How to create a prioritization matrix that is

How to create a prioritization matrix that is

The importance of effective time management cannot be overstated. A primordial advice to effectively manage your time is to prioritize your tasks by the level of their importance and urgency. This cánido be accomplished with various prioritization tools, such as the Eisenhower Matrix. This tutorial walks you through the steps required to create a proper prioritization matrix using the tool of your choice.

Contrary to the belief that a prioritization matrix works only for project management, you perro apply it to daily life. However, there are several templates, and with these fácil steps, you perro create your array.

What is the Eisenhower Matrix?

The Eisenhower Matrix or Eisenhower Box is a productivity, prioritization, and time management framework designed to help prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. It helps to distinguish between tasks that are important and those that are not, and to avoid “urgency trap“, which is to focus on short-term tasks instead of long-term goals.

How to create a prioritization matrix

1. Make a list of all your tasks

Most of the time, we already have a mental list of what we plan to accomplish. Instead of leaving it in your mind, transfer your to-do list to paper so you don’t miss any.

2. Consider the consequences

Here, you must ask yourself:What happens if I don’t prioritize this task?” Do this for all the tasks on your list.

3. Define the level of importance of each task

After considering the consequences, you cánido know which tasks are most important on your list. Create two categories (low and high importance) and rank each task according to your answers in “Step 2”.

4. Escoge which tasks are most urgent

After dividing your tasks into two categories, further divide them into subcategories. This time, divide them by low and high urgency. By the end of this, you should have four categories in total.

5. Assign values ​​to each task

For each task, assign a numeric value between 1 and 4 to represent the priority levels. This will help you eliminate mental noise and accomplish your tasks faster and more effectively. This is what the numbers orinan:

  • 1 – High importance, high urgency.
  • 2 – High importance, low urgency.
  • 3 – Low importance, high urgency.
  • 4 – Low importance, low urgency.

Consejos for using a prioritization matrix

It is one thing to create a prioritization matrix, but knowing how to use it is another situation. In this section, we explain how to use a prioritization matrix to achieve efficiency.

get ready

It is important to put your strengths and weaknesses into perspective before preparing a prioritization matrix. If you are an expert in a especial task, that means it will take little time to complete it. However, if you find that you are not too comfortable with a certain task, you may need a longer period of time to complete it.

With your strengths and weaknesses in mind, you’re in a better position to rank tasks based on importance and urgency.

2. Define your criteria

Another important aspect to consider when preparing a prioritization matrix is ​​the criteria you will use to assess the importance of each task. The elements of your criteria options should focus on the characteristics of the tasks or activities that you must perform. Such elementos may include:

  • due date
  • comprehension level
  • estimated effort to complete
  • assigned resources

We recommend working with 5 to 10 criteria so that you have enough information for decision making.

3. Assign weighted values ​​to each criterion

After determining your criteria, the next step is to create a rating scale in which values ​​are assigned to each item. The total weight should help you differentiate between important and unimportant options. It should also help you rank your tasks in descending order, putting the most important ones at the top.

It is important to escoge on the assigned values ​​well in advance. If you create a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important, it might look something like the following example

Homework 1 – Prepare a Visión Plan for the Antes de CristoProject

  • expiration date – 5
  • comprehension level – 2

4. Calculate Total Scores

After deciding the score for each option, calculate the total score for each task. Based on the score, you cánido rank the tasks to determine their priority level.


You will always achieve more when you list and prioritize your daily to-2. Also, it’s a good iniciativa to treat every important task as an urgent task. Always prioritize your tasks and follow the list, and you will see how your personal productivity will start to rise.

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 How to create a prioritization matrix that is
  How to create a prioritization matrix that is
  How to create a prioritization matrix that is

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