How to collect Bitcoins in euros at an ATM

How to collect Bitcoins in euros at an ATM

In this world of changes, situations happen that surprise us more and more. Did you think it was impossible for a physical currency ATM to be able to dispense digital currency? Well yes, this is possible. This espectáculos that while banking institutions are digitizing, cryptocurrencies are intruding on the physical terrain.

Are you still curious about the topic? So, continue reading that we will tell you in detail how all this is possible and where you cánido find them. Also, the mechanism that is currently used, the cost, among other factors, so you perro determine if it is convenient for you.

What is a Bitcoin ATM?

He Bitcoin ATM (in English BATM). It is a booth afín to traditional ATMs that makes it easy for people to purchase bitcoins through an automatic vending machine. Certain bitcoin ATMs offer dual functionality, both buying and selling bitcoins in exchange for cash funds.

These bitcoin ATMs work directly with internet and it is possible to introduce cash or a credit card to obtain bitcoins. Unlike traditional ATMs that connect to a bank account. These directly connect the interested party to a bitcoin exchange service to acquire them personally.

How much do the transactions cost?

Every service generates commissions and these have their rates and regulations. To acquire bitcoins at ATMs, equipo a fixed network commission. Additionally, the service commission based on the amount to be purchased and whether the interested party registers or not.

In case of not registering, the commission is higher than if it were registered and acquires an amount greater than 995 euros. In terms of percentage it is estimated between 10% and 8% correspondingly.

Main ATMs in Spain

The main ATMs are located in Barcelona approximately for a total of 30, then you will get in La capital de españa, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.

Exchange Bitcoins for euros: step by step

To exchange Bitcoins for euros follow these very fácil steps:

Step 1: The client or interested party sends their cryptocurrencies to the cashier.

Step 2: You will receive the equivalent in euros and at once you have deducted the commissions.

Step 3: The customer who arrived with bitcoins (cryptocurrencies) will return from the ATM with euros (physical bills).

In spite of the physical similarity From Bitcoin ATMs to traditional ones, its operation is totally different, even the coins it handles. In addition, the procedure is extremely fast and easy for certain people to obtain their cryptocurrencies or legal tender bills.

Another advantage of Bitcoin vending ATMs is that you cánido find them on the streets of major cities and in certain public places.

What do you think of the steps to follow to exchange Bitcoins for euros?

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 How to collect Bitcoins in euros at an ATM
  How to collect Bitcoins in euros at an ATM
  How to collect Bitcoins in euros at an ATM

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