How to Deposit Ethereum in Metamask (send

How to Deposit Ethereum in Metamask (send

Many MetaMask users want to know how they perro deposit Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet easily and without making mistakes.

To achieve this, in this article we have described the step by step to follow to carry out this type of shipment.

If you want to know them, keep reading!

How to send Ethereum to Metamask in 2023

You perro make an Ethereum deposit to metamask easily and in a very short time. From now on you will see the steps that you must apply.

  1. First of all you must log in to your MetaMask wallet and in the Networks section choose the option “Ethereum main network”.
  1. In MetaMask if you want to buy you cánido press the “Buy” option.

    In this you perro use a payment gateway that allows you to pay with credit or debit card, bank transfers, among others.

    Clic on “Continue to transact”.

  1. The wallet will direct you to the payment gateway, in it you must entrar the amount you want to buy and the currency.

    Here you will be told the amount you will receive based on the current Ethereum price and you have the option to change the payment method to another, if you wish.

    Clic on “Buy now”.

  1. From now on you will be asked to entrar your card and bank details.

    The platform will guide you step by step so that you cánido finalize the purchase of Ethereum.

  2. The second purchase option that you have at your fingertips is “MoonPay”.

    This method is very afín to the previous payment gateway for buying Ethereum, the only difference is that it supports Samsung pay, Google plus pay and is available in other countries.

  1. The last option that you have at your disposal to buy Ethereum in MetaMask is “Wyre”.

    With this you perro use your debit card.

    To use it you must clic on “Continue to Wyre”.

  1. When accessing the payment gateway you must select the currency and the crypto you wish to receive.

    Clic on “Next” and you’re done.

To send ETH to MetaMask if you have them in another account you must use the last option of the “Buy” button, this is called “Directly Deposit ETH”.

In Directly Deposit ETH, press the “View account” button.

To proceed with the shipment, copy the address shown below the QR code.

You should know that this shipment will be made through the ERC-20 network, which is the main network for Ethereum shipments.

Once you have your Ethereum you perro keep them, send them or exchange them if you wish.

The commissions will vary from one operation to another. These commissions will be shown to you before proceeding with the purchase or sending of Ethereum.

From now on we will leave you a vídeo that will serve to apply the step by step for this type of deposit in MetaMask.

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 How to Deposit Ethereum in Metamask (send
  How to Deposit Ethereum in Metamask (send
  How to Deposit Ethereum in Metamask (send

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