How to concentrate 100% to be productive

How to concentrate 100% to be productive

One thing that many of us have trouble with today is how to concentrate on any type of activity what do we do.

This time we live in is crazy. we are constantly bombarded with news on television, popular networks, cell phones and the Internet in general, they distract us with their photos, funny vídeos, or shocking aprecies…

And let’s not talk about the obsession that exists to reach perfection, to be the best and highlight that in most cases it takes us away from doing things by focusing on them to do them quickly and running – and reach the goal as soon as possible -, but with worse results.

Here I am going to share how to regain your attention and be able to focus on the things that really matter to you. I know you cánido do it because I believe in you.

These are the 10 strategies that I use to better focus on my tasks.

However, the first thing you should do is look at the big question you may be asking yourself: Why does it seem harder to concentrate now than it was a few years ago?

This is the reason…

1. Concentration is a muscle

Throughout the day, much of your time is spent using applications on your cell phone, checking your correos electrónicos, watching televisión and going on Fb.

Those are bad habits that you should eliminate from your life if you want to be more productive.

Because? Because the time you spend on them is time without concentration (to watch televisión or look at Fb you don’t need much attention). And this is where the big problem comes in.

When you spend too many minutes on activities that don’t need your attention, you lose that ability little by little. And when it’s time to focus on an important task, you do it worse because your brain isn’t used to it.

Concentration is a skill that we must trainjust like we train our arm muscles with weights to make them stronger.

The more time you spend doing concentration exercises, the stronger you will become in that aspectand it will be easier for you to focus your attention the next time you need it.

A good exercise that I recommend – and that is also proven by scientists and is very fun – is play some game with a specific mission.

It does not matter what type it is: it cánido be from a vídeo game on your computer or on your Xbox or Playstation, even a board or card game.

The important thing is that you have a final mission (beat the other person, score certain points) and that to reach the goal, you have to Create a strategy to focus on.

2. clear your head

You want to concentrate, but you worry about the following 900 things What should you do after or the next day? That’s a big problem.

Unresolved issues in your life not only distract you: they also make you stupider.

What you just read is true. Thinking about something you should do next creates a problem in your head called “attention residue“.

This means that when you are thinking of something else, your mental power decreases to do the task you are currently running.

That’s why the solution is to eliminate your worries. And the best way to do it is writing them on a piece of paper.

When we think of something important, we are afraid of forgetting it, and our brain goes round and round so that doesn’t happen. And we don’t eliminate that thought until we write it down to remember it.

That “space” of our mind is kept busy all the time, and that is why we do not concentrate as we should in the current activity that we are doing.

So the best thing is that if you have any pending task to do, write it down, forget about it, and clear your head to focus on what is occupying you at the moment.

3. Find the ideal environment

Concentration is actually the ability we have to remove number of options that we give ourselves to procrastinate (delay or leave important tasks for another time).

It’s not a magical ability that some people have and others don’t.

And the best strategy to avoid being distracted or tempted to do things other than your obligations is look for a good environment that you cánido focus on.

If you have a room in your house, a place at work, or even somewhere outdoors where you feel most centered and inspired, go there when you need to focus in doing an activity that requires your attention.

If you need lock you in your room to get that important paper done or to study for a test, do it.

4. Shut out the distractions

It is important that when concentrating push away all those distractions that perro surprise you while you are doing an important task (especially if they are sound).

Turn off notifications from your móvil inteligente or put it on silent. Make sure that your computer does not alert you with a sound when you receive a new correo electrónico.

Pick up the phone to not receive any calls at that moment (unless you are expecting an important one).

You must stop being in a mode where whatever is around you I perro make you reactand divert attention from what you are doing.

5. sleep the hours you should

Do you know what is one of the main reasons why you spend so much time on the Internet and watching televisión? Because of lack of sleep.

Scientific studies have proven that when you don’t get enough sleep, it causes you to your will and self-control diminish when you need to avoid bad habits like watching nonsensical kitten vídeos on YouTube (yes, they’re hilarious, but they don’t really do you any good).

By not getting enough sleep, your emotions get out of control and your concentration levels are on the floor.

Compare a day in which you slept your 8 hours with another in which it was only 5 hours: on which day do you feel more irritated, more clumsy, and more nervous, and in which one do you have more energy, are you happier and more focused?

6. take a walk

A walk, or any other type of exercise you enjoy, are excellent ways to increase your concentration and be more productive.

Walking by example will help you get away from all worries that you have at home, at work, or any distraction responsible for diverting your attention from what you do.

But what is more important: stimulates your blood circulation through your whole body.

That’s how you get it more oxygen to the brain and endorphins are released, those responsible for making us feel good and putting us in a better mood.

Thus, your brain will be more prepared to concentrate and you will feel more motivated to focus on your tasks.

7. If you have trouble concentrating, change the steps

Another strategy that very few people know about, but that is very effective when, despite all your efforts, you still have trouble concentrating, is to change procedure Or the way you do things.

Sometimes, habit and routine tire us and they make us look at a task in a boring way before we have even started.

When you notice that you are going to start an activity that you used to love, but that with the time and its repetition has become a bit tedious, Try to change the form, the site, or any of the steps.

For example:

  • If you always do your work in your room, try take your notebook to a coffeeshop or a park to perform them there.
  • If every Sunday you have to prepare the meals for the whole week, put on some music that motivates you if you never listen to songs while you cook.
  • If you always study for your exams in your room, go to a library to study or to a friend’s house and ask each other the topics.

these small changes they will give you plus energy and will motivate your brain to refocus properly.

8. If you need great concentration, do it in the morning

It is scientifically proven that our brain works better in the morningand it is when our levels of productivity and attention are highest.

It’s the time of day when we are more rested and we achieve greater concentration in what we do.

That is why you should leave for this part of your day the activities that greater effort they suppose you

Get organized the day before Or schedule your week on Sunday to do those tasks that are heavier than the others first thing in the morning.

Do you have to make several important calls that you find boring? Do them between 9 and 10 in the morning. Do you usually run and exercise but have a hard time concentrating on it? Do it after getting up and having a good cup of coffee.

9. take short breaks

As I already told you at the beginning of this article, we live in a world that is becoming more and more oppressive. And take small breaks while doing something important it is not usually well seen (especially at work).

But you know what? A break in an activity of great mental effort it helps your productivity, after that break, to be even greater.

By doing this, the muscle that I told you about in point 1 manage to recover and makes it easier to use again later.

Specialists usually recommend that for every 50 minutes of work (which is the maximum time that a person cánido maintain their attention), rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

Careful: resting does not orinan checking your Fb, your correos electrónicos, or watch a vídeo. What it means is to switch off and relax.

You cánido go to the bathroom if you are at work, and close eyes for 5 minutes. Or put on a song that relaxes you, motivates you or makes you happy, and listen to it while.

10. practice meditation

Until not long ago, most people saw meditation as something “esoteric”, or like something that was uselessor even as an invention for hippies.

But more and more people are beginning to practice it, and it is because they have realized that it is an exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years (especially in India) and is excellent for training the brain.

with meditation you will get used to concentrating better and faster, and recently a medical study showed that it prevents aging!

You perro look for a vídeo on YouTube to do it in a free space you have of the day. you perro even download meditation audiosand listen to them at night in your bed before you go to sleep.

This technique aims to focus on something specific; Normally, the first exercise is usually to focus on your breathing and, if something distracts you, you will have to start over.

That’s why it’s such a good way to exercise your concentration at the same time that you release nerves, tensions, and you get to know yourself better.

And you, What strategies do you use to better concentrate on your tasks? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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 How to concentrate 100% to be productive
  How to concentrate 100% to be productive
  How to concentrate 100% to be productive

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