If what you need is technical assistance in relation to your use of the platform Binancethen this articulo is for you, because here you will learn how to how to contact Binance, in a sort of tour through their customer support system. Keep reading to find out which are the different methods that exist today to achieve it.

To start this tour:

Access Binance Support

Section of Binance Support is located at the bottom right of your account home screen, where you will find a icon yellow in the shape of chatwhere you perro find the technical assistance you need.

what you get inside of the drop down box in this section, is the following:

In addition, you have these options:

  • In a kind of browser, you cánido entrar a question and send it to the platform.

  • next, you will be served by a bot that will try to solve your problem through a succession of steps that you must follow.

  • If even with this your problem persists, then, probably, it will proceed to contact an operator en línea (if it is not a non-working day, holiday, etcétera.).

Continuing the tour of the Binance support system:

Access the Help Center (FAQ and doubts)

Similarly, through the yellow chat icon, you perro entrar this section. Within Help Centeryou cánido entrar other forms of assistance, such as: a seekera section of frequent questions also, tutorials, etcétera. Here is a breakdown of multiple options intended to dispel doubts regarding problems with the use of Binance.

If all of the above doesn’t get you the help you need, then:

Access the Submit a Request section

In the Submit a Request sectionyou cánido also take advantage of resolve your concerns around issues with Binance. In it you cánido fill a formin which you must deposit the necessary information regarding your problem, through a series of sections.

Some of these sections are the following:

In this way, you would make your request and send it with just clic in submission (Articulo), and then, in a short space of time, receive you reply vía dirección de correo electrónico that you have added

The Personalized Support section on Twitter

And, in case you have less complicated questions, you cánido always count on the section Twitter Customer support. This is an effective way to find solutions or answers to problems with the use of your Binance account, in such a way that it is not necessary to complejo turístico to further instances.

in the option of Publicaciones de Twitter and Replies You will be able to notice that, almost daily, they answer countless questions from the Binance community that follows them from here, and perhaps your request is identified with some of which appears here.

Thus, at the end of the tour of the different methods what do you have of contact Binanceit is demonstrated that you have at your disposal all the necessary tools to solve any difficulty that may arise in your use of this platform, being the case, as already mentioned, of the sections Binance Support, Help Center, How perro we help you? and finally the Personalized Binance Support on Twitter.

Vídeo Tutorial on how to contact Binance in 2023

In case you need a more detailed perspective on this topic, don’t stop watching the vídeo How to Contact Binance in 2023.

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