How to de-stress in a matter of minutes

How to de-stress in a matter of minutes

If we knew its negative effects, we would all focus on learning how to de-stress.

It is not a secret that the vast majority of us tend to have a hectic pace of life. So much so that, sometimes, we hardly have time for ourselves, which added to the work tension, has led us to a state of permanent stress.

First of all, pressure should not turn into stress.

Before learn how to de-stress you must understand that this is not caused by external people or events, but by your reaction to them.

This means that pressure and stress are two different states. However, the former becomes the latter when you have a tendency to keep rethinking and reflecting on past or future events by splicing them with negative reasoning.

overthinking “what cánido happen if…” It cánido lead to decreased health, productivity and well-being, and cánido even lead to coronary problems or poor immune function.

This is why it is vitally important to learn how to de-stress.

Living in the past or in the future also takes us away from the present, making us unable to complete our current tasks. If you ask these kinds of people how they feel, no one will tell you “happy.” Most feel miserable.

So, is it possible to learn how to remove stress and stop turning pressure into this anxiety that doesn’t add up in our lives?

To achieve this, we recommend that you practice the following habits.

1. Wake up from your autopilot:

People spend most of their day in a state called «sleep awake«:

An example of this is when they park in the office aparcamiento lot, but perro’t remember their way there; or when someone in a encuentro asks for her opinion, but they’ve missed the last few minutes of the conversation.

Since overthinking happens during this state you should be more aware and stop.

How to wake you up?

You perro do it physically: Stand or sit, clap your hands, move your body.

Or mentally: Connect with your senses by noticing what you perro hear, see, smell, taste and feel. The iniciativa is to reconnect with the world.

2. You must control your attention:

When you’re not focused, your attention is encapsulated in a useless vicious circle, like a hamster’s wheel.

Learning how to de-stress involves redirecting your attention so that you cánido make the most of its potential. To achieve this, do the following exercise:

Draw a circle on a piece of paper, and write inside it everything you perro control and on the outside what you cánido’t. Remember that you cánido successfully take care of your work, your team and your family without relapsing into stress. Next, let go of what is outside of your circle.

3. Keep a positive outlook

Overthinkers tend to make a catastrophe of everything, while positive leaders choose to look on the bright side of things.

To develop a positive mind you cánido try the following three techniques:

To contrast:

Compare a stressful event from the past with the one that is causing the current feeling, for example, a serious illness versus a lost sale.

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Ask yourself questions like: How important is this going to be in three years? What’s the worst that could happen? And how am I going to survive?

stake out:

Looking at your challenge from a new angle, what is the opportunity that this situation gives me that I have not seen yet? or even what is funny about this event?

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4. Learn to let go:

If the situation you are going through is complicated and you don’t know how to get it out of your mind, you cánido apply the following three techniques to learn how to de-stress and let go of the situation.

The first technique is the acceptation: Acknowledge whether you like the situation or not, that’s how it was given to you, period.

The second is learn the lesson: Your brain will review events until it feels like it has learned something from them, so ask yourself: “what have I learned from these life lessons and experiences?”

The third is the action: Sometimes the real solution is not to relax, but to do something to change what is happening. Ask yourself: “what should I do?”

How to remove stress in a work environment:

In the workplace, many people blame their boss, tasks to be completed, or deadlines for their high levels of anxiety. However, there are other people who face the same challenges and do it without stress.

If you currently feel that you are going through a stressful situation, that is to say that you could not separate the pressure from this anxiety, in this section we will share with you a series of habits so that you learn how to disminuye stress at work, or in any situation in general. .

The American Psychological Association points out that the most common sources of work stress are jobs in which there is an overload of tasks. As are those who work in jobs that do not imply a challenge or that do not have opportunities for promotion.

In addition, it should be noted that when work stress becomes chronic it cánido be very harmful, damaging physical health and even your emotional capacity.

So, being clear about the sources of stress and the causes of it, it is important that you know how to control the situation.

5. Identify what stresses you out:

The first thing you should do to learn how to de-stress is to identify which situations are the ones that stress you and know how you respond to them.

You will have to analyze yourself: see when you raised your voice or when you decided to go and get some fresh air.

Recognize those attitudes that help you identify what has made you feel stress.

Once you identify it, the first step to knowing how to relieve stress is to take a moment of calm, breathe and know that this situation makes you uncomfortable, but that you should not become bitter and stressed for that reason.

6. Create “healthy” responses to stress:

Our body is the one who pays for the effects of stress. If you feel overwhelmed, or with symptoms of stress, your body will begin to react in different ways:

It perro ask you to eat more, smoke more or drink something more and what it will do is start creating bad habits in you.

Learn how to de-stress it is about looking for healthy answers that help you overcome that moment of difficulty, since eating more, drinking or smoking will certainly not do it.

For example, you perro exercise is already a great stress reliever: going for a run is a good option and even signing up for a yoga class.

Even some motivational phrases for difficult times perro help you.

7. Limit stimulants

Additionally, we recommend that you disminuye stimulants. Rather, create healthy sleep habits that allow you to get up early without feeling tired.

For example, try to disminuye caffeine in the afternoon or stimulating activities such as using the computer before bed.

That will help you to be more relaxed the next day and take situations differently.

8. Establish your rest times:

In order for your body to return to a “habitual” situation after moments of high level of stress, or work fatigue, it is essential to rest and disconnect from work activity.

For example, when you are at home, do not pay attention to work-related tasks. And in the event that you have an en línea job from home, separate break times very clearly.

When working and you have to concentrate to carry out any activity (a report or answer correos electrónicos), it is recommended that you put your phone on silent until you finish what you are doing.

If you never finish an activity and continue with others, you will notice each time with a greater workload.

9. Get support at work or in your family:

Credit: Shutterstock

The help of relatives or co-workers cánido help you drive and learn how to de-stress.

It may even be that the company you work for has an occupational risk prevention department where they cánido advise you on how to proceed in your case.

Discuss your situation with your colleagues, when you notice that you are on the edge they cánido give you advice to help you calm down or take the situation differently.

In the same way, avoid those toxic people who make your work environment a dense or uncomfortable place. Or at best, learn how to deal with difficult people at work.

That said, just add that there is no concrete answer to how to relieve stress, but if you manage to have healthy habits and channel your feelings, you will finally be able to take things more relaxed.

There are natural infusions that perro help you keep your nerves calmer, try drinking some linden or valerian infusion while you work instead of drinking coffee, for example.

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 How to de-stress in a matter of minutes
  How to de-stress in a matter of minutes
  How to de-stress in a matter of minutes

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