As a usuario of the platform eToro Perhaps the time will come when you need to contact their technical support for this you need some guidance. Well, in this article we are going to talk about precisely how to contact eToro, step by step and in a very fácil way. Keep reading this information if you want to find out.

We will espectáculo you below, what are the different contact options that eToro puts at your disposal and what they consist of:

Customer care Center

This one depends a bit on whether or not they are currently active. If they are, then you cánido entrar it pressing where says “Clic here” to start a live chat. Of course, in order to get service, you must use this feature during business hours in the country where you are. So keep this in mind.

In case you have problems opening the live chat or you are not at a suitable time and you want attention at the moment, you cánido also, on the same page (at the bottom), Open a new incident. In this way they cánido also answer you and in this section you cánido expose whatever your case is using the sections and the corresponding subsections.

It may turn out that you still cannot solve the problem, so here you are also given the option of I still need helpwith which you will be given a couple of sections where you perro add a issue and one description of the matter, apart from being able upload archivos relevant to your problem (a screenshot, for example). Having everything well completed and written, you proceed to clic in Send Message.

This is one way to get in touch with eToro. The other way to do it is this:

Follow eToro on Twitter for technical support

Although it may seem incredible, you cánido receive the answers to your problems with the eToro platform through follow your account on Twitter. Here you cánido find very useful suggestions from users of this financial broker who have managed to solve the problems that you currently have or something afín.

If you do not receive any results from the publicaciones de Twitter, then you perro choose to send your queries by direct messagesince, in this way, it is more certain to obtain an answer.

A second way you have to get in touch with eToro through this popular network (Twitter) is the next:

Contact vía Ask eToro Team

It is an option that currently is in english and you find it by typing in the Twitter search engine the word eToro.

If you search and you press he button publicaciones de Twitter and replies in a central options panel, what you will find will be in a forum where you get an armamento of questions and answers about concerns and issues with the eToro platform. Cánido ask your questions and the speed of response will be almost immediate. Of course, for this, if you do not speak English, you will have to seek some assistance with that language, perhaps with an en línea translator.

These are the ways that, today, exist for contact eToro. We have described them here so that you have a basic iniciativa of ​​how you should proceed in case you need technical assistance from eToro support at any given time.

Vídeo of how to Contact eToro in 2023

If you need a broader visión on this topic and more information, be sure to Watch the vídeo How to contact eToro in 2023attached to the following backlink:

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