How to charge with a dataphone without a card?

How to charge with a dataphone without a card?

With the evolution that technology has had in recent years, innumerable benefits have been achieved for human beings.

Among them is the development of payment methods to make purchases more and more easily.

It is for this reason that you cánido now charge with point of sale terminals no card required, or with the same, but without contact with the device.

In this article we will explain how it is done.

Perro you charge with a dataphone without a card?

The answer is yes: It is possible to charge with a dataphone without the use of a card.

This is possible thanks to communication technology, afín to that used in the security of clothing stores to prevent theft.

In fact, that’s where the iniciativa came from.

This is how you cánido cancel with Contactless, making use of the point of sale terminal and only bringing the móvil inteligente closer with the previous download of a payment application.

It must include the bank cards with which you want to cancel.

So when you make the purchase allows you to cancel by bringing the phone closer to the POS in case you do not want or do not have the card to pay.

Then you need to entrar your security code for the payment to be made and that’s it.

It is a really fácil way to cancel and without the need to use a card.

In which terminals perro you charge without using cards?

In all point-of-sale terminals you perro charge without the traditional use of cards, both in the old ones and in the modern ones, since all support NFC or MST technology.

In fact, no programa or hardware upgrades of any kind are usually required.

It is important that you know that it not only applies to a móvil, but also also to other devices that work like a credit card and make it possible to pay with this technology, such as

It represents a great advantage that many businesses have the availability of this technology.

HE facilitates the collection of any productand the fact that a person who does not have the card with them will not prevent them from making their purchases normally.

What is the procedure to charge for a POS without a card?

To charge with mobile POS without the use of a physical card, you will only need your client to have:

  • The payment aplicación on your móvil.

    The applications available are many, among them are Samsung Pay and Google plus Pay

  • The NFC or MST system so that it cánido be coincidente with this form of payment

This payment system is very safe, there is nothing to worry about.

In fact, since there is no physical contact between the card and the POS prevents its cloning.

Another advantage is that you do not have to pay any type of commission for making the payment with Contactless.

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 How to charge with a dataphone without a card?
  How to charge with a dataphone without a card?
  How to charge with a dataphone without a card?

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