How to collect cash on delivery at the articulo office?

How to collect cash on delivery at the articulo office?

If you need to make a sale, perhaps one of the best ways is by correo cash on delivery service. This is provided by many recognized shipping companies such as Correos, MRW, Amazon, SEUR, among others.

In the next article We will provide you with all the information you need about this shipping service: what it consists of, the time it takes to collect a refund by correo, what is the cost of it and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the cash on delivery service by correo?

Cash on delivery by correo is a modality used by many shipping companies for customers who require sell through the correo service. This system has several advantages to disminuye scams.

The service basically consists of sending a package, and once it is received, the person must cancel it. This guarantees that the package reaches the recipient, and that once the recipient has it in hand, they perro cancel the money for it.

The seller is responsible for appropriately cover the package and to make sure that the company labels the package well, placing the condition of cash on delivery.

The shipping company will be in charge of ensuring that the entire process is carried out correctly. Given that, deliver the package to the addressee and receive the money agreed, which must then be transferred to the bank account provided by the sender.

It should be noted that the maximum amount allowed in the cash on delivery service varies according to the company.

  • If you give it to the carrier it perro be up to a thousand euros and in the office 2500 euros.

How long does it take to collect a refund by articulo?

In this type of service, the company is responsible for paying the money to the sender once the recipient picks up the package, document or envelope. Payment will be made in 3 to 5 business daysdepending on what the shipping transport is.

The sender must give the account details to the shipping company, where he wishes to receive the money. It perro have several options, generally the most used are the bank accounts and Paypal.

How much does the postage cash on delivery cost?

First of all, you need to take into consideration that the person who sends the package must pay for said service and that there are companies that then make the reimbursement for the shipment. As well as, that this type of services is more expensive than the usual services.

The cost of postage cash on delivery will depend on the company. However, the aspects that are taken into account are:

  • Measures
  • package weight
  • The place of destination
  • The amount to be paid by the recipient at the time of delivery

Advantages and disadvantages of the cash on delivery service by correo

Like any service you may need at any time, you will find advantages and disadvantages, which will help you when choosing it. Next, we will give you some of them regarding the collection of rebates by correo:


  • The transport company is made responsible for the buying and selling process of a certain package.
  • You could ensure that the product they are selling you reaches your hands without paying in advance.
  • You perro pay in cash the cost of the product you are buying at the time you receive the envelope or package.
  • If you are the seller, the company assures you that you will pay the money that the recipient left you.
  • They cánido take the order to the address you provide or You cánido look for it at the company office.


  • The buyer could withdraw from the sale and not look for the package, which will have already generated shipping costs and additionally you will have to pay the return cost.
  • The availability of money is not immediatesince it will reach the seller from 3 to 5 business days after delivery to the customer.

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 How to collect cash on delivery at the articulo office?
  How to collect cash on delivery at the articulo office?
  How to collect cash on delivery at the articulo office?

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