How to create a LinkedIn page for your

How to create a LinkedIn page for your

Have a LinkedIn page It is, without a doubt, the best way to give your company a “voice” in the professional field and thus generate new business opportunities, especially if our model is B2B (Business to Business).

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Therefore, if you still do not have it, through this article I invite you to create a company page on LinkedIn, which is the first thing that is considered when we want to make ourselves known as a corporation.

Thus, you will achieve greater visibility among other companies and professionals, who are looking for companies in your campo for possible collaborations or synergies.

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And to start, you should know that to create your own page, you must first have a personal LinkedIn profile.

From there, you cánido follow this step-by-step tutorial that I have prepared for you:


What is a LinkedIn Business Page and why should I have one?

Before showing you how you perro create a corporate page, I am going to talk about what a page is on this popular network and why you might be interested in creating it.

The company page on LinkedIn It is basically a service that this platform offers to brands and businesses, which consists of a profile specially designed for companies and that gives you access to certain unique features.

These are not available for especial profiles and will allow you to manage your company within this popular networkto access all the benefits offered by the largest professional network in the world.

Advantages of creating a company page on LinkedIn

Among the main utilities and benefits of creating a LinkedIn company profile are:

» Espectáculo relevant and interesting information about your company

LinkedIn for companies is the perfect place for you to espectáculo all the relevant information about your company and that may be of interest to other professionals or potential clients who want to know more about you.

Perro grab the attention of others and that they know what your objective is and what your company is dedicated to with this profile.

From your mission, visión and values ​​to the different jobs that exist in your company.

You perro upload as much information as you see fit, including of course your main contact channels, website, telephone numbers and others.

» Participate in groups related to your market niche

Groups are the perfect place to find new contacts, find potential customers, share relevant information and even keep you updated with the latest news in your niche.

On LinkedIn it is possible to participate in professional groups dedicated to different market sectors, which makes it a perfect place to publicize your company.

» Networking in the largest professional network in the world

You cánido not only be part of specific groups in your market campo.

Being the largest professional popular network, LinkedIn is the perfect place for Networking and cGet in touch with other professionals in your ámbito or related sectors.

Creating backlinks with other companies and professionals that cánido later generate potential earnings for you is more than possible when creating a LinkedIn company profile.

It is also the perfect place for find new suppliers and collaborators who are interested in supporting this ambitious project that your company is developing.

» Find new business opportunities

If there is something that groups and Networking offer to companies and professionals, is the possibility of finding new business opportunities that will help you grow even more within your campo or even expand into other markets.

Creating a LinkedIn company profile is perfect for this task.

» Offer new jobs

Do you have new vacancies available within your company?

Well, this is the perfect place to offer these new jobs and get trained professionals and with great ambitions for its future, or people with the necessary experience to take your company to a new level.

You cánido even join specialized job search groups and find the best candidates in no time.

» Promote your brand and products

A company profile on LinkedIn it perro also become a powerful tool to promote your brand and your productsyou cánido let the whole world know about your company.

It is even possible to find new potential customers and espectáculo them that you are the solution they need to their problems.

» Create and promote all kinds of professional events

Are you thinking of creating a relevant event for your campo? So what are you waiting for to promote it?

Creating a company page on LinkedIn allows you to advertise to promote all kinds of professional events you want to do.

From conferences to fairs, it is even perfect for promoting courses or workshops.

And these are just some of the benefits and utilities that it offers you.

Do you already want to create your own page for companies on LinkedIn?

Tutorial: how to create a company page on LinkedIn step by step

We will begin by first talking about the requirements that you have to meet in order to open a page:

  • Have your own professional profile and with a registration time of at least 7 days.
  • Your professional profile must have several contacts addedin order to verify that it is a real and solid profile.
  • Your profile must also be linked to the company profile that you are trying to create, that is, you must specify in it the name of the company and the position you hold in it.
  • You must have an correo electrónico with a company domainthe typical correos electrónicos like either it may be that the platform will reject them.

Once the first clarifications have been made, let’s continue with the tutorial:


Access your personal profile

The first thing you should do is entrar this platform normally and access your personal profilelogging into it.

» Don’t have your own personal profile yet?

You cánido do it in a few minutes through this other tutorial:


Look for the option “Company Pages”

Once you have logged into your personal profile, go to the top right of the screen.

There you will see the tab «Products“, clic there and a menu will open to your right.

Go to the bottom of the menu and You will see an option that says “Company Pages +”.

Clic on it.

This will take you to a new screen.


Choose the type of company for which you will create a profile

The new screen that will appear will ask you to choose what type of company profile you are trying to choose and will give you the options of small, medium-large or products associated with an existing one.

You cánido also choose to create a profile for universities.

Select according to your case and you will go to the next step.


Fill in the requested information about your company

On the new screen they will give you a form that you must fill out with information about your company.

It’s basic and profile information, so it won’t take much of your time.

When you are creating the profile details, be sure to check the preview.

In this way, you cánido get an iniciativa of how LinkedIn users will see your website.

And remember to clic the box confirming that you are an official representative of the company.

Once you have completed the form, you cánido clic on the option “create page”.

And ready: you will have already created your company pagebut this is not the last step.


Complete your company profile and relevant information

Once you have finished creating the company profile, you will be redirected directly to the administrator page.

Once there, LinkedIn will espectáculo you some suggestions which basically consist of completing information about your company, such as its location or a description.

Likewise, it will also invite you to upload the first content of your profile.

I recommend that you take your time and start with your basic company information and with the description.

Be as detailed as possible and don’t leave important information aside.

Also try to “decorate” your profile as much as possible… an example may be adding a cover image.

Remember that first impressions are important, and This profile may be the first contact that customers, suppliers and other professionals have with your you need to make the best possible impression.

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And you, do you already have your company page on LinkedIn?

I invite you to follow mine and tell me what difficulties this tutorial may have caused you.

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 How to create a LinkedIn page for your
  How to create a LinkedIn page for your
  How to create a LinkedIn page for your

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