How to create an invoice with Excel easy and

How to create an invoice with Excel easy and

ExcelIn general, it is a quite useful platform, especially when you are going to perform organized bills.

Microsoft itself allows the download of a basic template for invoices in Excel.


The first thing you should do is access the templates basic excel invoice and clic on Discharge on the blue button.

You will immediately be able to open it, it should have been thrown into My Downloads on your computer, or where you have by default that the things you download from the internet are saved.

Excel invoice template

What you will find in the excel invoice template It will be the data that you will have to entrar by default, such as the name of the company, personal data, the invoice number and date, among others.

Personal information

In addition to placing the name of the company As a header, you will have to place your personal data.

You will find some that are defective, you will only have to replace them with yours.

The first thing will be the address, below you place, below the dirección de correo electrónico, the company’s website, the telephone and the fax.

If you do not have the latter, you simply modify and delete it, just like the web, in case it is a personalized invoice that comes from a natural person and not a company.


In the Excel sheet, on the right side, there is the section to place other details of the invoice.

There you must place the invoice number that you are issuing, as well as the date.

In the same way you cánido place an expiration date, if required; otherwise you perro delete it and nothing happens.

bill to

Likewise, you will have another section below the aforementioned where you will have to entrar all the customer data.

You will only have to change the ones that are there, for those of the person to whom you issue the invoice: full name, full address and telephone number.

Send to

If you are going to send the invoice to the same customer, you leave it with the same data, although you cánido also delete it in the case of an en línea service.

Similarly, if the shipping address is different from the customer’s, you must entrar the correct data.


Another important piece of information to generate the invoice is its description, which you will have to put in excel sheet, under the data that up to now you will have already placed.

Place the name of the product or service that you have sold, in detail, next to it you place the amount.

You must also add the cost of shipping, if necessary.

If it is a service, it may not be necessary because there will be no additional cost.

automatically, the total will be calculated by Excel.

If your case includes the VAT placement, you perro also attach it.

You perro calculate the percentage separately, or right there; this would be added to the total amount of your bill.

Since this must be subtracted, you should not place the minus sign before the number.

The format in which you want to export it will ultimately be your own decision, since you have several options.

Vídeo tutorial on how to create an invoice with a Microsoft Excel 2023 template

Managing Excel is quite fácil for many, but perhaps for another it may sound a bit complex.

If you need a visual explanation to understand it better or to clarify some doubts, here is a vídeo tutorial where we explain step by step how create an invoice from a Microsoft Excel template 2023.

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 How to create an invoice with Excel easy and
  How to create an invoice with Excel easy and
  How to create an invoice with Excel easy and

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