How to contact DEGIRO

How to contact DEGIRO

Do you want to make a claim, request clarification of doubts, request some type of advice or another request from DEGIRO? Here in this article it is explained how to contact DEGIRO in 2023, to get answers to your concerns.

Firstly, there are several ways to entrar contact DEGIRO and they are all pretty easy to follow.

First of all, you must access the DEGIRO contact page, where you will find the first option:

Call DEGIRO by phone

This service is a very good option that you perro use when requesting assistance, as it is the way more direct to make contact with DEGIRO.

Their phone number appears in the image below.

The opening hours are quite long (from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. on business days), with which you cánido have a greater margin of opportunity to make your requests.

Then you have another option:

Send an order by correo electrónico to DEGIRO

It is recommended to use in case you have problems with your orders, such as Buy or Sell.

Basically it is about sending an correo electrónico to the trading department through the following address: [email protected]; address that also appears in the following image:

On the other hand, there is the following alternative:

DEGIRO Management

This option is only additional information, which is equally convenient in case your current location is close to the DEGIRO facilities.

In the image that follows, you will find this detailed data.

Moving now to the next option, we have:

DEGIRO Estándar Correo

Which is a very habitual option to get in touch with the DEGIRO platform. in it you perro ask any guy of things related to the subject of cryptocurrencies through the following correo electrónico address: [email protected]which you cánido also see in the image below.

DEGIRO Press Department

This option is designed for cases in which you need assistance related to advertising, press or afín.

You perro access it through the dirección de correo electrónico address shown below: [email protected]

The DEGIRO Help Center

And here in this section you cánido see that you have a series of frequent questions which are already answered.

They are usually the ones that are formulated the most by users.

In addition to this, you have at your disposal a search engine with which you cánido navigate in search of specific or more specific things.

And, as a last option to consider is:

Access the Official DEGIRO Account on Twitter (@degiroeu)

Believe it or not, it usually works more effectively than other alternatives.

because they respond more quickly to the queries and concerns of the users, In Publicaciones de Twitter and answers you cánido see that they usually answer in few hours.

It is clear that Twitter is very useful when it comes to contacting companies that make use of it, such as DEGIRO.

In this way, the ways to contact DEGIRO when you have difficulties or doubts in the use of your system for your financial operations.

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 How to contact DEGIRO
  How to contact DEGIRO
  How to contact DEGIRO

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