How to create your own en línea store with Wix

How to create your own en línea store with Wix

Do you want to create an en línea store to start your own business from home, but do not have knowledge to design a web page? This is one of the most common problems that new entrepreneurs often face.

You want to have your own internet business to generate income, but you don’t know anything about designing a website or have the money to hire someone to do it for you.

ring a bell?

Years ago, when I didn’t know anything about web design, I decided to open my own en línea store and tried several free platforms on which the en línea store was already built to sell different products.

All of them were failures.

I didn’t spend a penny to create my own en línea store, but for that same reason I couldn’t design them to my liking either, they limited the number of products I could display, and what’s worse: many times my small en línea store didn’t work properly.

But today I’m going to espectáculo you a quick and easy solution to create your own en línea store without knowing ANYTHING about computers that I have been testing in the last few days: Wix Stores.

whatWhat is Wix Stores?

Wix is ​​a company dedicated to providing ready-made web pages for those people who want to have their corner of the Internet but don’t know how to design a website.

With Wix you cánido open your own website, blog, or en línea store and customize the already designed template to your liking in less than 10 minutes.

In addition, now they also have Wix Stores, a solution for those entrepreneurs who want to open their own en línea store or business and put their products on sale without the need to use codes or computer knowledge to add purchase buttons or payment methods.

As you perro see in the image above, their templates have fully professional designs for all kinds of businesses: clothing sales, decoration, electronics, consulting or coaching services…

Is it a good iniciativa to create an en línea store with Wix Stores?

Now that you know what Wix Stores is, is everything really as nice and easy as they say?

I myself have been using this platform for a couple of days and, although it has a couple of drawbacks that I will tell you about below, I think that It is one of the best sites that I have tried to build your own page or your business without having previous knowledge (and I have tried many pages of this type).

Setting up your own store with Wix Stores is child’s play: All you have to do is register, choose the template that you like best for your en línea store, and start clicking on the different parts of the page to customize them as you want.

If you want to add other elements (like an image, a new text box, or one of the many aplicaciones they offer) You just have to choose the option you want with a fácil clic, and drag it to the part of your page where you want it to appear.

It seems incredible, but everything is that fácil: you only have to make a couple of clicks to write what you want, move the parts you prefer on the page with the mouse and that’s it! You will already have your own en línea store made to start selling in a few minutes.

Some of the main features included in Wix Stores are:

  • Product, inventory and order management easily in a single clic
  • Creation of discount coupons for your clients
  • 3 different forms of payment: PayPal, credit card, or sin conexión payment (bank transfer, cash on delivery)
  • Management of different shipping methods of orders

How to create your en línea store with Wix Stores

So that you perro see how easy and fast it is to create an en línea store with Wix Stores, I have prepared here a small tutorial with images and a vídeo to start your en línea business.

1. Sign up for Wix Stores

Clic below to go to the Wix Stores page. Once there, clic on the green button “Create your store” and entrar your correo electrónico and a password to continue and register.

2. Choose the template that you like the most and editar your en línea store

Once registered in Wix, all you have to do is clic on the top menu “Templates”, then in the menu on the left clic on “En línea store”, select the website that you like the most, and editar it by clicking with the mouse on the elementos you want to change.

Once you’re done doing that (it really only takes about 5 minutes), You just have to clic on “Publish” and your en línea store will already be aparente to your buyers on the Internet!

Here below you have a small vídeo where I espectáculo you how I have done it:

As you cánido see, It is very easy and very fast to create an en línea store with Wix Stores in a matter of a few minutes. Even someone who has never used a computer could create their own Internet business with this platform.

In addition, once my web page was published, I have been browsing it several times and I have been surprised by both the speed in loading the page and the fluidity with which you perro navigate through the different menus and sections.

You cánido see the website I created with Wix Stores in action by clicking here.

Although creating an en línea store with Wix Stores is completely free, the small inconvenience I ran into when publishing it was that To operate it, you do need to hire a payment plan.

That is to say: registration, creation and Internet publication of your business are free; but the option to receive orders and payments from your customers will not be available until you contract one of the plans.

When you receive visitors to your website, they will not be able to complete their purchases if you have not contracted said plan.

A small negative point that I have found here is that although Wix has 4 different plans that you cánido contract for your en línea business with different prices, only one of them (the eCommerce plan) is the one that will allow you to receive orders and their payments.

Even so, the price they offer is good compared to other platforms of this type Since you will have at your disposal a hosting with 20GB of storage, many professionally designed templates for all types of businesses, you will be able to create your store in a matter of minutes and manage your inventory and orders easilyand you will have a technical support that will help you with any problem that arises.

Now is your turn: How about Wix Stores to create your own en línea store? What Internet business would you like to open to start being your own boss?

Leave me a comment below with your Wix questions or if you have already tried this platform, tell me how your experience was!

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 How to create your own en línea store with Wix
  How to create your own en línea store with Wix
  How to create your own en línea store with Wix

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