How to collect the sale of a flat

How to collect the sale of a flat

When you make the decision to sell a house, there are certain Important aspects that you should consider when carrying out the negotiation.

In this way, you avoid possible confusion and inconveniences that may arise and, at the same time, you guarantee a safe sale.

One of the most delicate things to take into account is the form of payment for the house.

It is always necessary to agree with the buyer how he will make the payment and accordingly, start the buying and selling process.

In addition, everything must be done in writing and legally.

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How is the sale of a flat charged?

When making the sale of an apartment, you must be very clear about the way in which you are going to charge said operation.

AND there are many payment methods that the buyer cánido use to send you the money.

However, it is always necessary to make prior agreement through communication and also include it in the sales contract document.

Next, we will tell you which are the most used and less frequent payment methods.

And according to this you cánido escoge which is the way that suits you best or the one that perro benefit both parties.

Operation by Bank Transfer

The most commonly used transaction when buying a flat is pay it through a bank transfer.

In this case, the total amount agreed for the acquisition of the property would be paid.

Payment through a Check

Payment cánido be made through checks, however, it must be considered that there are several types of checks.

  • One of the most indicated and in fact most used, It is the nominative check, since it guarantees that it will only be charged by the person whose names are reflected in it.

    And in the event that the seller cannot cash the check directly, it must be registered to the order so that it cánido be endorsed.

  • The least recommended checks to pay for this type of sales They are the check to the bearer and the crossed.

    • He bearer check because it is not addressed to anyone specifically and perro be charged by anyone who owns it, thus running the risk of being charged by someone other than the seller.
    • And the crossed check because it only allows the person to deposit it in their account and if it is a special cross, then they must do so in a specific bank, making the process even more cumbersome.

      This type of check is characterized by having two parallel vertical lines that identify it.

Cash payment

This payment option perro be considered, although it really not one of the most common due to the amounts equivalent to the purchase of a flat.

Operation for Cryptocurrencies

This type of transaction It is not very common in Spain, since it is not established as legal currency.

However, payment agreements have been made with bitcoins for the sale of real estate.

Direct Debit

This method consists of an authorization given by the buyer to the bank to periodically pay a sum of money to the seller, corresponding to the payment of housing.

The amount will correspond to what was agreed in the signature, as well as the established time.

  • The direct debit of payment, only occurs in the event that the sale is agreed on credit by the parties involved.

Fund Movement Orders

This transaction is nothing more than a bank transfer, but it is used in cases of some urgency, becoming effective instantly.

It applies a higher amount in commissions compared to those generated by a common transfer.

Where is the payment for the sale of a home formalized?

It is important that all sales negotiations, and more than one property, are done legally so that it is safe and there are no problems later.

It is because of that, a sales contract must be madewhich must contain the clauses and conditions of the sale.

The sales document behold:

  • The personal data of the seller and buyer
  • Cadastral and property title information
  • If you are mortgage free
  • The taxes and expenses that must be canceled
  • delivery date

Said contract must be based on the agreements reached by the seller and the buyer, where it will be established, the cost to pay for the property and the method of payment.

Such document must signed before a notary public so that there is a legal record of sale.

What taxes must be paid when buying a home in Spain?

Both when making the sale and when acquiring it, some taxes must be paid.

In the case of selleryou must cancel:

  • the municipal capital gainwhich is a tax on the cadastral value of the land and it has 30 days to pay after the granting of the deed of sale.
  • He Income tax which is calculated based on the difference between what it cost you to acquire the home and what you have earned when selling it.

    That capital gain must be declared and a tax paid.

As for the buyer, at the time of acquiring the home, he must pay:

  • He Value Added Tax (VAT), in the event that the house is new, you would pay 10% of its price and if it were a used home, 21%.
  • Another tax to pay when buying a new home is the Documented Legal Acts Taxin which 0.5% to 2% is paid.
  • He Property Transfer Tax (ITP).

    It is paid when acquiring a used house, canceling from 8% to 10% depending on the price of the property and the autonomous community.

Consejos to keep in mind when selling a flat

If you want to sell a home quickly and safely, we recommend you consider the following consejos:

  • It is advisable to search Help from a professional to appraise your home depending on its characteristics, size, location, among others.

    That way you perro equipo a sale price for your property.

  • The papers of the house to sell they must be in order, with all solvent taxes, free of mortgages or embargoes.

    This with the purpose that the sale process occurs without any delay.

  • Perro do some home remodeling Before selling it if it is used, spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom are especially important, since they are attractive places for potential buyers.

    Making an investment in a reform will add value to your home.

  • He keep the house very clean It will also make an excellent impression when it is displayed, since an environment of order and neatness is escencial to carry out this type of negotiation.

    A dirty and messy house is not going to be attractive at all.

  • A good lighting in the house It is essential, as are spaces devoid of unnecessary and personal elementos, so that the size of the rooms is seen and a feeling of neutrality.
  • Cánido publish the sale of your property on internet portalsplacing the most important features and attractive, illuminated photos that attract the attention of potential buyers.
  • When showing the house to potential buyers who are interested, it is recommended that listen to their offers and cánido also offer proposals that suits you and the buyer.
  • At the moment that the future buyer verbally commits to make the purchase once the cost and the method of payment have been discussed, you must manage the steps to follow to make the sale and know what documents you should request from the buyer.

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 How to collect the sale of a flat
  How to collect the sale of a flat
  How to collect the sale of a flat

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