How to create your Bitcoin wallet in 4 fácil

How to create your Bitcoin wallet in 4 fácil

Today we live in a world in which cryptocurrencies are taking more and more importance in the economic and financial field.

This topic that a few years ago was just crazy, today is done present very strongly in our daily lives and it becomes almost ineludible that you will meet and be more interested in him.

It is very habitual that when faced with a subject as new as digital currencies, certain terms or concepts unknown to most people.

This may be the case with the Bitcoin wallet.

If you have not heard this concept before, don’t worry, in this article I will be explaining everything you need to know before creating a Bitcoin walletfrom its definition, to the step by step to create it on different platforms.

Before starting, it is important that you know that a Bitcoin wallet is exactly the same as a virtual wallet (also known as a digital or virtual wallet), that is, a place on the web where perro you store cryptocurrency.

You probably already know that digital currencies do not have the regulation of no bank or any other financial institutionso having cryptocurrencies does not orinan that you perro go to a bank and exchange them for any other currency of your choice.

Thanks to banks have no control over virtual currenciesthere is a need to use an alternative method that allows you to perform operations with them.

This is where digital wallets and in especial Bitcoin wallets come into the picture, and here I’m going to teach you all about them.

What will you find in this article?

whatWhat is a Bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is the same as a digital wallet.

The clear delimitation in this case is that a Bitcoin wallet must be coincidente with Bitcoins to be able to carry out transactions with this currency.

If you check the web you will realize that there is a wide variety of digital wallets, and they all have the same purpose (manage cryptocurrencies in the simplest way possible).

However, not all virtual wallets they are coincidente with all cryptocurrencies.

It is important that when opening a digital wallet, you make sure that this be coincidente with the currency you want to store and manage in it, otherwise it will not be useful to you.

For logical reasons, if you want to create a Bitcoin wallet, you want it for make transactions in that currency.

You should know that the creation of a Bitcoin wallet is what you will make the most of your cryptocurrency.

Not only will it help you store it and carry out transactions with it, but you will also be able to take advantage of the large number of advantages that you present in relation to any bank account.

First of all, opening a Bitcoin wallet must generate a certain degree of trust, your digital currency will be safesince they all work with an encrypted system that is practically impossible to break.

Secondly, these wallets offer the opportunity to carry out fast transactions at very low costs, since there are no intermediaries and everything is done digitally and directly

In the special case of Bitcoin operations are processed in a maximum of 10 minutes, which is the time in which Bitcoin processes each data block (number of transactions that support the digital currency).

Third, most of the platforms available for creating virtual wallets will offer you highly customizable interfaces. easy to usewhich facilitates the operations of all users.

It is important that you know that when choosing a platform for the creation of your Bitcoin wallet you should consider all the security measures that it offers you.

Always remember that cryptocurrencies do not have a physical copia de seguridad, they are simply transactions stored on the networkso taking into account all security measures never hurts.

Guys of bitcoin wallets

currently exist 6 types of Bitcoin wallets.

Just as there are different virtual currencies, there are several ways to store and operate them.

In order for you to open your Bitcoin wallet, it is essential that the platform you have chosen be coincidente with this currency.

This will not be something complicated if you take into account that Bitcoin It is the most important cryptocurrency in the market to date and that it was the first digital currency in history, this makes it a reference among all virtual currencies and the most important of these.

The big difference between the types of Bitcoin wallets is the key storage.

Every Bitcoin wallet is based on two basic factors: the private key and the public address.

If we compare it with a bank account, the public address would fulfill the function of the account numberis the code that a person must have to send you cryptocurrencies to your wallet.

For your part of the private key depends directly the security level of the wallet

All digital wallets work with these elements and why some wallets are more secure than others lies in the placer in which this private key is stored.

According to this, The types of Bitcoin wallets that currently exist are:

1. en línea wallets

These are the more commonare considered the easiest to use but at the same time the least secure.

En línea wallets keep private keys on the server of a especial platform or company.

If you are a usuario of a web wallet you will not know the private key of your account, so it is the responsibility of the platform to protect your portfolio.

This class of wallets are commonly managed by the en línea exchange houses.

Once you make the purchase of Bitcoins, the amount you bought is immediately transferred to a digital wallet so that you perro later dispose of your money.

This type of virtual portfolios have in their favor a very high level of accessibility.

You perro entrar from any device with internet access and make transactions without any inconvenience.

Experts in this field ensure that these Bitcoins wallets are ideal for storing a small quantity of cryptocurrencies so that you perro carry out operations quickly and comfortably.

However not the most secure system to have all your savings, for example.

2. Mobile wallets

This type of Bitcoin wallets emplees a especial system called Simplified Payment Verification in which you cánido download on a mobile device o Tablet a part of a chain of blocks (equipo of data blocks that support a cryptocurrency).

In practice they are systems fácil and very intuitive They work with the Android and iOS operating systems.

Just like web wallets, they allow you to have your digital currency with very easy and great accessibility.

These types of wallets are also not designed for trust large amounts of cryptocurrencyOn the contrary, there are those who say that it is the closest thing to a pocket wallet, in which you would never place all your savings.

3. desktop wallets

Desktop wallets are considered one of the safestsince they store the private key on your computer’s hard drive.

This allows that in case of using one, you are the direct responsable from your wallet, avoiding the intervention of third parties (as in the case of en línea wallets).

Additionally, these wallets normally keep the encrypted private keythis gives you more security in case your computer is damaged or stolen.

When using a desktop Bitcoin wallet the first thing you’re avoiding is that your money is compromised on digital platforms that could be hacked.

These wallets allow you to make a copy of the chain of blocks or, failing that, you perro manage only the bitcoin capacity and rely on an external source to use the string.

4. Hardware Wallets

These wallets fall into a category called physical walletsare those who depend on the internet on a very small scale.

Hardwere wallets are basically hard drives or flash drives that have the function of storing private keys in order to carry out operations with cryptocurrencies.

If at any time you are looking for a cómputo between security and accessibility, this option is for you.

It is not only considered one of the safestbut also one of the most reliable when storing a large number of Bitcoins.

5. paper purses

Paper Bitcoin wallets are not only considered physical wallets, but also fall into the category of cold wallets (those who store cryptocurrencies that will not be used for a notable period of time).

As its name indicates, it consists of the printing a code (usually QR) that stores that stores the private key of your wallet.

Doing this leaves no traces on the web and definitely keeps your wallet away from possible hacks.

The only weak point that this wallet has is that despite not having virtual threats, in theory anything could happen to that print.

And if there is no copia de seguridad (which usually happens when you want to delete any information about the digital media wallet) the cryptocurrency would not be recoverable.

6. brain purses

Brain wallets are afín to paper wallets, with the difference that instead of working with a code, these work with a key phrase.

Of course the similarity with paper purses is that in case you miss the passphrasethe cryptocurrencies stored in your wallet would also be lost.

In these cases it is always advisable to use weight phrases that cánido be remembered in case the phrase on paper is lost.

whatHow to create an en línea Bitcoin wallet?

Creating an en línea Bitcoin wallet is a process extremely fácil which only requires 4 steps that I will explain below.

You must remember that to create a Bitcoin wallet you must take into account the 6 types of wallets that exist.

Of course, when creating a wallet, the procedure it will depend on the type of wallet that you want to open

There are programs for any type of virtual portfolio and they all have a especial shape to operate, some being more complicated than others.

How do you already know the type of wallet? more used For its convenience and accessibility it is the en línea wallet.

Taking this into account, I am going to explain step by step how to create your Bitcoin wallet en línea and some of the platforms more common that will help you when doing it.

1. Choose the platform

For the creation of en línea wallets there are many platforms in the web.

However, there are some that stand out for their security measures, the design of their interfaz and other factors.

So you have an iniciativa I’m going to mention 2 of the many platforms you cánido choose from.

coinbase is an en línea cryptocurrency exchange house.

Through its platform you cánido acquire, store, send and receive Bitcoins to later dispose of them without problem.

LocalBitcoins For its part, it is a platform that specializes in people who are starting out in the field of cryptocurrencies.

The advantage of this page is that it is available for all Latin American countries.

this platform works like a market in which digital currency sellers make announcements about the Bitcoins they have available for sale.

Shoppers only look for deals in ads and finalize the purchase with the seller that meets your needs.

If you want to know how to buy and sell Bitcoins on Localbitcoins, clic here below:

2. Register on the website

Each platform has its Web pageTherefore, once you choose one, the first thing you should do is register.

To do it you just have to entrar the website of the platform and clic on the registration option.

I recommend that you register with one of the platforms that I mentioned in step 1 since they are the simplest and most secure pages there are.

To register alone you must entrar your name, surname, dirección de correo electrónico, a password and its confirmation (preferably containing a combination of numbers, letters and signs).

You must also accept the terms and conditions and clic on the “register” option.

Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is entrar your correo.

There you will have a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico that you must open to complete the opening.

3. Get your Bitcoin address

If you did step 1 right, you already have your digital wallet active.

Now what you have to do is create the address of your Bitcoin wallet.

The same digital wallet cánido be used to store different cryptocurrencies.

But although in theory they are all in one place (your wallet), each type of digital currency will have its own own address (code that other people must have to make movements to your wallet, it fulfills the same function as the account number in a bank).

Getting your Bitcoin address is quite fácil.

You just have to entrar your virtual wallet with your correo electrónico and password.

Once you have the wallet open, clic on the “Accounts” tab (it is possible that the name of the tab change slightly depending on the platform you have chosen).

Then entrar the “BTC Wallet” option and clic on “Generate Bitcoin Address”.

After following these steps an image will appear with a long code that you must copy, that will be your Bitcoin address and with this you will be able to receive your cryptocurrencies.

4. Secure your Bitcoin wallet

To make your wallet even more secure in settings you have the option to add your cell phone number to your virtual wallet.

It is as fácil as entering your phone number, waiting for a message to arrive text message with a special code and then put this code for confirmation.

The advantage of this step is that every time you log in in your wallet, the same page will be able to notify you through an mensaje de texto.

Thus you cánido count with each of the system security methods.

whatHow to create a paper wallet for Bitcoins?

The first thing you need to create your Bitcoin paper wallet is A program that allows you to do it.

Are platforms are quite common and you perro find them on the internet, however, in this section I will talk about the best known and most reliable.

Creating a paper Bitcoin wallet is one of the ways more secure to save your cryptocurrency.

You have to know that this class of virtual wallets are considered not only physical wallets because they do not depend directly on the internet, but also fall into the category of cold walletssince they are ideal for storing large amounts of Bitcoins that will not be used for a certain time.

Paper wallets, as the name implies, are they made on paper or any other material on which information cánido be printed.

What is printed are usually QR codes (a kind of barcode in which information cánido be stored) in which the private keys and public domains of the virtual wallets are stored.

If you are thinking of creating your Bitcoin paper wallet, you should know that this type of wallet is considered one of the safest because it does not depend directly on the internet.

However, since the information is printed on paper or any other material, there are other damages which perro be difficult to control.

Water, fire and even old age could affect the material in which the wallet is located and it is important that you understand that once this information is lost there will be no way to recover it.

Just like to open any other Bitcoin wallet, to create a paper wallet there are specific programs that cánido help you create it.

One of the most common programs to open paper wallets is called Bitaddress, this program works like a key generator that emplees JavaScript and does not use the internet.

This program emplees the mouse to perform a scramble of characters that generate public and private keys which will later be displayed on a screen to print.

Another of the most common programs for the generation of Bitcoin paper wallets is called Mycelium, this is characterized by having one of the forms more secure to generate them, through a USB dongle that connects directly to a printer without having any contact with the computer.

these platforms They are only 2 of the many that exist on the webso you cánido feel free to explore other options.

In either case it is necessary that download the program to be able to use it without the need to have an internet connection.

If you want to create a paper wallet there are some recommendations that will help you do it in the best possible way.

In addition to using the appropriate program to do it for your safety you must be in a safe virtual environmentthat is, on a virus-free computer or computer.

If there is malicious programa (virus or software malicioso) on your computer, the attacker could steal cómputo from your purse and this damage would not be reversed.

Some experts on the subject assure that for greater security, paper wallets must be created on computers without internet.

Additionally, they recommend that the codes don’t be saved on the computer or on USB sticks.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are thinking of creating a paper wallet, you must not save QR codes in correos electrónicos or in the form of images on your computer, these actions would put your digital portfolio at risk.

The creation of a Bitcoin wallet is the first big step to start managing this cryptocurrency. not only represents the place where it will be stored part of your patrimony, but it will also be the means by which you will be able to dispose of it.

For this reason it is so important that if you are thinking of invest time, money and effort in the world of virtual currencies you know this term and all its implications very well.

If you already have your Bitcoin wallet, leave me a comment below telling me what your experience has been and what platforms you have worked with so far.

If you still do not open your virtual wallet, What are you waiting for? Open it up and tell me how it went.

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 How to create your Bitcoin wallet in 4 fácil
  How to create your Bitcoin wallet in 4 fácil
  How to create your Bitcoin wallet in 4 fácil

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