How to compress images en línea and disminuye the

How to compress images en línea and disminuye the

Are you looking for free methods to compress images en línea? The need to use good quality photos is undeniable, whether they are for a blog, a corporate website, an audiovisual work or any other type of project you perro imagine.

But when it comes to reducing the size of photos uploaded to the Internet, generally better quality means more weightsomething that in many situations cánido be an inconvenience, if measures are not taken.

Luckily, there is a solution: compress them with the help of free en línea tools.

And it is that thanks to the different programs for processing and editing photos, nowadays it is possible to treat these images without losing their quality, which is perfect when you want to disminuye the weight of the photos without ruining their attractiveness.

This comes in handy in many situations, mainly in digital projects such as weblogs and websites, where images with a lot of weight perro be harmful.


Why do I need to compress images or disminuye their size before uploading them to the web?

Now, surely you are wondering what is the great need to disminuye the weight of the photos.

And it is that, in a certain way, with the storage space that computers have today, it is not really necessary to compress them to store them.

Of course, as I have already told you, the situation is a little different depending on the type of business for which we need the photos in question.

Now, among all those who may require images, one of the highest priority given to photo compression are en línea projectsmore specifically web pages.

There are a few reasons why this is so, but among the main ones we cánido highlight:

› Improve the loading speed of inserted images

The first reason why it is necessary to compress images it is to improve your loading speed within each of the dirección de Internet’s (or “Uniform Resource Locator”) of a site that include photos as part of the content.

In general, and depending on the type of Internet connection you have, the images imply a loading speed that varies depending on their weight.

In this way, those that weigh more will take longer to load when displayed.

In itself, with the Internet connections that usually exist today, it is rare for an image to take time to load on a computer, but in the case of mobile devices there is a problem, especially when they are not connected to a network WIFI, seeing yourself in the need to consume data excessively for each photo that is uploaded.

But to give you a clearer iniciativa, suppose you have a very slow connection.

If you entrar a page where the size of the photos has not been reduced, they will not load immediately, but rather they will load slowly, as if in parts, which cánido sometimes slightly disturb the experience you have as a usuario.

› Improve the loading time of the domain in general

Now, it not only affects the loading speed of the images, but also the general loading speed of the websiteespecially in those cases in which the page emplees a background image or very large archivos such as “decoration type”.

At the level of SEO Positioning, it is a serious mistake for a page to load slowly, since it considerably affects the browsing experience of users, something that Google plus does not like in the least…

For this reason, if you notice that the loading time of your website is somewhat slow, you may need to check the uploaded photos, you may have to compress them to solve the problem.

› Save storage space on hosting

This depends considerably on the type of hosting contracted for your website or Blog.

Even so, it is important to keep in mind that these have relatively limited storage space, so in order to maintain web projects in the long term, you have to know how to make the most of the space they give you.

Or upgrade to a more advanced plan that gives you more space.

Disminuye the weight of photos or disminuye their size It is one of the ways you have available to manage space of storage available in your hosting, since the less weight they have, the less space they will consume.

Therefore, my advice is that you always hire a professional Web Hosting Service for your project, such as the one I use:

➤ WEBSITE: do it from this backlink and save 25% about the final price.

The weight of a single image may not affect much, but if you add up all the images that are usually included on your website, you will see a huge difference.

› Optimize the images themselves

The last reason why it is important to compress images before uploading them to a website is to optimize them (although this may seem redundant to you…)

Let me explain: in itself, when I talk about optimization, I orinan resize images to suit needs that we have in each case.

A fácil example of this would be taking a photo of ourselves and resizing it to a suitable size to use as a profile picture on Fb.

Something like this must be done with the images on our website.

We have to resize them to adapt them to the needs we have.

In addition, we also have to take into account the resolution of the image, since, if we modify a small photo and enlarge it, the quality will be lost.

And the same cánido happen if we greatly disminuye the size of large photos.

11 En línea Tools and Programs to Disminuye Image Size and Compress Photos

The important thing is to find a good cómputo so as not to lose quality.

And for this, one method is to compress the images that we plan to use.

Of course, from now on I tell you that It is best to always use large imagessince it’s very easy to compress them to maintain quality no matter how small you make them.

6 Best Free Image Compressor Tools

As I told you, there are multiple ways to disminuye the weight of the photos, and among the available methods it is also possible to find free tools.

Among the best you cánido find on the Internet are:

1. JPEG Optimizer

Let’s start with a pretty good option, which stands out mainly for its ease of use.

Although JPEG Optimizer doesn’t have a lot of advantages, it is quite easy to use. You just need to select a compression level and ready.

You perro also choose to resize the width of the photo in pixels, but this is optional and you cánido choose not to.


It is an en línea tool owned by Webempresa, which is free for customers of this hosting service.

It is a complemento for WordPress that, once installed and logged in with your client account, works on autopilot, since it is capable of tracking each and every one of the photos that you have uploaded to your website, in search of being able to “scratch” them. some Kb. is the main platform I use for my website, as well as for my other Weblogs and my own projects, for the comfort of not having to compress images manually.

Have you tried ‘’ to compress images for free yet?



We continue with another excellent tool, Optimizilla, a pretty good alternative among free en línea tools.

This one in especial stands out because it allows you to compress groups of up to 20 images, and very easily, so you don’t have to go photo by photo every time you go to compress your photos.

Besides, you perro see the changes in quality directly thanks to a quality comparatorwhich presents you with both the before and after photos of the photos you want to compress.

This tool works with both PNG and JPEG formats.

4. Compress JPEG

Don’t be fooled by its name, Compressing JPEG is one of the tools that allows you to compress the most types of archivos for freesince it is It supports SVG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and even PDF archivos, making it one of the most versatile.

Furthermore, this platform also allows you to compress groups of up to 20 images simultaneously, while helping you compare the original photo with the result in case you want to see the changes that have occurred.

It is perhaps a bit slower than Optimizilla, but it is still a good alternative.

5. En línea Image Optimizer

Dynamic Drive’s En línea Image Optimizer is an en línea tool that allows you to quickly and easily disminuye the weight of photos that have formats such as PNG, JPEG or GIF.

Unlike the rest, this platform also allows you to change the archivo type, so you perro also convert a PNG image to JPEG or GIF if you wish, for example.

The only drawback is that limits the size of the archivos quite a bit that you cánido compress, allowing you to upload only archivos that are just under 3MB.

6. I Love IMG

To finish the list of free tools, I present I Love IMG, an en línea ‘multitool’ from which you perro compress images, editar them, crop them and much more.

All this 100% free.

It is one of the most complete tools that you cánido find on the Internet when it comes to photographs, and with which you cánido optimize them for your website from a single place, from resizing and compressing them to making small edits.

7. Kraken

Kraken is another en línea platform that you cánido use for free and that allows you to choose between 3 different types of compression image, depending on how much you want to disminuye the weight of the photos and what quality you want to maintain.

It is also quite easy to use, and if you wish, you cánido pay for its premium version, which also allows you to resize images.

› This tool supports 4 different image archivo types:

Something you don’t see in all free tools.

3 Downloadable programs to compress images and disminuye the size of photos

Now, if what you want is to have a platform with these characteristics installed on your computer and not depend on an Internet connection, there are a couple of alternatives that you cánido use to do so without opening the browser:

1. PNG Gauntlet

PNGGauntlet is a program that you perro download to your Windows, Linux or Mac computer and that allows you to download them and later convert them to PNG format.

Work with different types of images, such as:

It is efficient when it comes to compressing, so you cánido disminuye the weight of photos without losing visual quality.

2. Trimage

Trimage is an installable program that I recommend if you use Linux-based operating systems, it’s free and you cánido download it quickly from the command console.

It is quite easy to use, you cánido compress the same archivos several times and it works with both JPEG and PNG images.

Unfortunately, it is only 100% recommended if you use Linux and, if you use another Operating System, apparently it has not been proven to work well.


Smush is a complemento that you perro download and install directly on your WordPress.

Is about one of the best rated in terms of image compression, in addition to allowing other functions such as resizing your photos.

One of the main advantages of this program is that is fully dedicated to optimizing photos for uploading to a websiteso it has quite interesting functions, such as activate ‘Lazy Load’ in the audiovisual elements of your blog.

It is an excellent tool if you are looking to improve the loading speed of your images and your website in general.

2 Best paid programs to disminuye the size of photos and compress them

Finally, let’s move on to the premium tools section, where I’m going to introduce you to two payment programs that will help you compress photos while maintaining quality.

The advantage of these two options that I bring you is that They assure you that you will not lose any quality when compressing the images.


JPEGmini is one of the best programs you perro find to compress your images in a more professional way.

It is one of the most efficient when it comes to losing weight for the web and the loss of quality in them is almost non-existent.

In fact, except in extreme cases, all audiovisual elements will maintain the same quality after compression, no matter if you upload them to the Internet or if you print them on paper.

Another of the great advantages offered by this premium program is its speed, you will be able to compress entire packages of photos in a very short time thanks to its photo processing technology.

Besides, you cánido integrate the program to different editing programa such as Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One, which will allow you to automatically compress the images once you finish your work in these programs.

2.Adobe PhotoShop

Photoshop is the program par excellence for professional photo editing.

In truth, there are very few programs as good for working with images as this one.

And how could it be otherwise, from this Adobe programa it is also possible to compress images, which is why I include it in this list.

Of course, it is one of the most expensive alternatives if we only look at image compression, however, if we include everything else we cánido do with this tool, we are undoubtedly facing the best option on the list.


Did you know that there are so many programs and tools to compress images? Also, best of all, most of them are free, so you cánido use them immediately.

Of course, for a much more “fenezca” and professional result, there are the paid programs that I have mentioned, although if you have a Blog or manage your own or client’s website, it perro be safe for you with the free ones.

Do you usually lower the weight of the photos before uploading them to your website?

What program to compress images do you usually use?

Main image (team)By Shutterstock.

Tell me your favorites and if they match the ones I’ve shared with you in this article, I’ll wait for you in the comments!

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 How to compress images en línea and disminuye the
  How to compress images en línea and disminuye the
  How to compress images en línea and disminuye the

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