How to deposit EUROS on Binance (FREE) without

How to deposit EUROS on Binance (FREE) without

The time has come explain how to deposit euros on Binance! This is one of those procedures that perro be understood very easily, especially if you follow the steps that are going to be explained here, steps accompanied by images so that no one gets confused and everyone perro make deposits using their euros.

How to deposit Euros on Binance without commissions

In this exchange there are several ways to make deposits, however, not all of them are free of commissions.

Here nobody wants to pay commissions, so the procedure to deposit free money on Binance.

The first thing we will have to do is entrar Advcash, if you do not have an account with this payment processor, you perro register here free of commissions.

Register in Advcash

  1. Log into account, select «Wallet» and clic on «Wallet spots».

    A menu will appear with the options seen in the following image, clic on «To deposit».

  1. Then you must clic on “Fiat Deposit”.
  1. Select the type of currency, of course, the indicated option must be euros.

    Also choose the type of payment to make the deposit, the most suitable is the Advcash payment processor.

    Then you must press the option «Continue».

  1. Entrar the amount of euros that you want to deposit on the platform.

    As you cánido see the commission is zero.

    When the correct amount has been entered, clic on the option «Continue».

    For this example, 22.23 euros were deposited.

  1. To continue with the deposit it is necessary login with advcash account.

    Now this process must be followed with the Advcash platform by logging in with the corresponding data.

  1. After having successfully logged in, you will be able to see the amount entered on the platform, in this case 22.23 euros.

    You have to clic on “continue», to start the payment confirmation.

  1. For the confirmation process, Advcash will send a dirección de correo electrónico with instructions necessary for the payment to be completed.

    Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid delays in the deposit.

  1. If everything went well, then you should go back to the previous browser window and clic on «CONFIRM».

    Finally, the following image will be displayed indicating that the validation has been successful.

    At this point the deposit has already been made.

Recommendations / Opinions / final conclusions

We recommend the following when deposit euros for free on Binance:

  • Use only personal devices to make the transaction, especially to confirm identity from Advcash.
  • Verify that the payment made for the deposit is adequate.
  • Follow the instructions explained here to the letter so as not to have inconveniences.

Our Opinions:

  • It is the easiest way to introduce liquidity into the Binance account in order to trade or simply buy cryptocurrencies to hold for a long time and sell for profit.
  • It is a fácil and safe procedure.

    However, some users of the cryptocurrency platform sometimes complain about double billing in your payments to deposit, so it is important to verify the movements of Advcash.

Last conclusions:

We believe that one of the advantages of this exchange it is the ease with which users in Europe cánido make deposits by themselves and in a few minutes.

Binance knows the importance of users having liquidity to make their transactions within the platform, which is why it enables this and other deposit methods.

It is also possible to use other types of payments, such is the case of Visa either MasterCard, but they have commission.

It is even possible to choose the P2P method to use the bank account and obtain liquidity within the platform.

We’re done! write in the comments any questions, we are willing to help.

Remember, deposit money on Binance with these instructions and you will not have any problems.

Also don’t stop sharing, so that family and friends cánido access this incredible deposit method.

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 How to deposit EUROS on Binance (FREE) without
  How to deposit EUROS on Binance (FREE) without
  How to deposit EUROS on Binance (FREE) without

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