How to deposit money at Interactive Brokers

How to deposit money at Interactive Brokers

For you, what do you want? invest in the depósito market and choose the best stocks in the market, here we bring you an interesting article that teaches precisely how to do it, that is, how to deposit money at Interactive Brokers.

To do so, first of all, you must to access to you account in Interactive Brokers and then follow the steps below:

Steps to Deposit Money at Interactive Brokers in 2023

Once you are in your account on said platform, you will proceed as follows:

  • Unfold the Del costado Menu that you find in the upper left part of your screen pressing he three lines icon.
  • Search among the options Transfer of funds.
  • You choose the option make a depositon the next page.
  • As it is the first time that you will make a deposit, you must choose the default option that appears immediately on the screen, which is select New deposit method.

Very important: You should know that before you must establish how you want the deposit to be made, that is, in what currency. This, logically, so that it does not affect, in terms of commissions, the fund transactions that you make, since the currency that you would choose as default, has to be the same official currency of your bank.

Of course, once your money is transferred to Interactive Brokers, you perro convert it to the currency you want.

  • You get it by going to the box coin type selectionjust to the right of your screen.
  • The following will be do clic in the small box that states youbank transfer. It consists of a traditional transfer to make your deposits at Interactive Brokers.

On the page that will appear before you you will receive some bank details of interest related to the deposit, as well as yourself too, you will need to entrar a few others.

Here is some of the information they will give you:

  • First, they tell you about the commissionstelling you that it is the bank that determines them, not the broker.
  • then on the Waiting periodwhich will be a maximum of three business days, and, in this way, you cánido see that deposit reflected in the cómputo of your account at Interactive Brokers.

Now we are going to talk about the information than you you must indicate in the section that you have just to the right of your screen:

  • With a Yeah or a Noyou must indicate if you want it to be saved your banking information. The Yes option gives you the advantage that, when making your deposits, you do not have to be entering data recurringly.
  • In section issuing institutionyou must entrar the name of your issuing bank.
  • In the next section, entrar your Number of account
  • Also, the Nick ​​or Account Nickname. Section that you need to fill out.

Important: A note below tells you the following: “Although some of the above fields are optional, it is recommended that you complete all of them, as the information provided helps match your deposit notice to the funds deposited.

  • And, finally on this page, entrar the Amount of the deposit What are you going to do, which is mandatory that you place.
  • done the above, you press he button Get transfer instructions That is nothing more than making sure you send the amount you have placed, in the currency corresponding to your bank, to the address indicated in the image that you will see below:
  • You must also place at the bottom of that page, the Concept/message of the transferwhich, it is highly recommended that you indicate.
  • And, to fully conclude the process, you press he button Finish. With this, your deposit request would remain pending for review and, once accepted, it will be sent to you and will be reflected in your Interactive Brokers cómputo, within the period of days that we have already told you about.

How to see your deposit reflected in your Interactive Brokers account?

When the business days have elapsed for the deposit to have been made, you access to you account at Interactive Brokers. In the section cash settlementyou will see that your cómputo is higher than the one you had before in your portfolio.

And if you have margin accountyour cómputo in the section Cánido purchasing may vary in relation to the one you have reflected in the Cash Settlement section.

How cánido you realize, you don’t have to take a course to learn how to make a deposit to your Interactive Brokers account. It would only be enough for you to get down to work, guiding you through the instructions that were offered in this articulo.

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 How to deposit money at Interactive Brokers
  How to deposit money at Interactive Brokers
  How to deposit money at Interactive Brokers

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