How to create an invoice en línea without programs

How to create an invoice en línea without programs

Create an invoice en línea for free it is very fácil, besides being one hundred percent correct with everything that is needed in an invoice so that it perro be legal. If you still don’t know how to do it, follow us and we’ll espectáculo you step by step.

Entrar the website

The first thing you should do is entrar the official website and go to the center of it, in the blue section that indicates Create Invoice Now! There we must left clic, it will automatically open the option to fill in everything that should go on the invoice.

Invoice Filling

The next step will be fill in the requested data and necessary from the invoice, such as your information (full name, address and others), the description, the date, the invoice number and even your personal signature, among other things that we will detail below.


The first thing you will find on the invoice is the section desde, where you will have to place the data of who issues the invoice. If it is you who issues it, you will place your full name, as well as your postal, official, work address.

It also includes the mailing address. Depending on the country, the DNI or your identification will also be necessary. In the same way the city, the state and the country.

Bill To

In Bill To you will place exactly the same, but with the data of the person to whom you are making the invoice. This means that the correct customer data must be present. With both data, we already have the main part of an invoice.


On the right side edge is the section called Invoice, where you must place the invoice number. If it is the first one you do, it would be effectively 1. This numbering will be for each client to whom you issue an invoice.

Invoice Date

Under the place where you will place the invoice numbering, you will find Invoice Datewhere you will have to place the date on which you are issuing the invoice.

Besides, you have the option to place a logotipo in the upper right corner, but it is completely optional. However, if you have one of your own brand or company, it will be good that you do it.


Below all the information that you have already placed so far, you have Description. You must place the description of what you are selling, whether it is an object, a property, or a service. In the case of the latter, you must detail what this service is about.


There is also the section Amount where they will place the amount to be billed, and taxes only if it is necessary to include taxes, this is not always the case, and it will not be placed in all countries. Additionally, Add New Item only in the case of different services that have been performed, to add more.

In Amount, when placing the price of the service, you will notice the subtotal in the currency you have selected, be it dollars, Euros or some other. If you want to change the currency, you just have to clic next to Total and you perro change it

Add Your Signature

You cánido add your signature if you wish, although it is not mandatory either. Depending on the type of invoice you want to issue, you cánido do it optionally. This is attached to the lower right edge, in Add Your Signature.

Terms & Conditions

In terms and Conditions you perro place a especial note. For example, the expiration time of the invoice, or a note related to the payment method, as well as any other condition that you have agreed with the client. This section is located in the lower right corner.

Advanced Form

All you have done so far is a Basic From, a basic invoice. If you want a more advanced one, you only have to go to the tab next to it, which indicates Advanced Form.

You would specify many more details such as when it was sent, when it should be generated, and when it is received, among others, such as exact amounts and more.

Finish the billing process

When you have all the necessary data to issue the invoice, you must select Save Invoice, Print or Send vía Correo electrónico at the end, in the blue section. This means that you cánido perfectly save it, or print it and send it vía dirección de correo electrónico.

When selecting it, you will have to place your dirección de correo electrónico and clic on Continue To Your Invoice in the other window that will appear, and you will have created the invoice. At the end of the invoice, you perro clic on Simplifield First Page Only, clic to download PDF Invoice and you will get it downloaded in PDF.

Other options

You will notice that the page is in English; however, you will be able to change its language. you have it in configuration Editar, among other things with which you will only have to investigate a little more. Despite this, they are not things that are more relevant to issuing a correct invoice, as you have seen so far.

Vídeo tutorial on how to create a free en línea invoice 2023

If you want to see in detail in a vídeo tutorial the steps you must follow to understand how to create a free en línea invoice, you cánido access the backlink that we leave below.

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 How to create an invoice en línea without programs
  How to create an invoice en línea without programs
  How to create an invoice en línea without programs

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