How to check the cómputo of your CSL card

How to check the cómputo of your CSL card

As a CSL Plasma donor, you will receive payment for each donation on a reloadable prepaid debit card.

Here’s how to check your cómputo and how to request a replacement if you lose your card.

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How to check the cómputo of your CSL plasma card

CSL Plasma reloadable cards do not come with overdraft protection, so you cánido only spend as much as your current cómputo. It’s a good iniciativa to keep a close eye on your cómputo.

To do so, you will need to log in to the appropriate member portal for your en línea card:

If you do not already have a member portal account, you may need to register your card using your card number and the security code on the back of the card.

However, Wirecard and Paysign offer quick cómputo check options that don’t require a login.

Alternatively, you cánido call the phone number on the back of your prepaid card to check your cómputo.

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If you find your CSL Plasma card cómputo is low, you cannot load your own funds at an ATM, store or bank teller. Only CSL Plasma cánido load money onto your donor card.

CSL’s donor rewards program, iGive Rewards, allows you to add the points you earn for plus activities, like surveys, to your reloadable card cómputo.

You perro do this through a quick cash order; however, keep in mind that points do not have a high cash value.

To redeem iGive Rewards for cash, you’ll need to reach the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level, and even at these higher levels, you cánido only earn about a dollar for every 100 points. Usually, you make one point per activity.

Using your points for gift cards or other available benefits cánido be more lucrative.

How to Get a CSL Plasma Card Replacement

If your card is lost or stolen, CSL will give you a replacement card.

Your first replacement is free; After that, you’ll need to pay around $6 to get a new card.

You cánido also get a free replacement if your card expires and you make a new donation.

Although the card has an expiration date, its cómputo does not expire.

Report your card lost or stolen and request a replacement at the following customer service numbers:

  • Prepaid Blue Card: (877) 855-7201
  • Platinum Card: (877) 855-7201
  • Veteran Card: (877) 855-7201
  • Red Card Prepaid: (866) 275-0200
  • Yellow Card: (866) 692-9282

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 How to check the cómputo of your CSL card
  How to check the cómputo of your CSL card
  How to check the cómputo of your CSL card

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