you 205,440 euros today for just making a few clicks.

However, at this time it is no longer possible to earn bitcoins that easily, since now only a few satoshis are awarded for doing chores, if you didn’t know, 1 satoshi is the smallest fraction of 1 BTC.

Even so, considering the current price of Bitcoin, it is possible that these faucets continue to be profitable, so we will espectáculo you 4 of them below.



In second place is Contiply for offering the possibility of earning bitcoins from your mobile; is one of the most used faucets since its launch in 2018.

It should be noted that Its own users point out that you cánido earn from 1 to 5 dollars a day performing fácil tasks or downloading some applications on the device.

It is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and has an approximate weight of 17 mb.

Therefore, it will not represent a major problem to download it and start earning free bitcoins by doing fácil activities during your free time.

Go to Cointiply


FreeBitcoin It is a platform that has been operating since mid-2012, and from that moment to the present it has proven to be a completely reliable means of earning bitcoins.

It should be noted that it is based on a roulette wheel; quite afín to the conventional lottery.

When registering and entering you will have to solve a captcha test and then clic on the green box that says: ROLL.

Depending on the points obtained in roulette, the usuario could get a greater or lesser amount of satoshis.

It is important to mention that this button perro only be pressed every 60 minutes.

However, it also has more ways to multiply the fractions of BTC obtained; in order to earn more money.

One of them is with referrals, buying a ticket to participate in a raffle and also with a satoshi multiplier that they own; and everything will depend solely on luck.

Go to FreeBitcoin


As a third option, there is BitGames, a web platform where you cánido earn bitcoins just by registering and starting to perform tasks; it’s as fácil as watch short vídeos, solve captcha tests, visit other websites and do afín tasks.

In addition, it also has a reward system quite afín to FreeBitcoin, in which it will grant the usuario a number of coins or coins; you will then be able to claim those rewards again, but you will have had to 60 minutes elapse.

While the time is running you perro perform some of the aforementioned tasks.

Go to Bitgames

4.CryptoTab Browser

Finally, there is CryptoTab Browser, a browser that cánido be downloaded from the PC or is also available for mobile phones, and that emplees the computing power of the device to mine while in use or when simply idle; It is important that it is connected to the Internet to function correctly.

In addition to using the technology of the device and the connection to the network to mine, it also has a referral system that rewards for inviting acquaintances or friends to download the aplicación.

It is one of the best options for earn free bitcoins without doing absolutely nothing.

Go to CryptoTabBrowser

Earn bitcoins when buying with cashback

In addition to the faucets to earn bitcoins, it is also possible to find cashback platforms that take care of refund the usuario a part of the money spent on a purchase; and then you cánido exchange it for cryptos.

Although of course, for this to happen and thus earn bitcoins, the buyer must have met the requirements demanded by the platform.

It should be noted that there are many portals of this type, although there are few that offer rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies).

Below we espectáculo some of the best known and used globally.



This is one of the most recommended cashback platforms, and it is not only due to the reward it offers after registering, but also because it has a wide catalog of coincidente stores in which it cánido be purchased.

In addition to this, the methods it offers to refund your money are among the most common, and you surely have one of them; It is PayPal, and in case you do not have an account there you only have to request the cashback to your bank account.

Among its catalog of available stores are more than 3,200 businesses and recognized firms; some offer a very attractive return percentage, up to 6% and on special occasions up to 40%.

Go to LetyShops


It is quite afín to the aforementioned option, however, this one is a bit more limited with respect to the available stores; It was launched in 2018 and to date it only has 500 stores, however, many of them are recognized worldwide.

To start using Lolli, all you have to do is register quickly, download the browser complemento or extension and that’s it, you’ll start earning bitcoins for the purchases you make in the platform’s verified stores.

Withdrawal methods are through a BTC addressand in case you want to get the funds from the cashback using fiat currency you perro request a bank deposit.

go to lolly


On the other hand, Pei stands out, an aplicación for teléfonos inteligentes that offers the possibility of earn bitcoins through cashback, dollars or gift cards. The approximate amounts of reimbursement that they offer perro range from 1% to 20%.

However, first, it requests that the credit card be linked to the platform, so that it is guaranteed that all the purchases that have been made were with said card.

It has a large number of stores available; more than 60,000.

In addition, for refunds to be validated purchases must be made from the aplicación.

Go to GetPei

Earn free bitcoins using PTC pages

In addition to Bitcoin faucets, it is also possible to find the habitual Pay-to-Click or PTC faucets.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of these platforms offer payments in US dollars, today it is possible to find some that allow us to earn bitcoins easilyHere we list some of the best known.



To finish this list we add TraffiCly for being one of the newest PTCs that cánido easily make you earn bitcoins.

Since, it emplees various methods to obtain satoshis and also has a high number of sponsors that guarantee users daily announcements to continue earning money.

It has a fairly low withdrawal minimum, which is only 0.00006 BTC.

Go to TrafficCly


BTCClicks stands out for being one of the first PTC pages that allows users earn bitcoins just by watching ads; It has been running since approximately 2013 and has always paid its visitors.

In addition to this, it is quite intuitive, it has a referral system and allows you to make a minimum withdrawal of 10,000 satoshis; amount that is considered quite low, since other bitcoin PTCs have higher minimums.

Go to BTCClicks


An alternative to the aforementioned option is BtcVic, and although it has a minimum withdrawal slightly higher than BTCClicks (15,000 satoshis), this negative point is offset (if it cánido be considered that way) with the excellent performance it offers.

Since it guarantees daily announcements to its various users, it offers an excellent affiliate system, and as if that were not enough, give away 500 satoshis just for registering.

Go to BtcVic

Earn cryptocurrencies through AirDrops

AirDrops or parachute deliveries are a type of event that is organized when a project related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is about to reach the crypto usuario community.

In especial, this type of event is carried out with the aim of obtain financing, publicity, visibility on popular networks or other purposes.

AirDrops participants get benefits and rewards in tokens from the project that is about to be released to the public.

Therefore, it cánido be said that it is a way to earn bitcoins, since later they perro be exchanged for said crypto or sold if necessary.

However, to get the rewards or tokens of the project it is necessary for the participants to carry out a series of activities (share backlinks on popular networks, find referrals or other tasks), and in some cases a minimal investment.

Basically they will be paying for the individual’s time with tokens, but before entering any AirDrop we suggest evaluating the project well.

Because, some of these projects may end up being scams, so they will end up stealing your time and money.

Therefore, here are some backlinks websites that espectáculo AirDrops where you perro earn cryptocurrencies:

It should be noted that To determine if the project behind the AirDrop is safe, it is suggested to read its white paper or Whitepaper.

Since, this will let you know if it is a serious project.

Earn free cryptocurrencies by doing tasks and surveys

If you would like to earn bitcoin in a more entertaining way that is not watching ads or advertising, we suggest you opt for this method; with which you perro also surely get a greater amount of satoshis, and thus clearly mint more BTC.

It should be noted that some of these platforms also offer the possibility of earning bitcoins by watching ads, but the main method that it will offer you to obtain satoshis will be with surveys and tasks.



This is a well-known platform in the crypto community, where you perro not only carry out tasks or surveys to earn bitcoins, but also have various sections with which to interact.

Among the most prominent is the PTC or Pay-to-Click area, the exchange, the shortlinks, among others.

In addition to this, more than earning BTC, it will also offer you a function to exchange your tokens for other cryptocurrencies available; It is undoubtedly an excellent option to consider, versatile and reliable.


Free Bitcoin Cash aplicación

On the other hand, Free Bitcoin Cash is an application that cánido be installed on móvil inteligente; so that you cánido earn money from wherever you are.

It is quite light and has an intuitive interfaz that you will be able to fully understand in a matter of seconds.

Beyond what has been stated, we highlight that, unlike the other options, here you cánido earn Bitcoin Cash (it is a crypto afín to BTC that arose from a hard fork that occurred in 2017) by making weekly tasks and logging in for additional bonuses.



Like the previous options, in Dogemate you perro start earning bitcoins by doing tasks and surveys; has more than one activity to perform for which you will be rewarded.

In addition, you also allows you to choose which cryptocurrency you want to send to your wallet; it cánido be from BTC, ETH, BNB, BTT, ETC, XMR, LTC, DOGE or others.

Earn BTC and other cryptos with mining

The cryptocurrency mining it is one of the most common ways to earn bitcoins or other tokens.

However, it is a more complex process, which perro even be confusing for many.

However, it is undoubtedly the most profitable method to obtain cryptos.

although nowadays specialized equipment is required to earn bitcoins, this does not orinan that it is impossible to try from a PC; which clearly must have state-of-the-art specifications to guarantee good results, otherwise you will only be wasting time.

Considering this, if you have a high-end PC and want to get bitcoins, you must download programa or program to mine from your computer.

Some of the most intuitive and easy to use are:

These 3 programs are the most used and reliable to mine from your PC; it’s as fácil as downloading, installing, choosing the desired crypto and letting your computer do all the work.

In addition to being able to mine, some have referral systems.

And if it was not enough, allow you to choose which cryptocurrency you want to mine, as well as make adjustments regarding the resources that it will use from your PC; such as RAM, GPU and únidad central de procesamiento.

In case you are looking for an easier to use option, you may be surprised to know that there is a web browser that allows you to earn bitcoins while using it; The best thing about it is that it has an interfaz afín to that of Google plus Google chrome, so using it won’t be complicated.

Is about Cryptotab Browser, a programa that you download, install and perro use to access the Internet, YouTube, Twitter or other websites.

While you use it, it will use a small capacity of your PC to mine BTC.

Also, also It has a referral program that will allow you to increase the speed with which you mine

Earn cryptocurrencies and bitcoins through affiliation

In addition to earn bitcoin free playing, watching ads or mining, you perro do it too through affiliate backlinks; It consists of referring users to a platform, and for each time they deposit money or perform a certain task, you will be rewarded with a percentage already established by the platform. company you are sponsoring.


Exchange portals (exchanges)

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that have a referral system with which you perro earn free bitcoins; it’s as fácil as asking a friend to open the backlink, sign up and deposit funds to buy cryptos.

However, some are more demanding than others with respect to the requirements.

In the case of Binance, you will earn up to 40% of each trade made by this friend referred to the exchange.

However, it also offers a trading discount if a referral backlink is used for registration.

In addition to this exchange portal, you cánido also find others such as:

  • coinbase.
  • LocalBitcoins.
  • Paxful.
  • Bitfinex.
  • Coinex.


Mining programa providers

Mining service providers have taken it upon themselves to make the referral program very attractive.

Since, in the case of Minergate, offers the possibility of earning up to 65% additional with this system.

However, they also establish that the percentage of profits perro vary; either by the mined cryptocurrency, the continuity of the miner, among other factors.

On the other hand, this is not the only programa that offers the possibility of earning free bitcoins, since other providers also do it, and among them it stands out:


Make the most of referral programs; such as that included in wallets and exchanges.

Among some of the wallets that have referral systems with which you cánido multiply your earnings in bitcoins are:

  • Bit2Me.
  • TrustWallet.
  • Paxful.
  • trezor wallet.
  • ledger.
  • Keep Key.

How to earn bitcoins and cryptocurrencies automatically by staking

He cryptocurrency staking It is a way of mining and it is done from a platform.

However, the process cánido be complicated if it is the first time that you are looking for earn bitcoin with this method, and to explain everything briefly without going into details, we suggest using Binance if you are a beginner.

Now that you have registered with Binance you will only have to:

  1. Buy cryptocurrencies.
  2. Leave them in the spot area.
  3. Then head to the Binance Earn area.
  4. Select the product; which in this case would be stake locked.
  5. Search and choose the cryptocurrency that you originally bought.
  6. Equipo the amount of time it will be locked, the number of tokens to lock and verify the details.

Once this is done, you will only have to confirm the action and you will be automatically earning cryptocurrencies.

Important: If you cancel the staking, the rewards will not be received, it is mandatory that the funds remain blocked for the entire time established from the beginning.

Final opinions: Is it easy and reliable to earn free bitcoins?

Earning bitcoins is quite easy nowadays; As it is worth noting, there is more than one platform that gives away satoshis daily, and using them all will allow you to get a notable sum of money.

In addition to this, it is also possible to use referral systems to multiply earnings, mine on the PC or take advantage of each blockchain game.

Regarding reliability, it is worth saying that each of the platforms that we have mentioned are totally safe; even we use a large part of them, such as Binance, Trust Wallet, FreeBitcoin, Cryptotab Browser, Roller Coin or others.

In case you do not trust these platforms, we suggest sending the bitcoins or tokens obtained to a cold wallet.

In order to avoid all kinds of problems, such as server crashes, hacks or afín.

We hope you liked our article How to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
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 How to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  How to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  How to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

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