How to charge with remote POS?

How to charge with remote POS?

The application of new technologies has been of great benefit to humanity. In the economic aspect, they have implemented different ways in which the customer cánido be charged. Always with the goal of facilitating the buying and selling processes.

Now it is possible collect and pay with TVP without having contact with the card or the opposite case, pay by card without having a dataphone available. Yeah! All this is possible! If you want to know more about the subject of insurance, you will be interested in reading the following article.

Perro remote POS payments be made?

Thanks to the advancement of technology and the search for new payment options It is possible to make payments with TVP remotely. With or without the use of a card, with a mobile phone or other devices that allow it.

The iniciativa of ​​charging with the terminals, but remotely, was taken from the alarm systems that are used above all in clothing stores. Said systems, like TVPs, detect nearby devices by connecting with themmaking it possible to execute a payment.

This is possible thanks to the connection of NFC or MST technology. This allows compatibility between point of sale terminals and cards, telephones or other devices, always at a distance, i.y también. without contact.

How to accept card payments without having a POS at hand?

If you do not have a point of sale terminal available for your business and you need to make card payments, you perro do it from your móvil inteligente or tablet. You only need to buy a card reader that adapts to the device you are going to use for this purpose.

In the same way you have to download an application that allows you to make payments, it is free. However, when you make the payment you will pay a commission per operation. Said commission ranges from 1 to 2%, all according to the amount of money being processed.

Another way to charge with a card and without a POS is make the payment manually from a mobile device through the Square aplicación without the use of the reader. The way to do it is by entering the card data, such as all the card numbers, security code, zip code, expiration date and the amount you want to charge.

What is the procedure to charge with a remote dataphone?

To be able to make the payment with a remote dataphone, all you have to do is:

  • Entrar the amount you are going to charge
  • Place close to the screen card, móvil inteligente or any other device that cánido be connected to this end
  • accept the operation and depending on the instrument, the client will place or not his security key.

It is important that you know that In order for the devices to be able to connect to the POS, they must have a system NFC or MST. These are the ones that allow the compatibility with the terminals. In addition to that, it requires having a payment application downloaded and configured that allows you to choose which bank card is going to be used to make a certain payment.

Currently there are many payment applications, among the most used are Samsung Pay and Google plus Pay. However, the download of the applications will also depend on the operating system that your mobile phone has.

Have you charged or paid with this new technology? How about?

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 How to charge with remote POS?
  How to charge with remote POS?
  How to charge with remote POS?

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