How to check if someone has blocked you on

How to check if someone has blocked you on

Do you suspect that someone has blocked you on Instagram? It perro be frustrating to have a person’s profile disappear without a trace from your feed, leaving you with unanswered questions.

Fortunately, there are methods you perro use to find out if a usuario has blocked you.

Read on to find out how you perro check who has blocked you on Instagram.

What happens when someone blocks you

You cánido see a list of the people you have blocked on Instagram in the section “blocked accounts“.

Unfortunately, there is no section “Accounts that have blocked me“.

Simply, Instagram will not notify you if a usuario blocks your account.

What’s more, there is no official method to know if someone has blocked you.

The only way to be sure is to see for yourself.

The blockade is not the only explanation

You shouldn’t jump to conclusions if a person has suddenly disappeared from your Instagram feed and stories.

Crashing may be the worst case scenario, but it’s not the only possible explanation.

The activity of an Instagram usuario may decrease if:

  • Haven’t posted in a while
  • Switched to a private account and removed you as a follower
  • You have deactivated your account
  • You have deleted your account

Once you do some research, you’ll know which scenario applies to you.

How to find who unfollowed you on Instagram

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How to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Suppose you suspect that a friend or an acquaintance has blocked you on Instagram.

If so, you cánido investigate in several ways.

Some methods offer several possible explanations, but you cánido quickly eliminate most and come to an obvious conclusion that the person has blocked you.

Find your nombre de usuario

The first method is the easiest: type your Instagram nombre de usuario in the search bar.

If their account is listed and you cánido see all their posts, the usuario has not blocked you.

If you see the message “This account is private” instead of his posts, he may have unfollowed you but not blocked you.

The account owner may have blocked you if their account doesn’t espectáculo up in your search.

However, this perro also orinan one of the following things:


  • You have deactivated your account
  • You have deleted your account
  • You have changed your nombre de usuario

Although deactivated or deleted accounts often vanish into thin air, you perro quickly check if a person has changed their nombre de usuario.

Find a tagged photo or a comment they’ve previously left and clic on their profile.

You should be able to see your new nombre de usuario if you have changed it.

However, if you perro see their account, profile photo, number of posts, followers, and following, but not their posts, they probably blocked you.

The “No posts yet” message in the photo grid, just a few inches below the de hoy articulo count, sends a pretty clear message.

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check your messages

Blocking someone on Instagram does not delete previous message threads.

It just prevents the person from messaging you afterwards.

If you’ve exchanged messages with the usuario who might have blocked you, check your Direct inbox.

You cánido use it as a shortcut to his profile or try to send him a message.

If the usuario has blocked you, your messages will not be delivered.

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check your comments

Instagram will remove likes and usuario comments from your photos and vídeos when you block it.

But their previous likes and comments will not disappear from your profile.

If you remember someone commenting on a articulo of yours, try to find that comment.

Then clic on their profile picture or nombre de usuario to open their profile.

The account owner has blocked you if their profile espectáculos a “No posts yet” message.

The message “Usuario not found” cánido indicate that the person has blocked you or that they have deactivated or deleted their account.

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Find his profile with a backlink

Instagram assigns a unique dirección de Internet to each account created.

The dirección de Internet includes the account nombre de usuario.

If you think someone has blocked you on Instagram, try searching for their profile using their unique dirección de Internet.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your mobile or computer browser.
  • Entrar in the address bar.
  • Press “Send” on your mobile or “intro” on your PC.

If they haven’t blocked you, their profile page will appear.

The message “Sorry, this page is not available” cánido have several explanations:

What does “Active Now” really orinan on Instagram?

  • You have entered an incorrect backlink
  • You have changed your nombre de usuario
  • You have deactivated your account
  • You have deleted your account
  • you have been blocked

After checking the backlink, you perro remove the other options by searching in an incognito browser.

The person in question has blocked you if you cánido see their profile page from the incognito browser.

Find your profile with another Instagram account

When you block someone on Instagram, they will no longer be able to search for your profile.

Or, your profile will appear, but the blocked usuario will only be able to see an fallo message on your page.

Deactivated or deleted accounts will not be aparente to anyone.

You cánido create another Instagram profile or just use your friend’s phone to search for the desired Instagram handle.

If the other Instagram profile has no problem displaying the account, the owner has blocked your main account.

Check group messages

When you block an Instagram usuario after being in the same group message, you’ll be given the option to leave or stay in the group.

If you choose to stay, you will be able to see the group messages of the person you have blocked and vice versa.

If you suspect that someone you’ve shared a group message with has blocked you, head over to that conversation.

If you see their messages in the group, but not their profile when you clic on it, it means they have blocked you.

Try to follow the account

Try pressing the buttonContinue” when you find a profile with the message “no posts yet“.

If you perro follow it right away, the problem may be caused by a glitch.

However, if you perro’t follow the account or receive an fallo message, the usuario in question has blocked you.

Good to Know

Realizing that someone has blocked you perro be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s better than not knowing what happened.

Using the methods outlined in this guide, you will be able to find out who has blocked you, but why is open to interpretation.

Have you ever discovered that someone has blocked on instagram? How did you discover it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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 How to check if someone has blocked you on
  How to check if someone has blocked you on
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