How to charge a customer who does not want

How to charge a customer who does not want

In the case of a customer who does not want to pay, there are several actions to take to get him to pay as soon as possible. Always being cordial, friendly and professional, since in this way you earn more than acting with little patience or being conflictive.

Many times, the money they owe is really pressing, but it is better to use certain techniques to collect effectively and not make yourself known as intense. In the following article we will recommend what to do in cases where the client does not want to pay you.

What to do if a customer does not want to pay?

It is not convenient to leave a lot of time to collect the money that someone owes you, since the more you let the days go by, the more difficult it will be for you to be canceled. Even so, there will always be people who do not want to pay, which is why you must be prepared to act.

The first thing to do is a study about the customer compliance with the service or product that you have sold. In case the client is satisfied, you must remind him immediately about the pending payment.

Once you have made a first reminder and you do not receive a response or payment, you need to insist on communicating with the personeither by phone or in person. Explaining the importance of making the payment for you or your company.

In the event that the client tells you that he does not have liquidity at that moment, then it is necessary that you offer him payment options. For example, terms to pay in installments on specific dates. Since it is better that I pay you in parts, than not pay you at all.

How to treat a customer who does not want to pay?

The fact of knowing that a person for whom you did a job does not want to pay you, perro be uncomfortable and annoying. However, You must act with professionalism and kindness at all times.

It is important to espectáculo the customer cordiality and at the same time seriousness in the matter of payment. Find out why they don’t want to pay you and fix it. For example, if they are dissatisfied with some work you have done, adjust it and collect the agreed money.

If the client insists on not wanting to pay, despite having made several collection attempts, you must choose to apply other strategies so that he feels compelled to cancel. An alternative is to sign a notarized document where you agree to cancel or through a lawyer.

Effective techniques to collect from delinquent clients

There are certain techniques that will allow you make a cash payment on customers who owe you:

Present alternative options

Among the most effective techniques is offer the customer several payment options. It is interpreted as a sign of flexibility, but at the same time of interest to pay off the outstanding debt.

One possibility could be to disminuye a percentage of the debt if you make the full payment at a close date, this could motivate the debtor to cancel to save part of the money.

Another alternative would be to reach a ease of payment agreementwhere the client pays for installments on specific dates.

Create a payment request that reflects your concern

Another action you perro take is to perform a written request to the client, where you express your concern, need and interest in paying off the debt as soon as possible. You could talk to him as a small business that needs the money to invest in products and in this way approach it in another way so that he feels the responsibility to cancel.

Send a certified letter to confirm if you receive the correspondence

In the event that you have written to him by correo, you have called him by telephone and you do not receive a response, you perro send a certified letter to confirm if he is indeed aware of the collection by receiving the correspondence.

Thus it would make it clear that you are aware of the impending debt and it cannot be excused by saying that it has not been informed.

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 How to charge a customer who does not want
  How to charge a customer who does not want
  How to charge a customer who does not want

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