How to create an en línea store to sell for

How to create an en línea store to sell for

If you want to have a business, create your own en línea store It is the best way to introduce yourself in this world.

Years ago, when I decided to start my own business because I was tired of working for othersThe first iniciativa that came to mind was to start a physical store where I could sell my products.

But when I started calculating all the expenses, I realized that It was too expensive for me…

I’d have to pay the rent of a place, electricity, buy shelves and decorations, hire someone to help me with clients. AND I didn’t have that much money to do all that.

So I thought of something simpler and also much cheaper: create a fb page and sell my products there.

But I failed: Fb does not work to sell en línea. People don’t trust shopping through a site that doesn’t look professional, and is dedicated to sharing photos with your friends.

In a month I only got make 3 sales and win $26. Was a complete disaster and I put my dream on the sidelines for weeks believing that I could never have my own business.

One day, while I was eating, I saw a commercial for a new platform called Wix in which you could create your en línea store for free without knowing anything about web page design.

So I decided to give it a try; I was not going to lose anything because creating my en línea store was free. And if it worked, I was finally going to be able to reach your dream that I had for so long.

In a month I got make 32 sales with my Wix store and I won $456 without advertising and without having the best products.

From that I started promoting myself on Fb and Instagram, giving discounts and coupons to attract more customers, and right now my en línea store It generates me $2,200 in the worst months (In the best months I have managed to earn $4,500).

Since then, I have also helped many of Andrés’ students to create their own en línea store, and although they do not have the best business model, they do it is the safest to generate profit from their houses.

And here I am going to espectáculo you the exact steps that I followed so that you perro too create your own en línea store in the next 15 minutes and start generating income from your home like I did.

How to create your en línea store free for sell by Internet

1. Escoge what products you want to sell

The first thing you should know is what kind of products are you going to sell in your virtual store.

It is important that you know this from the beginning because depending on the elementos you sell, your web page must have a design that fits those products, and your strategies to attract customers will be different.

If you already know what elementos you are going to sell in your en línea store, go to step number 2 below.

Clic here if you don’t know what products to sell in your store

The first question you should ask yourself is: are you going to sell products created by youor are you going to sell products created by others?

If you are going to create the articles yourself, you should make sure that be able to manufacture enough units to meet the demand of your customers, and not run out of depósito when they want to buy them.

But if you have decided that you are going to sell products made by others, remember that you will have to look for suppliers from whom to buy your merchandise, and what you will need to consider the time it takes to send you the elementos.

When you have decided this, it is time to think what types of products are you going to offer in your en línea store.

You cánido sell anything you perro think of: from digital products (aplicaciones for cell phones, logotipos, images, y también-books) up to physical products (clothes, accessories, beauty elementos, cell phones, plants…).

Here You must know the product you are going to sell.

This is very important when answer questions from your customersto know in which media they move to promote you better, and to transmit confidence to them at the time of their purchases.

For example: if you want to sell bicycles, but all you know is how to ride them, you will not know what to say to your clients when they ask you which accessories are the best for a specific model, or which type of bike is better to use in the city or in the mountains.

You won’t know either which websites, weblogs, magazines, and YouTube channels they visit to advertise in these media, nor what are their preferences when buying.

On the other hand, if you sell a product that you know and that you use yourself, you will be able to answer all your questions professionallyand put yourself in their shoes to find out what they like, their preferences when buying, etcétera.

And so It will give them a feeling of trust in you. that will make them feel more secure when buying from you, and of course you will be able to increase your sales and attract more customers.

2. Create your en línea store to sell

The best platform to create your en línea store is Wix Stores. It is the site where I have my en línea store, and for me it is the best because:

  • It’s free: You only need to create an account on your page to start creating your virtual store
  • you perro sell in it all the products you want. There is no limit of elementos to sell
  • It is easy: you will not need to have design knowledge to create your store in Wix
  • They have more than 400 templates with different designs to choose from
  • They give you the domain of your en línea store by creating an account with them

There are also other sites on the Internet such as etsy either Free market where you cánido put your products for sale. But the big problem with those pages is that they charge too many commissions for all.

On Etsy, each time you list a listing to sell a single product, it will cost you $0.20. Every time you sell a product, they will charge you a commission of 3.5% of the total sale price.

And if you also accept payments through the Etsy Payments system, they will charge you an additional 4% commission $0.30 every time you sell an item.

If for example on Etsy you sell a product for $23, your costs and benefits would be these:

Your Product ($23) – Sales Commission (3.5%) – Using Etsy Payments (4% – $0.30) – Listing Posting ($0.20) =

$20.77 of the product, and $2.23 of costs

Perhaps those $2.23 that you will lose in commission payments does not seem like a lot of money to you; but if you sell for example 30 products in a month, the total cost of the money you will lose will be $66.90.

In MercadoLibre or Ebay the rates are very afín, so in the end with the sales of your products you will be losing a lot of money.

Instead, With Wix Stores creating your en línea store is completely freeyou cánido add all the products you want, and they will not charge you any commission for each sale.

That is why this is the method with which I am going to teach you here how to make your sales website so you cánido start selling your products on it as soon as possible.

The first thing you should do is go to Wix websiteand once in it, clic on the orange button “Create your page”.

On the next screen you must write your correo electrónico twice, and once password that you want to use twice as well; after, clic on “Sign up” to create your account.

The editor will appear immediately to start creating your en línea store. On the screen that appears, Clic on “Create your site” and you will see all the templates that Wix offers you for your website.

Here you have more than 400 designs to choose fromand you cánido select different templates from the menu on the left depending on the business you are going to equipo up.

For this example, I’m going to create an en línea t-shirt store for men and women.

In the menu on the left I have clicked on “En línea store”and then on page 2 I put the mouse over the image “En línea T-shirt store”, and selected “Editar”.

Do the same when you have choose a design you like so you cánido move on to the next page and start building your sales page.

Here all you have to do is clic on each element of the page that you want to change, and editar it as you want: changing the text, uploading other images…

In this way, only with your mouse and your keyboard you will be able to design totally to your liking and in a fácil way your en línea store.

When you have finished uploading your products and customizing everything, in the menu on the left you cánido configure the other aspects as what forms of payment will you acceptshipping methods, your inventory…

To finish, you will only need to clic on the “Preview” button that is located at the top right and thus to see how your en línea store will look.

If everything is to your liking, you will only need clic on the “Publish” buttonand your virtual store will already be en línea for your customers to start buying from you.

Here below I share a small vídeo where you perro see how to editar and change the elements of your virtual store to customize your design, and upload your own products.

clicking on the backlinks Below you cánido see en línea stores and successful web pages created with Wix Stores:

3. Take inventory and buy the products you need

In this step you will take inventory of products to sell en línea that you are going to include in your store.

If you are going to sell your own products…

The first step here is make a list of the products that you are going to create and sell in your en línea store.

Write them all and next to each product write down the materials you will need to make themand how many units are you going to start selling of each of them.

Look for stores in your city that sell the materials you need wholesale so that when you buy them they will be cheaper, and thus you perro save on your production costs.

At first You only have to make 5 units of each product; so you cánido see which ones are selling the best and then focus on creating more units of your star products.

For example: if you are going to sell accessories such as rings, bracelets and necklaces, make 5 units of each.

If you sell all the bracelets, but only sell 2 units of each ring and each necklace, next time make 10 units of bracelets and only 5 units of rings and 5 units of necklaces.

If you are going to sell other people’s products…

Here you must also create a list of products you want to selland if you want them to be from a specific brand, write down the brand next to each one of them.

You must look for suppliers that offer you quality merchandise, and at a good price.

Entrar Google plus and there look for companies that sell those products, and see if they have a website so you cánido call them by phone or send them an dirección de correo electrónico to get information about their elementos and prices.

Always you must search for at least 3 different providers to be able to compare the conditions and prices that they offer you, and thus choose the best one for you.

When you have those salespeople, before making a product purchase from them, follow these consejos:

  • Escoge what you want from your provider. You must be clear about what you need to provide. You want me to be cheap even if the product is of poorer quality? Or do you prefer pay a little more to sell you good quality products?
  • Choose the best provider. You must review which supplier has the best productthe best price, and the best conditions for you. Also look for references to be sure that it is a company that you cánido trust.
  • Place a small first order. When you have decided on the provider you are going to work with, make a first order that is small (of a few units only) so you cánido check the quality of their products and their service. If you like his way of working, keep buying from him. But if you are not satisfied, try a different distributor.

4. Use the Internet to promote yourself

Your customers are not going to visit your virtual store alone: ​​they need to make yourself known and promote yourself so that they go to your en línea store and start buying from you as soon as possible.

Use a single channel to advertise of your products at first; In this way, you will be able to concentrate better on your promotions, and your sales will be higher.

Here you have the most effective means to start advertising your virtual store on the Internet.

Remember choose only one of them at first so you perro better focus on promoting yourself through that channel.

Create an account on Fb and Instagram

Popular networks They are the best way to make yourself known new customers and increase your sales (and also they are for free).

So create a fb page and an Instagram account with the name of your en línea store. Put in them the direct backlink to your sales website so they perro clic on it and start buying from you.

Upload your product photos with a description or a funny phrase that invites them to buy. On Fb, also add the direct backlink to each product in its corresponding photo.

When you’re done, invite your friends from Fb and Instagram what to do I like on your page and follow you, and share it with the rest of their contacts.

In this way you will begin to have followers who will go to your en línea store and they will become your customers.

To learn other ways to get more followers on Fb, read this article: How to have more followers on Fb (11 secret strategies).

Send your product to bloggers and youtubers

Send one of the products you sell to people who have a habitual blog or YouTube account it will make your sales multiply. Because?

Because those bloggers and youtubers will espectáculo your product to all their followers and readers, and hundreds of people will know what your en línea store iswhat do you sell in it, and many will go to buy you immediately.

Most big brands use this strategy promotion because it is very effective and is much cheaper than placing ads in other media.

If, for example, you send a product that costs $13 to a blogger, he espectáculos it to his readers, and there are 17 of those people who see it and buy it in your en línea store, you will generate $221 with those sales.

Yes, you will have lost $13 for free shipping that product to that blogger; but in exchange you will generate a profit of $221, and in addition you will gain customers that probably they will buy from you again in the future.

What you should do here is search weblogs and YouTube channels Let them talk about things related to your products.

For example, if you sell cosmetic products, look at channels and bloggers make reviews or tutorials about makeup. If you are going to sell cooking accessories, look for weblogs that talk about food or make cooking recipes.

You have to make sure they are habitual: on YouTube they must have at least 3,000 subscribers, and if it is a blog they must have a minimum of 5,000 visits per month.

Choose only 3 weblogs or YouTube channels to startand send them an correo electrónico explaining that you have an en línea store and you want to collaborate with them by sending them one of your products so they perro try it out.

When they accept this participation with you, you only have to send them one of your products, and they will take care of try it out and talk about it to your followers.

this will be how you will make yourself known to many peopleand you will be able to win customers to start your en línea store with good sales.

5. Use the postal service to send your orders

If you are going to sell digital products in your en línea store, such as templates for weblogs, music or electronic books, all you have to do is configure your page so that your clients perro download the article at the time of your purchase.

But if you are going to sell physical products (clothes, cell phones, crafts made by you…) send your orders through the postal service from your country.

It’s much cheaper send your packages through the postal service or through a private courier company such as DHL, UPS or Seur.

For example: if you send a package within México weighing less than 1 kilo, through UPS would cost you 494 pesosand through the Mexican postal service it would cost you only 40 pesos.

If you send a package within Spain weighing less than 1 kilo, through DHL would cost you 19 eurosand through the national service of Postage would cost you only 7.50 euros.

When you put the products inside the packages, protect them well with resistant materials so that your elementos are not damaged in transit.

Wrap them in bubble wrap to absorb the blows they may suffer, and if you use envelopes, remember that they must be strong so that they do not break along the way.

In this way you will ensure that your packages are fully protected throughout the journey, and that arrive in perfect condition in the hands of your customers.

6. Do you need permits and licenses?

When people ask me for advice about starting a new venture on the Internet, what they always worry about is this:

  • I have to register me somewhere to run my business?
  • Need Paying taxes for the products I sell?
  • I must get a license or special permission for my venture?

The answer to those three questions is no..

Create an en línea store It is different from opening a traditional business in which you need to hire employees, have a physical location, and request permits to be able to manage it.

Internet ventures work in a different way, and that is why You do not need to register or have specific licenses to open your virtual business.

So forget about thisand don’t give it any more turns.

Regarding taxes, yes you will have to pay them, but only if you reach a minimum amount profit per year selling your products.

In Spain this amount is €9,906 per year; In most Latin American countries, this amount is higher and is usually about $11,400 a year.

That is to say: if you sell your products en línea, and in a year you earn less than $11,400 (in Latin America) or less than €9,906 per year (in Spain), you will not have to pay taxes.

But if selling your products in your en línea store you earn more than $11,400 or €9,906 in a year, yes you will have to pay taxes that correspond to you

That’s why you shouldn’t worry about this issue. until you have been with your en línea store for at least a year selling your products.

These are the exact steps i took for create a successful en línea storeand with which I now generate between $2,200 and $4,500 each month.

Make your own virtual store with a platform like Wix Stores It won’t take you more than 15 minutesand once you have your merchandise, all you need to do is put it up for sale and start preparing your buyers’ orders.

And you, what type of en línea store would you like to create and what products would you sell in it? Leave me a comment below and tell me!

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 How to create an en línea store to sell for
  How to create an en línea store to sell for
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