How to collect the settlement for dismissal?

How to collect the settlement for dismissal?

At the end of an employment relationship, for whatever reason, the worker has the right to collect the settlement. In any case, the company is responsible for delivering it on its last business day.

By that time of dismissal, the company should have already notified in advance that it was going to dispense with the employee’s services. Thus the debts on both parties would remain solventfor which it must be well specified what the worker is being paid.

When should the severance pay be collected?

all workerYou always have the right to collect a settlement, whether due to dismissal or for any other reason.. Simply perform some mathematical calculations pertinent to its trajectory during the time it has been in service.

Once the employee is fired from the company, the last day that he will provide services is the most appropriate to collect the settlement. Which is a document that contemplates a series of important aspects related to the provision of the worker’s service.

How to get a settlement for dismissal?

To get a settlement for dismissal are taken into account Unpaid days worked. These would be the days that have been running since the last fortnight paid and vacations that have not been taken or have expired.

You also have to consider:

  • Plus hours or specific activities that have not been canceled
  • loan discount that the employee has requested and has not finished paying
  • deductions income tax and popular security

How to calculate the severance pay?

The settlement calculation is a task carried out by the company. However, many times they do not do it transparently or they do not know how to do itharming the worker in any of the cases.

That is why, at the time of receiving the settlement, it is important read well and request a worker representative to be a witness and verify if what has been broken down in the document is correct.

In addition, in the same way it is recommended when signing, always place “non-conforming”. In this way, if there is any disagreement you cánido make the corresponding claim during the 20 days contemplated for that purpose. Since, if you simply sign as compliant, then you will not be able to make a claim.

To perform the settlement calculation yourself:

  • You must consider the last month of salary and divide it by the 30 days of the month. Multiply the amount you get from daily salary by the number of days worked from the last payment to the day of your dismissal.
  • Then, if you have not taken the vacations proper to that year, you must multiply the days that would correspond to you according to the days worked during the year and multiply it by the amount of the daily salary. If you have already taken some vacation days, then you must subtract them and if you have already enjoyed them in their entirety, you should not do this calculation.
  • For calculate extraordinary payments, you must multiply the amount of daily salary by the days that the company contemplates to grant them. Then you divide it by 365 and multiply the result by the days worked in the current year.
  • Finally, you must add the amounts of the three previous steps and subtract income tax and popular securityagregado any debt you have for loans that were granted to you, if applicable.

How long does the company have to pay the settlement?

The company must pay the settlement, the same day it is delivered to the worker. That is, his last working day in it. However:

  • Some companies it may take a couple of days in case of not paying in cash or by check, but by bank transfer}
  • other they leave to make the payment when they cancel fortnight to the workers. This situation is irregular, since the worker does not belong to the payroll
  • In it If the employee resigns without notice, the company must present the settlement as soon as possible, but it does not have a specific term. That is why it is important to give advance notice if you are planning to resign from the job.

Do you already know how to calculate the approximate settlement?

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 How to collect the settlement for dismissal?
  How to collect the settlement for dismissal?
  How to collect the settlement for dismissal?

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