How to create a bitcoin wallet in Xapo

How to create a bitcoin wallet in Xapo

As Torrente would say: Good afternoon, friends! Here we are for another day, this time, and as I promised you last week, I am going to espectáculo you a purse to safely store your Bitcoin.

Like all currency, it must be kept in a wallet, this time virtual, there are many on the internet (or many, as we would say in my land), but I have chosen the one that I think provides greater securityis called XAPOand like all, it is completely free, but what do those of XAPO with this, well, the commissions (small or large) that they will give us for transfer our bitcoins to our local currency (in my case Euros).

To save the bitcoin that we cánido win en línea There are few things needed to create a Bitcoin wallet in XAPO: some passwords and an dirección de correo electrónico address.

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It really is that It is very fácilso I’m going to skip rhetoric and I’m going to summarize it in a few steps with their corresponding images, do you think?

step first

One has to put our dirección de correo electrónicowith a code of 4 numbers and a password, then you have to solve a capchat and verify it, accept the terms and conditions and clic to create an account.

second step

In this second step they will ask us for our personal datawhen I did it for myself, I put the correct data, obviously, now I have put the first ones that have come to my mind, hahaha!! (sorry Carlos Aniquila, famous Venezuelan actor).

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third step

It will ask us to verify our dirección de correo electrónicois what we will do, we go to our dirección de correo electrónico service provider and we acceptso much clicking on the backlink like copying and pasting in the navigation bar

fourth step

Go to your e-e correo electrónico service provider and check the correo electrónico that XAPO has sent youand that’s it, you perro go to your bitcoin wallet.

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AND we already have our wallet XAPO to save our bitcoins, and how to collect them? Well, that’s another story, but I’m going to give you an advance: credit card XAPO, but before charging you have to have enough money, therefore, in the next articulo I will explain ways to earn bitcoinor rather, satoshis, which is the minimum expression of Bitcoin, (like our cents in euros), easy and fast ways, from your own computer, earning 70 satoshis every half hour, which hey, little by little, they will be making a amount that is worthwhile for us to collect.

Greetings friends and see you next time!

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 How to create a bitcoin wallet in Xapo
  How to create a bitcoin wallet in Xapo
  How to create a bitcoin wallet in Xapo

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