How to contact Coinbase

How to contact Coinbase

If you need assistance and technical support at any given time, make a complaint or ask a question when using the Coinbase platform, you are in the right place.

In this article you will learn how to contact the official Coinbase platform.

They are about some methods tools for you to contact Coinbase when you need it and they are the following:

Vía telephone

With this resource you perro be called by the Coinbase team in case it is really necessary.

Is a answer to a application what cánido you send by correo electrónicoTherefore, currently this means of contact not available for use by users.

As said before, only for them to call you.

Important: Some of these options are in English.

You perro use the Google plus translator or any other translator to translate into Spanish.

Next, you have another means of contact at your disposal:

Frequent questions

Located in the Coinbase Help section (also in English).

In this you will find both the platform options habitualthe Pro and others more.

It is a proper help section where you perro get all kinds of information related to the topic of the technical assistance.

It’s not the contact center as such, but it’s still very useful.

Next, the following option will be described:

The main section of Coinbase

Its about main portal from the Coinbase platform.

You perro use this backlink to access.

In this section you cánido make contact with said platform if you scroll down to the end of the page and locate the option Contactin the column subtitled Assistance service.

In it you will see the different contact options that you have in a series of sections:

  • He type of contact what do you want to do (Let’s get started)in the initial section
  • Followed by the next section, where you must indicate what is your problem (What is your issue about)
  • And, in the third section, you indicate the specifications of your problem (What seems to be the problem)

With all this clearly indicated, you have to fill, a little further down, a kind of form with certain requirements, such as:

  • choose one option that best fits to your request or demand
  • confirm the phone number full associated with the Coinbase account
  • He correo electrónico associated with the Coinbase account, among others

Important: It is recommended to fill in all these sections in detail, to a reasonable degree and, at the end, you will press he button Send verification dirección de correo electrónico (Send verification by correo electrónico).

And finally, on the subject of different options to contact Coinbaseyou will be told about:

Coinbase Support

Which is nothing more than one of the official Coinbase Twitter accountsspecifically that of technical support.

Very useful for its speed of response.

It has the system of Messenger service privatebut you perro also choose to send publicaciones de Twitter when expressing your concerns, with which the system will espectáculo you recent results of possible responses from other users.

These are the different options you have contact the great cryptocurrency platform Coinbase.

Four very useful ways in the supposed cases that you need technical assistance or any other form of help while using your Coinbase account.

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 How to contact Coinbase
  How to contact Coinbase
  How to contact Coinbase

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