How to claim bank fees

How to claim bank fees

The payment of commissions is closely related to the use of banking services. Some have been around since the first banks were founded, and others have been created recently. Whatever the case, the banks seem to have no intention of eliminating fees. But there is something you perro still do.

In this article we will review which are the commissions to which you have the right to claim. We will also see the correct way, using legal means, to do it.

Perro I Claim Abusive Bank Commissions and Have My Money Back?

Banks require payment of commission for different reasons. For example, they charge commission for the use of their services, such as keeping client money safe, keeping accurate records, etcétera. They also do it in special situations, such as when the account cómputo is below zero.

The question that you surely ask yourself, perhaps from time to time, is if there is a possibility that these commissions will be returned to you. And the truth is yes, Yes, the amounts charged by the bank as commission perro be recovered. Of course, certain conditions must be met for this. To begin with, the bank is obliged to comply with the following rules:

  • Inform. Any commission required and charged by the bank must be known to you. The bank is required to use different channels to achieve that goal.
  • commissions allowed. Many banks charge commissions for a large number of reasons, but only those that are approved by the competent bodies are valid.

If the bank does not meet the conditions agreed, then you perro claim your money back. Now, it is important that you do it the right way.

Recommendations to Claim Bank Commissions

Some people mistakenly believe that the proper way to claim money back from the bank is by talking to the manager of the bank, either in person or by phone. However, for the claim to be successful, several requirements must be met. We will mention them below.

Gather the Documentation

It is very important that you perro prove that the bank took your money, without a basis to do so. The verification through valid documents It is escencial to get your money back. These include.

  • written contract. Whether on paper or in digital format, where the different commissions that you accessed at the time of opening the account are shown.
  • commission charged. You must prove, by any means, that the commission money was deducted from your account. It also applies when a valid commission is overcharged.
  • Other precautions. In addition, those documents that prove your identity may be required. The bank may require any other document it deems necessary.

Make a Formal Demand

Once you have the required documents, it is time to archivo the claim. You must do it first in the bank where you have the account. This is a basic requirement, both to make it known to the bank, and to be able to make subsequent claims in other instances.

One of the documents, which we did not include in the list above, is the claim form provided by the same bank. You cánido fill in the information directly vía the internet, on the bank’s official website, or request one when visiting the financial institution. After obtaining it, you must fill in each of the requested data.

Now, along with the other documents you have with you, you must submit it to the Customer Service department. In addition, you must request that the client’s advocate be present at the time of submitting your application. He is an official that every bank is obliged to have.

It is very important that, in writing, you detail the commission and the exact amount you are claiming. Please, make sure the bank stamps the copy with which you are going to stay

So far you will have taken the necessary steps to present your claim. It is time to let the bank do its part. According to the law, the bank You have a maximum of 60 days to respond to your claim, although in some cases the response has arrived in only 15 days.

If the claim before the bank is successful, you will have your money back. This would be the ideal situation for you when making the claim. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In such case, you must Submit your claim to the Bank of Spain. Specifically in the claims department. There are three ways to do it.

  • In one of his offices. If there is one available in your area, then you perro approach one of them and present your petition. You must bring the copy of the first claim you made.
  • By e-e correo electrónico. You perro entrar the Bank of Spain website and locate the claim form. After completing it, you send it by postal correo.
  • Vía Internet. The entire claim process perro be done electronically, at the official bank page. You must verify your identity virtually.

You should know that the Bank of Spain has up to a maximum of 180 days to respond to your request. Even if the response of this entity is favourable, it is not a judicial body. Therefore, the bank that took your money could simply ignore it. If that happens, the time will come to present your claim before a judge.

Once you have exhausted the claim options at your bank or the bank in Spain, it is time to take your request to the courts. To do this, you have the possibility of using two alternatives. The first is sue the bank for charging baseless commissions. The other option is to form a joint lawsuit with other users who have the same claim against the same bank.

Regardless of the way chosen to proceed judicially, the process is carried out just as a legal claim of any other nature is made.

many recommend have a lawyer during the process. He will advise you to know how to act. The success of your claim depends to a large extent on the good decisions you make throughout it.

Although the amounts charged by banks, as commissions, may seem small on a personal level, the reality is that many people are victims of this time after time. That is why the number of lawsuits and claims of this class exceed 20% of requests made to the Bank of Spain. That without counting those who prefer not to do it.

Therefore, we encourage you to make sure you take the steps in the correct order. You cánido be sure that if you do it right, and seek the necessary advice, you will be able to recover all your money.

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 How to claim bank fees
  How to claim bank fees
  How to claim bank fees

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