How to Deposit EUROS in BINANCE and How

How to Deposit EUROS in BINANCE and How

It’s good to have an account at Binance no working capital. You must deposit to be able to make movements of cryptocurrencies and others, within it. The question is how? Well, in this articulo we are going to be commenting on how to deposit euros on Binancestep by step, in a very clear and fácil way.

What is the Procedure to Follow to Deposit Euros on Binance?

Being already inside your Binance account, what will you do for deposit Euros in it, is what is described below:

  1. Locate and press the option Buy crypto which is to the left of the top bar.

  1. Right there within your dropdown menu, press the option card deposit.

  1. Then, you will be taken to a page (fiat deposit) in which you must:

  • Select the currency, which, by default, already appears in euro.

  • And also select the payment methodwhich in this case will be done with Bank card (Visa/MC)which is one of the recommended methods.

Having all this ready, you clic to Continue.

  1. In the next step, you will see a small floating box (Pay with the new card) which will ask you for some data concerning the card with which you are going to make the deposit. You must entrar in it:

By filling in all these sections, you will clic to Following.

  1. Next, in an extension of the previous box, you will see that you will be asked to entrar the card’s billing address:

  • You Country of Residence

  • The Address from your home

  • The City in which you are

  • He Postal Code from the area

Subsequently, he you clic to add card.

  1. Added your card in this way, you will be able to entrar deposit amount and carry out the order. then he you clic to Confirm.

With this, your deposit would be made and you could see your new capital reflected in your account.

Important: Regarding the issue of commissions, Binance will not charge you the same. In the event that the currency in which you make the deposit differs from that of the bank, then there would be commissions charged, but by the bank.

How to Convert your Euros into Cryptos within Binance

So far you have already taken important steps regarding the deposit of capital into your Binance account. However, now what we have to teach you will be how to convert those capitals into cryptocurrencieswhich is part of the iniciativa of ​​this information.

To do this, you must do what we will tell you next:

  1. Go back to the main page of your account, and look for the option in the top bar tradingto which you will clic.

  1. Within the drop down menu tradinglocate and clic on it to option Convert.

  1. With this, a conversion box of cryptocurrency, in which you perro:

  • change or select currency type with which you will do the conversion. In this case, it would be to convert them to Euros.

  • Entrar the Amount that you want to change, taking into account the minimum rate parameters established by the platform.

  • Choosing the cryptocurrency in which you want to convert your capital.

When this is done, go to press he button preview purchase.

  1. Now, you will be shown a preview of your operation to verify that everything is in order and that you agree with the results. If so, you you will clic to Confirm and, in this way, your conversion from Euros to Cryptos would be executed.

As you may have noticed, this deposit euros into your Binance account and then pass these euros to cryptocurrencies It doesn’t have any complications. It is a very fácil matter that you cánido achieve with the help of this information and another tool that you have right here.

Vídeo Tutorial on How to deposit euros in Binance and convert them to Cryptocurrencies

So that you do not miss any detail that is worth knowing, watch the Vídeo How to Deposit Euros on Binance and How to Convert Them to Cryptocurrencies.

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 How to Deposit EUROS in BINANCE and How
  How to Deposit EUROS in BINANCE and How
  How to Deposit EUROS in BINANCE and How

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