How to do a SWOT analysis of yourself (and

How to do a SWOT analysis of yourself (and

Everyone has blind spots.

Here’s an easy way to discover yours.

The SWOT analysis, which identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is one of the primordial concepts studied in the first year of business school.

It’s also a great framework to use in your business to identify your strengths, areas for improvement, and potential pitfalls for your organization.

whatHow about a SWOT assessment of our own organization?? whatWhat blind spots do you have?? whatWhat is a challenge for you?? Here’s a fácil structure to try:


As an entrepreneur, what are your strengths? What are you especially good at? Or, what is your “unfair advantage,” in Chris Sacca’s phrase? Maybe you’re really good at designing products.

Or maybe your ability to sell is what makes you stand out.

Or maybe you have the ability to control a space like a pro.

Knowing your skills allows you to identify the unique value you perro bring to your company.

Weak points

You may not be a good planner.

Or you may procrastinate like it’s nobody’s business.

Or maybe you hate closing sales.

But you may also find it uncomfortable to talk about your flaws or admit them.

But hidden defects are mortal for a company.

They progressively erode the foundation of your company, and there’s little oportunidad things will ever get better.

Therefore, when completing your personal SWOT analysis, pay close attention to your shortcomings and try to be as honest with yourself as possible.


Opportunities are possibilities to improve your weak points and strengthen your strong points, either through personal improvement or the incorporation of more team members with complementary skills.

However, opportunities perro only be realized if weaknesses are identified and acknowledged, which is another reason why being honest is so important when completing your own SWOT analysis.


Finally, the danger cánido come from various sources.

Your talent may no longer be needed for the industry in which you work.

If you are unable to recognize (and improve on) your limitations while leveraging and highlighting your strengths, you may find yourself in a dangerous professional situation.

You may face competition from people who do possess those talents.

In a afín vein, there is also the danger that you, as a leader, lack the self-awareness or courage to initially undertake an honest and self-reflective SWOT analysis.

Anyone, at any point in their career, perro benefit from conducting an honest and self-reflective personal SWOT analysis.

However, entrepreneurs may benefit the most from it, as they need a wide variety of talent to succeed in their industry.

Has a SWOT analysis been done? If not, what’s stopping you?

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 How to do a SWOT analysis of yourself (and
  How to do a SWOT analysis of yourself (and
  How to do a SWOT analysis of yourself (and

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