How to download music from Spotify on your

How to download music from Spotify on your

today you will learn how to download music from Spotify on your mobile or tablet. To download, we will not need to download any plus program or application since this is one of the functions that you have within the service on your account pay.

The most famous application with more than 100 million Premium subscribers around the world enables the option of download your favorite albums and songs.

Thus, being able to download the songs and then be able to enjoy them no data or no need for a WI-FI connection.

Step One: Choose where to save your music

This step is for Android devices or devices with other operating systems that support the use of card storage micro SD, if you have a mobile with iOS (Iphone or Ipad) skip to the next step.

In case your mobile has a removable memory, either for use as a portable USB or to increase the storage capacity, you have the possibility to choose where to save your favorite songs.

That is why in the next image you will see the steps to follow to select the one that suits you best.


Storage settings for devices with memory cards:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Go and press where it says “Your Library” (bottom right corner).
  3. Press on “Setting” (is he icon like this image ).
  4. Within the Spotify configuration, we must go to the option “Storage ” which is near the bottom of the list.

    Clic on the word and a new window will appear where we cánido select where we want to save the downloaded songs on your mobile.

  5. As the last step you must choose if you prefer to store it in the internal memory of the device or save it on the removable SD card.

    If you change devices or format them frequently, Gaceta Creador recommends that you save the music you download on an SD card so you don’t lose what you downloaded before.

«Spotify » Your Library » Settings » Storage » Select Storage

How to download entire albums or playlists on Spotify on your mobile or tablet

Once the storage path has been chosen on our Android phones, this is what follows.

This step is worth both iOS and Android users:

  1. Search for the song, disc or playlist that you want to have to use sin conexión and clic on it to entrar the tab.
  2. Once inside, you just have to clic where it says “Discharge” and that it changes to green, which will orinan that the download has started
  3. Spotify will store everything in the selected memory.

In the tab you perro see that it is also available “Keep“.

Usually when you start a download, Spotify activates it automatically but it never hurts to press it.

This will genere it to be saved and placed in our library for easy access.

If what you are looking for is save only one song Because the entire album takes up a lot of space or maybe you don’t like all of its songs, Spotify allows you to do that too.

The steps to follow they are very fácil:

  1. Choose the song to save.
  2. Clic on the icon next to the 3-dot song.
  3. Select “add to playlist“, then all that remains is to choose which of our lists it will be on or create a new one.

For download a complete playlist or some of its songs the steps to follow are the same as for an album as in the previous examples.

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How to save data on Spotify and download music with WI-FI

The main reason why we usually download our songs is to save mobile dataAlthough it may not seem like it, if we use Spotify every day for a couple of hours it will consume us without a doubt! BUT If we do not enable the option that only downloads with WI-FI, we may be in for a surprise.

  1. First we go to our library and then to the gear to access the Spotify settings.
  2. Now when you are in the Spotify configuration you must activate the “sin conexión mode”.

    In this way Spotify will no longer entrar from the data of your device and will start only with the music you have downloaded for listen without internet connection.

There is no doubt that Spotify is the best when it comes to music uso contínuo.

Being so the current market leader.

Having a unique option to download music and then be able to enjoy without the need for internet.

What are you waiting for to register and start using this excellent service? you will not regret.

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 How to download music from Spotify on your
  How to download music from Spotify on your
  How to download music from Spotify on your

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