How to create an editorial line for the blog

How to create an editorial line for the blog

Have you defined the editorial line What will your blog have? If you still don’t know what this concept is about, I cánido tell you that it cánido give you the opportunity to be successful with a personal or professional blog in the long term.

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In addition, with a well-defined content strategy, you perro give it a personal styleunique and get more readers that translate into a loyal community.

That is why I invite you to continue reading this article, where we are going to deepen a little more about the editorial line of your content.


What is an Editorial Line?

A editorial line, focused from the point of view of a Blog or digital platform to publish content, is a clearly defined style that allows you to trace a path to follow for the content of your blog.

This means that the investment in time and money that you are putting in is not in vain.

In other words, it is a guide that gives your website a body and identity.

That’s why when you have more guest authorsit is recommended that the texts maintain the same essence and be homogeneous, all of them adhering to the editorial line that you want to mark.

By following some aspects that you are going to see in this articulo, you perro even make sure that other people, when writing for you, will do so following a philosophy imposed by you.

And let’s be honest, there may come a point where you no longer have time to write or need help covering all of your planned content.

Checklist to create the Editorial Line of your Blog

Now that you have an iniciativa of ​​what an editorial line is, I am going to tell you the steps you must follow to create your own:


Start with an open mind.

The first thing you should do is start working on your blog with an open mind, so start thinking about the hierarchy of your articles such as the categories, subcategories and tags that you are going to use.

Once your blog grows and some time passes, it is a good practice to make a inspection of articulo hierarchies to know if you have to make any adjustments.

Do not forget that these themes must accompany your client in the different phases of the sales funnel, such as before, during and after they have made a purchase on your site.


Compare your competition

A good strategy when starting a project is to compare your competition with the products or services they offer or the protocols they follow step by step.

And how do we do that with an editorial line?

Well, easy, you just have to take a look at the topics they publish, the time frames when publishing new content, the palabras clave or palabras clave they use and the content structure.

To know the organic “armario background” it would be good for you to do a complete Keyword Research on these competing websites.

Remember that this method is just to get an iniciativa of ​​how to start your own strategy; you must not copy from them, but only have a notion of how they work.


Determine your prototype reader

A very important point when creating the editorial line is to define the objetivo audience that you want to consume your content to ensure future conversions.

To do this, you must think about their problem and how you cánido solve it through what you have to offer, that is, your assets (products or services).

After you have clarified this point, you only have to create the content according to the phase of the funnel in which the client is, as I explained in detail in my Inbound Marketing guide.


Structure your quality content

At the SEO level and for your own readers, having a good structure in your Blog is essential so that neither of you get lost when browsing your site.

So for categories, add the most general content How cánido the topics to be discussed in your Blog.

For the subcategories, the topics that in a certain way support your main content perro go.

The categories must be subject to the type of business that you are going to expose to the readers, among other factors such as loyalty and education of the subject to grow the brand.

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Establish a writing style

Defining a writing style in your editorial line is very important if you are going to have a few writers at your disposal.

For that you perro create a guest authors guide that they will use as a reference for the different posts to publish.

In this guide you cánido clarify the ideology of the brand, the objetivo audience, format and dimensions of the images, extension of the themes, intention of the contents and if they should use a formal or informal voice, etcétera.

With these points noted in a style guide, your collaborators will be able to have a very clear notion of what you want to expose in your blog and they will work correctly.


Create your blog’s editorial calendar

It is time for you to start designing your editorial calendar, it will establish the content to be discussed and the publication dates.

For that you must first define the frequency according to your type of business, the sites that are very large generally have daily content and a squad of editors behind them.

If you want to create an en línea store or your site is more like a personal blog, it is recommended that you publish weekly.

You only have to choose the day, the topic to be discussed and the time of publication.

An editorial calendar cánido be made from a platform that provides you with the tools, even with paper and pencil.

The most common is to use Excel where you add all the information that the article will contain.

Such as the time and day of publication, purpose of the articulo, the category or subcategory it represents, the main keyword and the structure H1, H2, H3, etcétera.


You already know what an editorial line is and what it represents for your personal blog, now you have the necessary knowledge to start creating your own version according to your type of business.

Remember that this step is essential for any blog, since it allows you a constant flow of content in the medium and long term, do not forget to keep an open mind since it is something that will take time.

It is always good to spy on the competition a bit to find out how they operate, but without the need to copy their elabora, once you do that you cánido define the profile of your ideal reader.

And do not forget to build the structure of your content according to the search intention and the topic to be discussed, since it is a very decisive aspecto when creating content.

After knowing what an editorial line is, how will you begin to shape your own Blog?

Tell me your opinion about it and if this information has been very helpful.

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 How to create an editorial line for the blog
  How to create an editorial line for the blog
  How to create an editorial line for the blog

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