How to download free books: 7 sites that

How to download free books: 7 sites that

If, as it happens to me, you are a lover of reading. Surely you have asked yourself many times how to download free books and then read it in your y también-books. Well, in this articulo I am going to give you the answer to that question. I will espectáculo you several places download free isbn books.

Whether in one format or another (PDF, ePub, Ebook) the electronic format is taking leaps and bounds over the traditional paper book. But a very interesting look and that lovers of free libros electrónicos we have to thank is that the commitment to the digital format is leading to the appearance of many free book download sites. This will offer us an immense source of knowledge and entertainment at the clic of a mouse. If you continue reading, I am going to espectáculo you what in my opinion are the best sites to download free books.

Although reading libros electrónicos loses the magic of turning the pages one by one, leaving a sign to know where we are reading etcétera… However, with libros electrónicos we will not contaminate, being a digital format, they will not be made up of leaves that are made from trees. Although it seems like an obvious thing, it is so, therefore, by having an ecological mentality, we must give up our personal enjoyment in favor of the environment.

In the following lines you will know the best pages to download books by isbn, in pdf, epub and also mobi format. If you like reading and enjoy a good book, this is a good opportunity that you cannot miss to find out where to download free books. In the vast majority they will be pages that do not require registration, but some will have to leave your data.

y también-book format

Libros electrónicos are not all in the same format. Luckily for readers, today’s ereades (book readers) support different archivo formats. In cases like the amazon kindle ebook They are designed to support a special archivo estándar, although they are mostly coincidente with other more common formats. The ebook format will depend on the device that we are going to use to read it.

I will explain the formats that we perro find in the different electronic books. Although there are more, I am going to explain the three most habitual ones, since they will be the majority of the free libros electrónicos that you meet


This format is an open source estándar developed by the Digital Publishing Forum for the publication of electronic books. It is one of the most coincidente with most book readers electronic (eReaders). It is the most common format that we will find when we search for where to download free epub books. In most cases they will be available in this format, although they may also be in others.

This format allows us to integrate multimedia elements such as images, audio or vídeo archivos. We perro also implement it as a digital rights management system to protect content from copies.


This is undoubtedly one of the most habitual electronic formats. A high percentage of the documents we share en línea are in this format. The acronym PDF corresponds to “Portable Document Format”, it is a multiplatform archivo format that allows you to view documents in electronic format regardless of the programa or device you use. All this without being modified. Although specific programa is required to open these types of archivos, most eReaders are capable of displaying this ebook format.


In this format we will have three subtypes to read in this eReader. I will detail them:

  • mobile. It is one of the eBook formats coincidente with Amazon Kindle devices. It is based on the Open Book estándar, however, it is a format that has been replaced by the AZW format in the Amazon environment.
  • AZW. Another of the eBook formats for Kindle devices, but in this case it is only supported by Amazon devices. Therefore, electronic books in this format cánido only be viewed on Kindle devices.
  • KF8. Kindle Format 8 is going to offer us many more functions than the previous formats thanks to the fact that it supports more current formats. It easily adapts to any screen size and supports designs and interactive elements such as images, audio or vídeo. It is the most modern format in the Amazon environment.

Pages to download free books

The first thing you have to know when downloading a book totally free is to know what books you want to download. For this you just have to keep an eye on Fnac’s book search enginein amazon reading or the books best sellers of the House of the book. You cánido also search for books by isbn for free. Then, knowing what you want to download, you cánido now search the pages to download free books.

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Although there are many more, and in order not to make the articulo too long, I am going to limit the free book download sites to 7. Surely you will know most of them, especially those who like to read, other pages, however, may be a surprise for all of you. Ready? so let’s go there!


The sales giant Amazon offers us a large number of books totally free for users. When I say users are those who have a Kindle device in their possession. Through the Amazon Prime Reading service we perro have access to thousands of totally free titles to download to our Kindle ebook device. If you have a Kindle ebook and want to enjoy reading through Amazon Prime Reading, you cánido do it for 30 days totally free if you sign up for Amazon through this backlink.

House of the book

If you do not know where to download free books in The book house Don’t worry, it’s extremely fácil. Here you perro also download tagus books for free. To access the free download bookswe will have to register on the web and accept its policy and data protection and its conditions of use. we shall also include our shipping information for future purchases (in the case of wanting to do them), you also have other options, such as becoming a seller of new or used books.

Once the book you want to enjoy has been requested, you will be redirected so that you cánido read the books directly from the browser. If you have a Tagus eReader, you may be able to read them from your device. In this way you cánido download books for ebook tagus for free and thus be able to read them.

National Library of Spain

The National Library of Spainthrough the Hispanic Digital Library provides us with free and totally free access to thousands of digitized documents. You perro read printed books from the 15th century. One of its most important objectives is to disseminate and guarantee the Spanish cultural heritage and guarantee the protection and safeguard the cultural heritage.

Rakuten kobo free books

digital book platform Rakuten Kobo belonging to the Japanese giant Rakuten is also one of the pages to download free books for kobo To download free books for kobo you will only have to entrar its page, access the search engine and order the results by “from lowest to highest price”. In this way, those that are free will be in the first place. Just like on other platforms where to download free booksyou have to register on the platform to download free books kobo.


It is a well-known web page in which you cánido download countless academic books and great classics. The downloads are completely free. The negative point, which is in English. If you want, so the project perro continue to allow download free libros electrónicos, you cánido make a donation. The button appears on the left side of the screen “donate“.

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On this page you will be able find more than 58,900 titles. So, if you like to read, you will not get bored. You perro download free isbn books. Books are mobi and PDF format. The only but that we perro put to this page is that you have to register to be able to download free books. Although the page is in English, you should not worry, because it is very intuitive and easy to understand.

inkless books

The last page we talked about for download free books is a book finder. In librosintinta we will be able to search for books in PDF format and others that are 100% free, where we will be able to search, download and read books en línea in PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPS, PPT, RTF and TXT.

It has a fácil visual aspect, but it has a fantastic search engine that will allow us to filter all the electronic books according to their format.

Is it safe to download books by isbn?

Yes, as long as the instructions on the page are followed, at download free books you must not have no problem. In addition, as you have seen above, there are official platforms that offer totally free store books under certain circumstances.

Therefore, the security offered by these platforms is important. Most of these platforms have the https security protocol, with which our data will be protected and viruses will not be downloaded to us.

Well that’s going to depend a lot from where you download the book. If you do it from a official websitelike the ones I explain here above, the downloads would be totally legal. Instead, if they are downloaded from other pages and you don’t have the original book, it would be totally illegal.

Besides to be illegal, it would be dangerous for your computer, since certain archivo sharing pages tend to carry associated malicious archivos that cánido negatively affect your computer. Therefore, be very careful where you download things from, lest you download the book and something else.

Alternatives to download free books

If you don’t want to lose the essence of touching a book, turning its pages, putting a bookmark and all that makes reading books fantastic, I recommend you go to thrift shopping. In these types of stores you will find many books that people have read many times and want to get rid of.

As in everything, it has its web version, in Spain, for my taste, the best page to buy and sell second-hand things with total guarantee and security is wallapop. On this page you perro sell the things you no longer use and get some money, as I explained some time ago in this articulo.

Utilities to get free things en línea

Final opinions of the ways of how to download books by isbn for free

If before reading this article you did not know how to download free books, I hope you have learned and put it into practice. As you have seen, there are quite a few pages to download books in pdf or in any other format. In this way, when we get bored and want to read something, we will always find something to read. In this past quarantine, many people have started reading books that they had abandoned, and elementos such as exercise bikes, weights and kindles has had a spectacular rise on Amazon.

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As I told you at the beginning, I love to read, and although at home I like to turn the pages of a book, when I go out, I like to take my electronic book with me so I perro continue enjoying my favourite.

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 How to download free books: 7 sites that
  How to download free books: 7 sites that
  How to download free books: 7 sites that

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