How to collect difficult debts in Spain?

How to collect difficult debts in Spain?

Many times an item is sold or loans are granted to people that in the long run are a problem because they do not pay what they owe. There are moments when time passes and the debt is still there intactthis harms and creates concern because it is not known how to deal with the situation.

If you are going through a situation like this and you don’t know what to do, here we will recommend how to collect from your debtors step by step.

In addition, we will give you some consejos to make difficult debts pay off.

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How to make a difficult collection and disminuye losses in Spain?

To make a difficult collection there are many actions you cánido take, however, it is always good analyze the situation well and plan how to deal with it.

If you leave suddenly and get carried away by emotions, you could genere more delay in paying the debt.

It is for this reason that you should take into account some things:

  • The location of the client
  • The payment due date
  • The amount you must pay

So before contacting him plan several strategies that allow you to reach an agreement with the person and the debt issue cánido be resolved as soon as possible.

In the event that you have already communicated with the client and he does not want to cancel, or simply evades you or makes promises that he does not keep, other fuera de la justicia actions must be taken in principle. The best thing to do is to hire a lawyer. and that it is the one that carries out the collection process legally.

If this strategy does not work, you will also find the option of hire one collection company.

All this will depend on the amount of debt.

Once you have exhausted the out-of-court options, there will be no choice but to take the case to trial.

When a person has been in debt for a long time and does not want to reach agreements or simply does not want to pay you, you have the right to take the case to higher levels.

It’s time to sue the debtor and already in court, the judge will be in charge of forcing the person to cancel you.

This last process is not the most pleasant, but there are situations that require it.

If the debtor under no circumstances wants to cancel the debt, you must proceed legally.

Steps to collect difficult debts

Next, we will recommend the steps you must follow to collect those debts that have become a headache:

Contact the client

The first step to follow is to contact the client, for which it is advisable to start this process through phone calls or correos electrónicos.

If this strategy does not work, since the debtor simply does not answer you, then you cánido go to his office or workplace and talk to him directly to try to reach an agreement.

Equipo a new payment date

Once you communicate with the client, Make several payment proposals. Among these, it is recommended to make a schedule with new payment dates through installments in the case that suits you.

Another possible approach is offer you a percentage discount to the debt so that he pays you everything he owes you at an early date.

Both options are often posible with certain debtors.

It’s a matter of talking and reach agreements that suits both parties.

Take other fuera de la justicia actions

Given the case that the client does not want to reach agreements directly with you, then, it is advisable to hire a lawyer who is the one who collects the debt and perro handle it legally.

There are people who when they see this type of action proceed to pay the debt.

Since the figure of a lawyer gives a more serious character to the situation and in a certain way it perro impress them.

customer demand

When you have exhausted all possible and fuera de la justicia ways to collect what the client owes you and he ignores all the strategies implemented, you only have one option left, take the case to court.

The time has come sue the debtor and that the judge be the one who forces to pay the debt to your client.

Obviously this would be the last complejo turístico to use.

Consejos to get difficult debts paid

You perro consider the following consejos to get difficult debts canceled:

  • talk nicely with the client and let them know that you are waiting for their payment.
  • Ask him what are the reasons why he has not been able to cancel the debt.
  • Listen to the client and try to reach an agreement where both are favored.
  • Make new consistent payment proposalsin detail and with specific dates.
  • Forgive a percentage of the sum of money that he owes you with the commitment to pay you all on a date that is convenient for both parties, because sometimes it is better to lose a small part of the money than all of it.
  • If all of the above doesn’t work, hire a lawyer or collection company.

    And ultimately you would have to make the claim in court.

How to detect and avoid doing business with delinquent clients?

The act of doing business or closing a deal with customers who are delinquent is sometimes more common than you think.

To avoid falling into the hands of this type of person, it is advisable to first investigate who to do business with.

You perro do it in the following way:

  1. Verifying the lists of delinquents.
  2. Confirming that it is a real company.
  3. Inquiring about your current financial status.

All of the above is in order to have the least possible risk of running into customers who will later be a problem.

In addition, when negotiating, it is necessary to do everything formally, with a written document signed by both parties.

Sometimes, to take advantage of a business only a verbal deal is made. But when irregular things begin to happen, such as, for example, non-compliance with payments, a document is required that proves in front of a lawyer or a judge the conditions under which said contract was given.

For these reasons it is so important that you do things correctly, with notarized and detailed contracts, So you cánido avoid problems in the future.

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 How to collect difficult debts in Spain?
  How to collect difficult debts in Spain?
  How to collect difficult debts in Spain?

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