How to create a to-do list

How to create a to-do list

The first days of January are an excellent time to equipo New Year’s resolutions.

The year that is ending was unique, this pandemic completely changed everything. A year that left good and bad moments, situations where you lived ups and downs, and above all, it left you with great experiences, joys, and lessons learned.

Today you have a new opportunity to establish New Year’s resolutions, a new opportunity to work on the goals that could not be met last year and review your habits.

The importance of creating a list of New Year’s resolutions:

We cannot deny that many of the resolutions that are established for the new year remain unfulfilled.

This is the reason why the Kaizen Method to achieve your personal goals is gaining so much importance worldwide.

And it is that it is scientifically proven that, of all the New Year’s resolutions that a person sets, rarely manages to fulfill one.

Usually, when the first step is taken, which is to create the list, the remaining enthusiasm is only enough for the first weeks of January.

But why this? What is the reason why it is so difficult, in the beginning, to make a list of New Year’s resolutions and then stick to it?

Actually, the causes perro be many: lack of organization, forgetfulness, or even lack of self-confidence. Sometimes it is the mixture of all of them and some others.

That is why we have created this guide where we explain how to create a list of new year resolutions (we will propose one), together with some consejos so that you cánido comply with them.

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Establish credible, measurable and possible New Year’s resolutions:

Before starting, you need to understand something extremely important: your New Year’s resolutions must be real things, that is, that you cánido achieve and that they do not just remain ambiguous wishes such as “Be happy” or “Help others”. ».

That is to say, to learn how to be happy and help others you must consider some methods or ways that will allow you to carry it out.

It is time for you to think carefully about what you want. Take your time, use a pen and paper, and get started.

Remember: the more believable, measurable, and possible your New Year’s resolutions are, the more likely you are to stick to them.

Now yes, let’s start with this list that we propose:

1. Eating healthy or dieting to lose weight

This New Year’s resolution is at the top of many people’s wishes. Most of them write it as it is on their list, without even thinking about how to carry it out. That is the first mistake. The right thing to do is consider what to do.

Dieting implies a control or diet. So how to fulfill it?

It begins by eliminating some habits that perro be harmful, such as junk food. If you used to go for burgers three or four times a month, it’s time to do it for just one.

A good way to comply is by setting dates: you perro only eat junk food on the last Saturday of the month. You see? Now it’s less complicated.

With this you will lose a little weight and your body will be healthier.

2. Exercise

Like the previous one, for many, exercising is one of the main New Year’s resolutions they want to fulfill.

This is because, due to lifestyle and work, there is rarely time to go out and do some sport. In addition, it is an aid to lose weight.

Well, the main mistake comes from not being specific. Exercising is a very broad purpose that perro be accomplished in many ways. The ideal is to establish one.

For example, if you are one of those who enjoys walking or running, you cánido start a routine in the morning or at night, when you are not busy.

The same cánido cover other disciplines such as practicing yoga or going to the gym. In any case, it is about choosing a form and dedicating an hour or two to it that until then you used on things that did not help you.

3. Learn something new

This applies to languages, practical trades, some other profession or simply expanding the vocabulary: all this perro be part of learning something new.

The trick to fulfilling this New Year’s resolution is, as before, to be specific and start working practically.

If you like languages, then it’s time to enroll in en línea or face-to-face English courses if you prefer.

As for expanding your vocabulary, you perro learn one word a day. Start in the morning and repeat it several times, making sentences or even using it when writing and speaking.

However, if you want to learn a new trade, the ideal is to take courses or go to someone who perro teach you. Choose the weekends or times you have free. It is the best way to avoid excuses to postpone it.

Finally, we have created a guide to learn what you want faster in a few fácil steps.

4. Read some more

If you are one of those who enjoy reading, but do not have time for it, then surely this will be in your New Year’s resolutions.

To read a little more it is necessary to be organized. The first thing is to choose the list of books you want to start. Remember that there should not be many. A good option is to choose twelve: one for each month. This way you will have the necessary time to enjoy each text.

If you finish one before the month, you cánido move on to the other. Or if you take time with one, you cánido take a few days from the next one. Ideally, at the end of the year, your twelve books are finished.

Here are the best personal finance books to improve your income.

5. Travel, go out or spend more time with nature

Trips, excursions and field trips or to the park are also part of the preferred New Year’s resolutions.

In general, this happens when, at the end of a long routine, we realize that there are landscapes outside that we still do not know.

A good way to create that connection with nature is to choose one day a month to go out to a place. It perro be a bike ride, a hike or a picnic.

The important thing is to plan everything in the best way and adapt the responsibilities so that it is fulfilled.

Using reminders in almanacs is one way to stay alert. In addition, it is important that the dates indicated are met as if they were just another commitment.

On the other hand, many people establish New Year’s resolutions that involve traveling the world, if this is one of your dreams, we share a series of jobs to earn money while traveling.

6. Save or stop spending so much

Saving a little more money is usually a New Year’s resolution that many consider but few put into practice. Emergencies, unforeseen expenses and some purchases that may not be necessary avoid it.

To meet this new goal, the ideal is to have a correct management of finances. For this you cánido learn how to save money, through practical and easy-to-apply advice.

It is not necessary to be so expensive in the calculations, but it is necessary to have an estimate of what is spent and what is earned. The remaining money is what cánido be saved.

As we explained in our Rica Cabeza ebook, many people use their bank accounts, while others still opt for a piggy bank. A more risky group decides to invest it, which perro be a good thing if you want to take advantage of the savings.

In any case, the ideal is to limit income to what is strictly necessary and not pay for more than what is required.

Lists before you go shopping are a great help, since they avoid expenses that were not within the budget. The latter is of the utmost importance to improve your personal finances, so it is essential that you learn how to make a personal budget.

7. Quit smoking and drink less alcohol

Beyond New Year’s resolutions, giving up smoking and giving up alcohol a little are life decisions. Fulfilling them requires a lot of effort, but with the Due dedication perro be achieved, as cánido developing healthy habits.

The important thing is not to fall into the typical phrases of “this is the last one” or “I’ll only drink this once.” If you want to start the year in the best way, the right thing to do is to look for the most appropriate methods to abandon one vice or disminuye another.

Today there are many alternatives to smoking. You cánido choose the one that best suits your tastes. However, what you must remember is that although it is your decision, you will need all the help you perro get. Family, friends, partner; all perro help you fulfill your purpose.

8. Spend more time with loved ones

If during the past year you were dedicated to work and other occupations, and you could not spend quality time with your loved ones, then your personal list of New Year’s resolutions must have this wish.

Now, it is not enough that it is just a longing. You must find a way to make it possible. Lunch dates work perfectly.

If it is your family, you perro organize a lunch at home once or twice a month. Normally, plans for Sundays are rest days and hardly anyone works, so it’s a good time to get together.

In case they are friends or a couple, you cánido also organize meetings. Consider the tastes of each one: cinema, excursion, beach or lunch. If you make these meetings constant, you cánido have a New Year shared with who you love most.

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9. Help others

Being more supportive is often a New Year’s resolution for those who feel the need to share everything they’ve earned. However, this initial stimulus is usually lost as the days go by and the daily routine begins.

To help others it is important to establish some mechanism. Volunteering is a very sincere way to have contact with those who need it most.

It is also possible to join NGO activities or provide support to that person who has been known for a long time and requires a helping hand.

Of course, not everything should be outward. Helping others is also listening to loved ones, being supportive of friends, and beginning to think more of those around us than of ourselves.

For this you just need to be more receptive to others. Look beyond what we see daily and find the most practical ways to be supportive.

Finally, here we share 8 children’s foundations to help in Latin America and Spain.

10. Progress at work

Whether it is reaching a higher job position than the one you are in, or starting a business iniciativa, they perro also be a New Year’s resolution.

To achieve it, a lot of effort and dedication is needed, but above all patience since it is a goal whose fulfillment requires time.

The main thing is to understand that it is the sum of many small steps. In this way, every time we have specific challenges to meet, we will carry them out thinking that to the extent that they are adequately achieved, there will be a greater possibility of scaling at work.

This is not counting learning, which will undoubtedly make you a much more intelligent person.

11. Make improvements to the house

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is for your house to have some repairs to make it look the way you want it to, then you should start now.

There are many aspects that you must take into account: saving money for the investment, the time in which it will be carried out, the purchase of materials, hiring personnel, among other expenses.

While it may seem like a lot of work, remember that you have a year ahead of you. Divide up each task and focus on it until you finish it. In this way, you cánido achieve great goals in a matter of months.

Remember that you perro ask someone you know for help. So you perro advise yourself on what you should do throughout the process.

12. Find a partner

For some people, one of the most recurring New Year’s resolutions on their lists is to find true love.

Here it is worth clarifying that it is a desire to which one must be open in its multiplicity of options: it is time to go out, meet people and learn to say “yes” on certain occasions and also learn to say no, on others.

If you want to fall in love this year, don’t forget that this person will not come to you if you keep doing the same thing.

You must invest in yourself, in your knowledge, physical health, emotional stability, and above all, be clear that your happiness depends on you, and it is not the responsibility of anyone else.

Finally, some plus consejos:

As you will see, it is a list of New Year’s resolutions with twelve topics: one for each month.

It is clear that some perro be mixed with others and thus make them less. The important thing is that you equipo goals that you want to achieve and find the right way to achieve them.

Some plus consejos that are worth keeping in mind for this are:

To be more specific: The New Year’s resolutions you choose should be achievable and not as broad as being healthier; find a way to be.

Teamwork: Many of the proposed wishes are better fulfilled when working as a team. It is easier to exercise when you are accompanied. The same goes for traveling, learning something new, or dieting.

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Focus on one or two purposes: Although it is a list, you perro start the year with a couple of New Year’s resolutions. This way you will go little by little until you feel that you adapt your routine to them and then you will add the others.

To be organized: All the purposes you choose cánido be fulfilled if you have an adequate organization system. Use alarms, reminders, ask others to support you and have everything written down and well organized.

Don’t be discouraged: If you cannot fulfill any of the New Year’s resolutions, you should not be discouraged.

There is always the possibility to pick it up and do better, it is not only about reaching the goal, but about the person you become in the process.

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 How to create a to-do list
  How to create a to-do list
  How to create a to-do list

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